September 13, 2019 0

Fluent in 3 months 2nd vid in Arabic @week 2. Reciting a script entirely from memory

Hello again ! I’ve been learning Arabic for two weeks now! I have just arrived in my home new home in Belo Horizonte Check it out! Hopefully, each week you will see a minor improvement. Last week I was reading and this week I am reciting this script from memory At the start of learning any language, we usually follow the same basic conversations. For example, I will say I will say very often I am from Ireland that I am a travel writer, that I will got to Egypt in January, and so on. if If you can If you can If you can learn phrases then you can at least start a conversation! So so So, what do you want what do you want to say? Write it out, translate it, and memorize it! Thanks for watching

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