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First Impressions of Prague, Czech Republic

First Impressions of Prague, Czech Republic

I think first impressions of a place are
really interesting because when you move somewhere for the first time and it’s
exciting it’s different and then you spend another few days there, another week
there, another couple of weeks, another month maybe even a year, you almost totally forget what your first impressions of that place were so I like to share my first impressions to kind of… freeze in time those raw
experiences and that feeling of having just arrived somewhere new I arrived in Prague just over 24 hours ago I’ve spent 1 day in this city and I can tell you I’m impressed
I am really impressed with Prague we flew in with Ryanair from
Stansted the flight was about an hour and a half very short very easy the
first thing I worry about or the first thing I check that concerns me when I
get to new city is: is there Uber? How am I going to get to my
hotel / to my Airbnb whatever… right now I’m in an air B&B it’s one bed apartment – for the week I
think this was like *£250* so what’s that like *$320* US dollars something like
that and yeah it’s one-bed it’s fine, I’m actually stood on the bed right now
because there’s nowhere else to film Uber is fantastic I called the uber when I was
collecting my luggage and by the time I walked out of the arrivals door, there
he was he was there waiting he drove us here to our apartment, took half an hour
and first impression of the city Wow well I wasn’t expecting Prague to look
so developed and so wealthy it’s actually very very stunningly attractive
and quite a modern and quite an advanced and wealthy city. That’s, I guess my first impressions having lived in Sofia Bulgaria… I mean obviously Prague is way
closer to countries like Germany and Belgium and Austria and Switzerland than
it is down to the kind of Eastern European countries but because I’ve
heard so many things about Prague being a cheap country it’s got a reputation
for being a bit of a party town in the United Kingdom lots of people
come for a party for a stag do for a hen-do, things like that because the
beer is cheap, it’s cheaper than water and so I guess I was just expecting
something a little less smart to be honest and speaking of smart the people
here dress so well they dress so well it’s a bit like going back in time
but in a good way in a good way the men wear suits they present themselves very
very well certainly having just come from London people here dress really
well the ladies wear dresses the men wear suits the number… maybe a maybe
it’s just because I was walking around the Opera House last night and I guess
that would have (been) an influencing factor but generally the the men dress well,
the women dress well and I’m saying all this having gone out yesterday mostly in
a hoodie and a t-shirt so I felt a little underdressed whereas back home in
England I would not have felt so underdressed the actual city… I mean… it’s
just if you’ve been here you know but it’s so totally and utterly stunning.
Look at these scenes of just a few a few pictures a few little clips
that I took during my day out I mean honestly I’ve been to some.. I thought I’d been to some pretty nice
cities but Prague… and I don’t really even have to hesitate to say this is I
think the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited yeah I’m almost yeah I’m 100% sure that it is I can’t think of any city that I’ve
visited that is more stunning more attractive more beautiful more gorgeous
more visually impressive than this city here the the buildings are just
gorgeous the architecture is amazing they’re big they’re grand they’re
colourful I mean yes it helped that the Sun was low and you get like the
lower-level light but look at these gorgeous places the parks just totally
totally stunning and I literally spent about an hour / two hours just literally
just taking pictures taking videos of these amazing scenes – so gorgeous so gorgeous other little random things which I’ve found interesting about
Prague so when you cross over the road you can… there’s a very clear audio
signal as when to not cross and when to cross, so it starts off like… click click click and then when it’s time to cross it goes [faster clicking] that’s the signal to tell you to cross the road which I just found like quite cool and quite interesting an interesting thing I noticed about eating out we’ve eaten out two meals because
we’ve only been here one day literally one day and two meals we’ve eaten out.
Now I’m somebody who, with my meal I’ll tend to just order water like I don’t
really like sugary drinks I just want the food and I like to drink a lot of water
keep hydrated so I just have water normally I just ask for tap water
because why pay money for water that comes out of the tap for free it’s kind of a bit weird so anyway… I just asked for a jug
of tap water as I would do in England then of course they just bring it to you
probably without you even asking anyway they said no we don’t do tap
water this was the first restaurant the second restaurant as well – ‘we don’t do tap water…’ on the second time I thought oh maybe it’s not just a just a one-off
with this one particular restaurant I found and apparently
it’s just a thing… in Prague they don’t give you tap water Is the tap water unsafe to drink? No. so the second time I was told ‘no we
