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First Impressions of Istanbul, Turkey

First Impressions of Istanbul, Turkey

so first impressions do you want to come
to Istanbul well if you want somewhere which is rich and exotic and has a lot
of character a lot of history a lot of mosques then yes. Shopping – there’s lots
of shopping as well. I don’t like shopping but there’s lots of markets and
bazaars and things if you like that kind of thing. If you want experience
somewhere like nowhere else in the world come to Istanbul I think it’s fair to
say there’s nowhere quite like it it really is where East meets West it’s
where Asia meets Europe it’s got a mixture of everything. Turkish people, the
taxi drivers might try and get some money off you but generally like in my
experience I’ve seen some really friendly people I’ve been invited for
breakfast I’ve been welcomed by everybody I’ve met and I’ve had a really
good experience of Turkish people. Lots of Arab tourists here not so
many Western tourists as such but I think the numbers are gradually coming
back up again after the decline in the last few years Turkey is a poor country, Istanbul is a relatively poor city you’re not going to
get the same level of service and comfort as you might get from wherever
you’re from but I’ll tell you what, it has a very exotic and quite mysterious
feel to it even just driving from the airport and you see the mosques like
along the roadside all lit up it’s so colourful the lights at night are
beautiful there’s a lot of character I don’t think there’s anywhere in the
world quite like Istanbul I arrived in Turkey just over 24 hours
ago I’ve been here for one day I’ve had one day out in Istanbul. It’s a huge city
and I just want to share with you guys my first impressions of Turkey, of
Istanbul and just talk a bit about what I’ve seen so I flew into Sabiha gökçen Airport
from Prague – just where I happened to be last and… flight was fine it was a couple of
hours. The airport when you first get there seems quite nice seems quite
modern – that is until you try and look for Wi-Fi, now what’s the first thing you
do when you arrive to new country you look for an uber you need you look
for a way to get to your hotel right? so there I am I’m looking for the Wi-Fi so
I can call an uber or in this case a bi-Taksi we’ll come to that later and there
was no Wi-Fi. No airport Wifi… okay fair enough no airport wi… fine I’ll find a Starbucks
yep – I go to Starbucks: ‘hello can I have your Wi-Fi code?’ no Wi-Fi there’s no
Wi-Fi in Starbucks? If there any Airport Wi-Fi no there’s no Airport Wi-Fi
there’s no Starbucks Wi-Fi Oh Burger King they’ll have some I can’t see a
network maybe it’s called something funny no Wi-Fi anyway you get the idea
there’s no Wi-Fi in this whole airport Sabiha gökçen Airport so if you are
travelling to that Airport just bear that in mind. I got lucky I asked a guy
who worked in the Vodafone store he was selling SIM cards and he was kind enough
to log me onto his his work network there so that was fine for me the airport’s a bit tired… It’s okay, it does the job it looks okay apart
from the fact that you’ve got these like big mahogany leather armchairs in Burger
King which you can’t even get a person through let alone a person with luggage –
anyway that’s a different story a couple of stray dogs but no big deal in terms of getting from the airport to
your hotel you can just go out and get a driver and pay in cash or whatever you
do read about some horror stories on the internet about being scammed and I know
it does happen like it does happen in Turkey and just when you walk out that
Airport door I’ve walked out of arrivals in front of the airport and I don’t know
did I get approached, did I get harassed did I get asked I mean a combination of
all of them people are: ‘taxi taxi’ and I’ve been to poor countries I’ve been to
places like India and I’ve been to Sri Lanka been all over the Middle East and
get that in some parts of the world you get like: ‘taxi taxi yeah where you going’, you get a bit, kind of ‘pounced on’ but anyway it definitely happened here now taxis from the airport this is my
experience I walked out of the arrivals gate, right in front of the airport
and of course there’s lots of taxis there’s not just taxis but there’s
people who represent taxis and who like hook you up for some kind of cut
presumably and it’s a bit chaotic if you can use a bi-taxi I would definitely
suggest just to do that. A bitaxi is like the Turkish equivalent of uber. Uber is
very frowned upon in Turkey they don’t like it there’s been all sorts of big
arguments about that – uber drivers being threatened and nasty stuff happening so
