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Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter

Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter

Ah, come on Terry. You can always add more sprinkles! It’s a life lesson. Oh, I didn’t see you there! Here at Font Awesome, we’re always
cookin’ up somethin’ new. For years, we’ve been the leading
resource of website friendly icons with a community of over 20 million people and been featured on over 70 million websites, including whitehouse.gov Thanks, Obama! But version 4 was three years ago.
Web tech’s changed a lot since then. And quite frankly, Font Awesome’s… …gotten a bit stale. That’s why we’re introducing
Font Awesome 5! A completely re-designed version of Font Awesome that’s entirely new. From code to design, we’re makin’ everything from scratch! We’re modernizing and rewriting the CSS and redesigning every icon from top to bottom. We’re talking better design, better consistency, and better readability. Font Awesome 5 looks good. But what’s it gonna cost me? Font Awesome always has been
and always will be Free. That’s why we call it Font Awesome 5 Free. You changed the recipe, didn’t you?!? No Milton! It’s the same open source recipe you know and love! You changed the recipe, didn’t you! No, Milt. It’s the same recipe. Why you embarrassing me, man?
I got a client right now… Come on… alright? But Kaylee, you know what? In exchange for that $40,
we’re offering something even better. Font Awesome Pro. Font Awesome… Pro? Yeah, Kaylee! Font Awesome Pro! Which includes everything I’ve already mentioned, plus… 1,000 more icons, access to brand new icon category packs, icon font ligatures, AND… all-new, no-hassle, super-awesome SVG icon framework! SVG icons have never been this easy! Wow! But guess what, Kaylee? Our super-early backers get a super-low price. $20. I love you. I know. It’s an exciting time here at Font Awesome. And we’re all thrilled to take the next step with you. Except Tom… But with Kickstarter rewards including
T-shirts, mugs, icons, and entire icon categories you can sponsor, and even your own company logo added to Font Awesome… there’s something for everyone to get excited about. Even Tom! And our stretch goals mean that everyone wins! From more icons in Font Awesome Free,
to more icon packs and duotone icons in Font Awesome Pro you’re helping make the web a better place! So, please support! And thanks for putting the Awesome in Font Awesome! five.fontawesome.io

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