don’t do tap water here’ I thought that’s a bit funny I’m gonna ask
about this because I’m a bit unsure as to why that is and basically the guy who
was a Czech guy so he wasn’t biased at all in any way I guess – he said it’s the
mentality of Czech people he said if they gave away as he put it ‘free tap
water’ he said you’d get a load of Czech people coming in and
sitting in the restaurant all day just drinking tap water. I find that a bit
strange and I kind of do question that a little bit because I mean
if somebody comes into a restaurant just sits there ordering tap water you can
always ask them to leave but just a little thing I noticed that that I
haven’t really seen before – certainly not in a country as modern and as developed
as this with good with good drinkable tap water now I said earlier that Prague does have
a reputation for being a party town and that is very evident here. On the
walk through town if you walk any more than five / ten minutes you will see one
of these kiosks they’ll be full stacked full of booze full of alcohol, spirits,
absinthe, cannabis – you can get cannabis cookies can get cannabis lollies,
cannabis muffins, cannabis soup cannabis chocolate, cannabis
everything there’s cannabis cakes… everything has got cannabis in. It’s not actual real
cannabis it doesn’t contain THC so it’s not gonna get you high but it does
contain, I think CBD which will give you some of that kind of relaxing effect
or the ‘medicinal effects’ so they call it so it’s one of those towns where if you
want to come for a night out and have a party with mates then it’s probably a
really good shout I’ve been here for one day and I have already been approached
by a hooker she just said something in Czech and I just kinda said no I’m alright thanks
and she walked off but yeah it’s definitely got that kind of ‘party
feel’ to it and it’s somewhere where I can see why people would come
here for you know for a party for a weekend with the boys with the girls
whatever tickles your fancy people drive really nice new cars here I
have seen Maseratis, Ferraris I’ve seen Corvettes I’ve seen a lot Mercs, a lot of
BMWs, some Porsches, some really really nice expensive cars – which again – because I
always had this impression that Prague was like a ‘poor city’ I mean the cost of
living here, the cost of meals out and accommodation is very low
yet people drive very expensive cars just something which kind of made me
think hmm that’s a bit funny I haven’t really looked into it but –
another first impression the streets are so clean, they’re wide they’re big, they’re open streets, they’re spacious the pavements are like two of these like you could get
like seven people walking on the pavement you don’t have to like squeeze through
and do all kind of like squish together everything is spacious everything looks
like it’s been designed and thought about there are nice parks there are beautiful
areas for sitting with flowers with sunlight with churches the two meals I’ve eaten since being
here in Prague have been a Vietnamese meal (not particularly traditional) but it
was convenient and then a beef goulash which is a very traditional Czech meal
as I understand it. It came with several different types of Czech dumplings lots
of gravy very generous with the gravy and it’s really delicious
I’m not a big meat-eater but I wanted to order something authentic and there was
only one or two other vegetarian options and I tried this beef, it was really really good and at this cafe just to give you an
idea there’s a piano guy, there’s a guy playing the piano. There’s a gorgeous
view outside across the river as you’re eating you’re sitting on the window seat,
you’re eating your meal you’re eating your cake you’re drinking your coffee
anything you want you can sit there for as long as you like. The staff are
really friendly and the whole thing is going to cost you, for two
meals it will cost you like maybe £18 so like $25 USD so we’re
talking… given the level of comfort and service and prestige that this
place has with you know a guy playing the piano in a dinner jacket in this
beautiful setting overlooking the river of central Prague. Considering you’re
only paying like $25 USD for a meal for two that is incredibly cheap
I think, I think. in summary then, as a digital Nomad, I am
a YouTuber I move from place to place I live here for a month I live
there for two months I live there for three months and I move around a lot –
could I live in Prague? absolutely! It’s gorgeous it’s stunning
I’ve only been here like I say one day but these are my first impressions it’s
modern it’s beautiful it’s pretty it’s attractive it feels very safe it’s very
clean there’s good food it’s affordable there seems to be a good quality of life
the people are friendly there’re horse-drawn carriages driving around the
place there’s restaurants everywhere the weather seems to be good I think it’s
going to get cold in the winter but it’s clear skies I’m not somebody who likes
the cold but could I live here? absolutely – it’s a beautiful place and if
you fancy visiting a European city then Prague should be on the top of your list I’ve visited 100 cities, about 35 countries and I’d never been to Prague
until yesterday so could I live here? yes I could will I come back yes I will I
hope you enjoyed these first impressions and found it interesting welcome to my
channel you can see more videos there and there you can subscribe down there
as well for more videos like this

