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Font Awesome In Moodle 3.3

Font Awesome In Moodle 3.3

Font awesome in Moodle 3.3. Like many systems, Moodle has many small icons throughout the interface. In Moodle 3.3 the small images that were used for these have been replaced by images from the very popular Font Awesome project. The use of a font for these images brings a number of advantages. It improves the performance and efficiency when showing Moodle pages; they look great at any size and on any resolution screen; they are high contrast to a AAA standard and improve accessibility for those with poor vision. It allows theme designers to easily colour the icons to make them fit with their theme and it provides a massive set of well-designed standard icons into core, providing great options for any Moodle plug-in developer. To summarise :the use of font awesome in Moodle makes it look better and work faster.

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