100 Replies to “First Impressions of Prague, Czech Republic”

  • Adam Písařík says:

    that moment when u watch a review of your own city

  • RunTravelAdventure4fun says:

    are there trekking/hiking and running trails near by?

  • J. C. H. says:

    Glad you're enjoying our capital. It is still a thing for us to dress really well going to Opera. In theatre sadly the dress standards are declining…
    Tap water is certainly true, one of reasons for it is in cities tap water is not so tasty. But you can order juice into big glass with water(1half juice/1 half water), no problem in most restaurants. And it is reasonably priced.

  • Šimon Macháček says:

    I like to cross the road when no car is dangerously fast approaching to me. I am not very used to road lights (coming from a village) and I'm glad the police doesn't care about me braking the law here. I don't know how it is possible you don't get tap water if asked for. I partied last Saturday in a pub and I got a glass of tap water, like I always do. I never experienced the thing all the strangers complain about. Prague is also I thing the best in providing public transport among all the cities I've ever visited. You can move around the big area of 400 sq kms for 10 CZK a day.

  • Weeds 23 says:

    Dude if you want some tap water go home and drink it from the toilet.

  • FutureChaosTV says:

    Tap water in a restaurant is not normal anywhere except for the U.S. and the UK.

  • Andrej Krajčovič says:

    Next video: I am here second day, its awful here. 😀 😀 😀

  • Michal Novacek says:

    Thanx for such a nice video. Hugs from Prague

  • Jan Vejvoda says:

    Funny to see that you think Cafe Slavia is cheap when for us, living in Czech Rep. it is one of the most expensive Cafes in Prague :DDD. And living in prague is not cheap at all, regular flat will cost you around 1,000 pounds a month, which is average monthly salary here…

  • GERM says:

    I really recommend using the public transport since it's very cheap and high quality. Also if you are interested in something more from a local's point of view, I recommend checking out the "Honest Guide" YT channel so you actually see what it is to live here, where to go etc.

  • petr pinc says:

    next time try to check out outskirts or just different town

  • 》 Tomastom44 《 says:

    nope, it's not all Czech people with the tap water. It's just Prague trying to suck every bit of money out of you.

  • Kalamaros_Cz says:

    1.Step how to live in Prague learn Czech lenguage 😉

  • J Hruskova says:

    The tap water is safe to drink here ..and yeah why would they give you something for free in a restaurant? Not every restaurant does that though

  • TheVHVlogs says:

    Absinth shops and cannabis shops = big scam and traps for tourists, just drink beer or buy some booze in tesco 😀
    That guláš looks weird to me honestly…They gave you potato dumplings with that? Only bread dumpling with guláš or some pasta
    The place you went in is kinda fancy man…you should try some normal restaurant or classic czech pub 😀
    btw when I hear Prague is clean and fancy looking I just cant imagine how dirty city looks.

    Cool video tho and thanks for visiting us 🙂

  • Andy in Prague says:

    Oh dear… what did you expect? I like the fact that you liked it here, I really do, but we here are quite tired of Western Europeans treating us like with 'Eastern European' stereotypes, because they are utterly unfair, and often quite racist. You see, look at your original expectations of Prague, before you came here. If I told you I were from there, you would not consider me someone coming from a wealthy, advanced, and for all terms and purposes, Western city. No. To many Brits I am one of those 'not proper Europeans', and even though you meant it well by pointing it out, it kind of hurts a bit.

    Other than that, I love the video, you have some great shots there, and I hope you enjoyed it – and PLEASE, tell people around you what you have seen here, and that we are not the kind of Eastern Europe everyone has in mind.

  • Rekron says:

    Goulash isn't Czech – it's from Hungary. If you want traditional food you have to order sirolin with cream sauce and dumplings, sweet / hot tomato sauce and dumplings or pork, sauerkraut and carlsbad dumplings and with beer from Pilsen ofc! We like goulash but it's not "ours" same with trdlo

  • Hernán Crespo says:

    Hello from Prague!🙈🙉

  • Na.Guru says:

    I am Czech who was born there and have lived there almost my whole life and I don't like it much there. Too much crowdy, expensive, cars, noise, concrete, homeless etc. so I run out from this place to the countryside and small cities as much as possible. Almost every small Czech city has a renovated historical part with one square which still works as a city centre and it is alive. Downtown of Prague is a open-air museum for tourists, we even do not much go there if we don't have to. PS. traffic-lights do the chatter sound because of blind people.

  • Agent says:

    Prague is definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.. it is indeed a fairytale city..

  • Antonio Langa says:

    you say its clean? the city pavements are clean? really?

  • Ron Dale says:

    How does the cultural diversity compare to UK?

  • sirup jupí says:

    I recommend Honest Prague guide channel on YouTube. They are showing all types of scammes in Prague. It is really helpfull. Sorry for my English

  • Elisei Barmushkin says:


  • King Théoden says:

    Those are really first impressions.

  • TheDoctor says:

    The weird noises at the crossing are there because of blind people, so they know where to go when crossing the road

  • aesammo says:

    With the tap water thing, it’s also seen as being cheap. Czechs care about how they’re seen and getting tap water is something you do at home, you never ask for tap water at a restaurant, as it just seems uncultured.
    Also the café you went to is Café Slavia, which is essentially the Czech Café de Flore. Many influential Czech artists, philosophers, authors, politicians used to go there and the café has still remained it’s prestige over the years.

    And the impression of Prague being poor is pretty much just the viewpoint of Western Europe, which is heavily influenced by history – creating an outdated stereotype.

  • мɪиα ࿐ says:

    انا عربية عايشه ب دولة التشيك 🙂

  • MultiFryderyk says:

    …that Prague is nice? It depends. I, as the Czechman, would never live there. Prague is disgusting, dirty and smelly city… You will discover it very soon. …and one more thing, the Czech Rep., whole country is a part of western Europe, man! LoL

  • Vojtěch Rod says:

    Ok, several notes:

    The comparison with Bulgraria – check your map again, for example Germany is our neighbour and together with Austria It is historically and culturally very close country. Moreover we talk about central Europe, not eastern Europe there

    Developed city/country – you could check at least Wiki, before you come somewhere. You will not be so surprise d :D.

    The "click" noise on crossings – it´s mainly for people with no or limited sight. On the other hand quite many people use this noise when look to phones 😀

    It´s gorgeous – of course, It´s Prague…

    Tap water – they often give you the tap water but it isn´t for free, on the other locals prefer kind of soda or mineral water…local tap water is perfectly safe and It is mostly more quality than in the rest of the continent. For example tap water for Prague and the majority of Central Bohemian regions is from Želivka dam and water is transfered by 51 km long undeground tunnel to Prague…

    Cannabis, absinth etc. – fake for tourists

    Prices – well, Prague is still quite cheap city (and not just for tourists, compare simmilar situation in France, Austria or Germany, there is just one huge exceptions – rents and costs of flats/houses.

    You were in Slavia café, quite touristic place, It isn´t so super cheap for locals but It´s still very affordable. I personally don´t really like this one because they have very bad coffee.

    Yes, and I almost forget…. just idio*s call CZ eastern Europe…

  • Bara H says:

    Your friend was exaggerating about the czech people and tap water. Probably his personal bias. It’s to make more money. Nobody would sit just to get free water, cause they can get water cheaply in stores or loads from their own tap. That would only work if it was other drinks or beer or meals really. It’s just bussiness

  • A A says:

    Don’t go to Czechia if you are Moslem or Arabic. They like attacking woman and young children.

  • BarbecueDip says:

    To je teda přepal vole

  • MozkoŽrout says:

    I think most of your impressions are like this because you moved in centre of the capital. It's beautiful but it's riddled with tourist traps. It doesn't represent czech republic all that much. As you said the prices are cheap in your opinion and yet there are people in suits and expensive cars. Yeah well that is because those are not common people those are probably some managers, politicians, foreign enterpreneurs and so on. Common people aren't really too rich. Most people usually own second hand car and new Maseratti is really unrealistic. Also the restaurant you were talking about, for normal czech people this is extremely posh and 25 dollar for a restaurant is expensive as hell.

  • Michal Viktorin says:

    I hate all churches, Prague is full of them. Just national reminder of christians destroying our culture. National theatre is dishonest. It is full of gold, but if you are bigger than 180 cm you have problems to fit in a seats. because they thought about glance more than practicality. What I actually like about the city is that even if it is a big and full of buildings there are so so many parks ,small forests, rocks etc. so you can easily get out of street into nature and forget you live in a concrete jungle.

  • Twist in fortune says:

    Love you prague… I was only at the city for like 2 days and complain the whole time when we went in Vienna

  • Davey Jones says:

    Lol I love seeing everyone say they didn’t expect CZ to be developed…lol I mean. Okay.

  • demogorgon says:

    I am czech 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Tonda Šálek says:

    Now i feel in proud of Prague! Hope you enjoy rest of your journey 👌

  • kubeek says:

    4:22 yeah that is for the blind. But also I guess for the mobile phone busy people in the modern times as well 😀

  • Naervon says:

    Most restaurants here have a deal with bottled water companies as Mattoni or Bonaqua. They are not allowed to offer any free water that would harm sales for these companies, but restaurants and cafes are getting around in summer with 'homemade' fruit water or lemonades, which is tap water with ice, added syrups or/and pieces of fruit, herbs or cucumber.

  • Confused Wizard says:

    You talk about Prague as a country which is certainly not. Prague actual really stands out. The rest of Czech Republic is mostly poor and very different. I’m sure If I’ve only been to London, I also wouldn’t been able to judge whole Britain

  • Petra O. says:

    Sure, people drive expensive cars, yet they will still complain they do not have much money. Unfortunately, many Czechs do not realize how good they have it here. Complaining is our tradition.

  • Marmelaaada says:

    Prague is not and country…is just one of our cities…not even the best one for living.

  • Marmelaaada says:

    u seems to be very ignorant, not aducated about europian countries. U expect ppl live in the cave here or what? we are more advance then your UK.Enjoy leaving EU.

  • Eva Máčová says:

    Just do not go only to Prague. There are much more prety places in Czech Republic. Just stay there little longer and travel around. Please – CZ is not just Prague!!!

  • Anthony London says:

    Prague is an incredibly beautiful city certainly on par with Venice and Amsterdam. The drawback is that its become rather a
    overcrowded tourist museum. Suggest you visit the middle/outer suburbs for a more authentic Czech experience.

  • Lord Of Yaoi says:

    Hi I’m from Prague

  • Илья Котельников says:

    uber in Pragl… just why?!

  • Abhinandan Bajimaya says:

    link in bio means ?

  • Fesak8 says:

    Were you at Petřín?
    It's a "replica" of the Eiffel tower with a cable car, it has a nice park too

  • cryptghost says:

    secret: they didnt let african migrants in

  • hhh h says:

    This just reflects lack of knowledge in general. People are quite ignorant in the UK. Having lived in the UK for many years now I feel like I am entitled to express my opinion on that. Instead of putting every European state beyond Germany in the "Eastern European" box, read and travel. Prague IS a developed, intellectual centre of Europe with a sophisticated culture, art, humour, rich history and beautiful architecture, solid industry and smart, resourceful people. Although don't agree on the fashion However that is just one shallow thing. Also People do drink tap water – it's much better than in London where the water will destroy your kidneys. They just wanted to rip you off, sorry mate. Glad you like it.
    One last thing – the Britons coming to Prague for the stags not only bring money but also their boorish behaviour and eventually destroy it.

  • Sammy says:

    I love that you observe the sidewalk sizes and the feeling you get from a place, I feel like people leave out their emotions and also the little things that can impact your feelings toward a certain place

  • Jan Vojáček says:

    Well i am from Prague and must say that serving tap water is pretty common in the Czech Republic and Prague. It is only not server around touristy places to make you pay more for beverage.

  • OdarrCZ says:

    I recomend to watch Honest Prague guide videos. 😉

  • Drak Václav says:

    4:19 that is actually signal for people with limited or none eyesight, a tool which navigates towards the zebra crossings, and indicates whether or not you are allowed to cross the road

  • Alexej Mezari says:

    I am from prague

  • Gazlowe CZ a Japaness says:

    Pokud si nebyl v jiným městě než v Praze tak jako kdyby si tam nebyl

  • Joanne Davis says:

    I loved your assessment of Prague. I’m from the USA and will be visiting there this coming September. Your tastes are just like mine so very interested in this. How was it exchanging your money there? Where did you go?

  • Leslie D. says:

    I love Prague. Its one of many european cities i would love to visit someday.

  • AyZteex_ paja says:

    Ok někdo z česka

  • Just dogge Bum says:


  • Raspberry Biscuit says:

    Very nice video 👍 Just wanted to add about the free tap water.. There are basically 2 reasons why its not served.
    1) Culture – as someone already said here Czechs find asking for a free tap water uncultured and rude. Why go out to eat if you just order a free water. They feel uncomfortable asking (though I did try once or twice myself but only when I pretended I can't speak Czech and I'm a tourist.. and once I was given it 😮)
    2) Business/profit – Restaurateurs think that free tap water for all might discourage the consumption of mineral water and non-alcoholic drinks, which represents an important source of revenue for restaurants. This is truth in many other countries as well.

    Other reason might have also something to do with some health and safety regulations not sure.

    Keep it up 💪

  • Danny Czech says:

    Asking for tap water isn't usual in here, but people go around this by asking for 2 dl of juice in 0.5 l glass and asking to fill it up with tap water. Its not as cheap as free tap water, but better than buying botteled water.

  • Jan Vališ says:

    You can get tap water in most of the restaurants outside the old town for free or for little money. The center around Václavské náměstí and Staroměstské náměstí is just poisoned with mafia, nothing traditional except the architecture. Trdelník's tradition goes all the way to the 1990s'. The "Bohemia souvenir" shops and "Bohemia crystals" and so on are just shops owned by Russians who are massively importing products from China with designs you make online. The streets are full of night clubs, casinos, booze shops, drug dealers and prostitutes. There is a huge homeless and meth junkies problem that will probably never be solved. Prague is beautiful, but I try to walk through shortcuts around those places. That's where the magic begins with small pubs, cafes and shops. And the further center is the best place where you can even meet locals. Vinohrady, Újezd, even Žižkov, and also old industrial quarters like Holešovice or Smíchov, or Karlín, which was heavily reconstructed after 2002 floods.

  • Barbora Sixtová says:

    I love our Prague 😍😍

  • Pavel Novotný says:

    They dont give you tap water because they want to sell you a drink.

  • djyul says:

    Sorry you're just an illuded KNOB!
    And why arabic mike? Are you an Arab?

  • Pišta Krk says:

    Weed is ilegal and in the stores theres nothing with weed. You cant have it with, you cant farm it, buy it or sell it. Its ilegal are those shops are just pusting cannabis on products, but theres nothing from weed. Maybe just some seeds from industrial canabis

  • Tojazzer says:

    Czech absinthe isn't actually real absinthe. Don't think you are getting the real stuff if you are buying it here.

  • Zilla Films says:

    I am looking to stay in not this apartment but the one identical to it, do you recommend?

  • Filip lahoda says:

    The thing with tap water is, that they just want you to pay for your drink. If you have food without a drink, you will feel thirsty. If they give you the tap water, your problem is solved. So this way you are pressured into buying a drink – beer

  • Snowblade says:

    So you came here expecting what? A medieval eastern european commieblock village?

  • Mary Comstock says:

    omg i live in prague

  • littlebird says:

    Come to Cracow 🙂 this city has a soul, really. I am very curious if it would impress you

  • Martin Budinský says:

    Honestly to dressing… Well you were in a capital where all the byrocracy and culture stuff is so… Yeah that would be why. In any of the smaller cities clothes do no really differ from UK, Germany, Poland, and so on.

    And to that tap water. Its really a thing only in bigger ceties and "better" restaurants. Why? It is to prevent you from some problems like stomach ache (because you are used to another type of water with slightly more/less and different minerals). Happened to me on vacation in Egypt (and yes the tap water in hotel was safe). But in pubs around the country you can normaly ask for tap water and you will get it (I dont know if for free that may differ from place to place but I have seen it many times).

  • Drakulka CZ says:

    Thanks for the first impression. It´s the first impression of someone who probably slept during his geography classes.

  • TheEvilMirror says:

    It's not like we would sit in a restaurant all day drinking tap water… But if tap water was an option, many people would choose it over something they have to pay for. I'ts that simple.

  • Mike Still says:

    $20 off Booking.com: https://booki.ng/2Heomjb

    $5 off Uber ride: https://ubr.to/2Lgu86o

    $50 off AIRBNB: http://bit.ly/2sAq3Sz
    Thanks for watching and please leave a comment! 😀

  • letecmig says:

    "I wasn´t expecting Prague to look so developed" – what DID you expect? Stalingrad with some medieval architecture with locals selling their garden produce?
    Seriously, I am sick and tired of people being ´surprised´ and all the ´eastern european´stereotyping.
    And all that just because out of its 1000+ years of history, the city was 40 years under rule by the communists imposed by the external power. So sad

  • Gi Falkenberg says:

    yeah, it's favourite city of the Scandinavian drunk tourists hahahahah

  • Veronika Jelinkova says:

    what you thin we are not cave people so why you so suprised 😂😂😂

  • Karel Zeman says:

    cheap country but for whom? You paid just "only" 25 dollars for your goulash. Do you know how much do czech people earn? How many Czechs did you see in the restaurant?

  • KapitanPisoar1 says:

    Prague is a good place to live aswell. And it is SAFE! No Muslim no-go zones. No ghettos. It is pretty much the opposite of all the Western capital cities… You can call me racist but it is plain truth. You can go pretty much anywhere in Prague and be safe, maybe except of few junkie hot spots.

  • Martin2035 says:

    Wooow as Prague citizen, this video is making me so proud. 😀 it's so cool to see foreigners view

  • nepokatneca II says:

    Praue us special.. If it catches you.. It s for lifetime…

  • Jan says:

    cost of accommodation is low? nowadays it is more expensive than Hamburg and its already catching up with Berlin…

  • Linda Wal says:

    I Wish i knew u were here ! I started to watched cuz of Arabic..i would have definitely invite u for a beer 🙂

  • Gujikuj Tutu says:

    2:04 *a city

  • Marshawn Lynch says:

    The sounds on road crossing is for blind people.

  • Kate Pavlas says:

    hello, thank you for your impressions, I enjoyed watching a video finally not only about weird things you can see in Czech Republic. it's also very funny to scroll through the comments and see how rude we are at each other, but in Czech language so you couldn't understand :)) that's one thing I like about other countries – the people are always nice xx

  • kecenavrtep says:

    Iam really heppy, that you liked Prague

  • Ondřej Matějka says:

    This video should be called "Westerner realized that we are not eastern europe" 😀

  • TomTominov says:

    I would say Prague is like in TOP 5 highest living standards cities among the Europe… Its really high… Also other Czech cities have high standard of living (Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen etc…) But rural areas are not that good. I wouldnt say its bad living in smaller town, but you wont get same living standards as in Prague or in other major Czech cities.

  • Paul Austin says:

    tap water? seriously, who ask for tap water in a restaurant? maybe in a cheap bar but not in a Restaurant lol

  • Pavel Suk says:

    Interesting. I've been living here whole my life and I know just only few more terrible and uglier cities than Prague.
    As I see the positive feedback for Prague I start to think about a channel Why you don't want to visit the Czech Republic (not only Prague).

  • Susaaa Lolila says:

    Tap water is safe to drink

  • Czech Shooter says:

    The tap water thing…. do not believe what just one person tells you.. that we would sit in that place drinking tap water all day… that is just his opinion and I cant see many people doing that…
    Restaurants do not serve tap water just out of habit thats it… By serving tap water they lose some revenue. Restaurants which do serve tap water need to get their revenue elsewhere, typically from food. Its just not customary to do so…

  • MultiFryderyk says:

    Poor guy… he is comparing living standart that he saw Maserati …or that the streets are clean. Prague is so shity dirty like London or another western capitals!

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