I downloaded bitaxi before I got there and I called a bitaxi. I’m glad I did
because when I walked out of the arrivals door some guy come up to me:
‘taxi taxi’ I went no I’m okay thank you ‘taxi taxi’, in my face
‘taxi where are you going where you going’ I’m okay thanks I’ve got a car – ‘where are
you going!?’ no no I I don’t need to tell you where
I’m going I have a car it’s coming, don’t worry about it – ‘but where are you going?’ I
put my headphones on and turn around, said no thanks walk away, he comes behind me
touches me: ‘where are you going you want taxi?’ no no no I don’t want a taxi I’ve got
one it’s coming it’s coming so use bitaksi my bitaxi driver arrived in five
minutes he took me right (from) the airport really friendly guy first good experience but
we’ll come back to bitaksi later hotel is good nice room about £20
quid $30 dollars a night and yeah it’s fine it’s slightly outside of town but
does the job. Good breakfast included in that very nice. So yeah back to my hotel
my hotel is actually 10 miles out of town so public transport was going to be
something which I needed of course you’re looking an hour on a bus or
on the metro or like a 40-minute taxi or you can walk it about three hour walk so
well that I do I walked it I actually wanted to explore the local area first
now when I first arrived in a new place I don’t like to just work my way through
Google’s top ten sightseeing spots and just see things that you can just see on
the Internet I kind of like to just walk I like to explore the local area,
experience it just watch people watch how things are happening, watch the cars
watch the way they’re driving look at buildings look at animals there’s stray
dogs there’re stray cats there’s birds there’s all these sorts of things going on… a load of stray dogs just started chasing a taxi. I’m looking out now
and I can see like four big dogs they’re big they look at first I thought they
were polar bears but no they’re dogs and they just chased a taxi I think
they like the yellow ones so yeah I did walk ten miles across Istanbul I walked
all the way from my hotel out in the east on the Asian side right down through
this neighbourhood here and then towards my ultimate destination was the Sultan
Ahmed mosque [AQA the blue mosque] that is where I want to get to it’s a
long way but I’ll find it my original plan was to walk up and go
to the nearest metro station when I arrived at the metro station it was
closed it looked like this there was no way I was getting in I made my
way to a mall and the guy was friendly enough to actually… he could’t speak
English the English level is very low by the way that’s another thing English
levels are low don’t expect to be able to converse in English with with most
people. If you can find someone who speaks good English they’re the
exception rather than the rule anyway he actually allowed me to hotspot
from his phone so I tethered to him he phoned his brother who spoke better
English and we kind of had a chat which was a really nice gesture I
thought to share that with me so anyway I tapped up the ten mile walk and I
started walking the first thing that struck me about Turkey was that it’s in
this interesting in-between stage between kind of under developed and
developed like you’ve got these spots where you’ve got like an Ikea and a mall
and a shopping centre and like Starbucks and then like you walk for five minutes
out of town and then you’ve got streets and roads and very minimal basic housing
accommodation which you get in a lot of places but there really are the extremes
quite clear here and you can see that people here are living quite poorly
which really makes you feel quite grateful for the things we take for
granted in the UK or well where I’m from anyway the UK on my route there were so many police
I’m talking armed police heavily armed police with Uzis, pistols, guns, bats,
everything like on every corner I would walk – I guess I was walking for ten miles
but every couple of minutes I would see like these stations of police with like
guards, shields I’d see kind of like these tanks. I actually took this picture
of this vehicle as I thought it looked awesome
but like kind of scary as well. It kind of struck me as something a little bit
worrying that they would need that on the streets but anyway it looked pretty cool
I took the picture, kept walking next thing I know, shouting… the cop wants
me back he comes over he says ‘ why are you taking a picture of the vehicle’… and
actually to be honest he was alright like that could have that could have ended
really badly he could have taken my phone and could have deleted all my
pictures from that day which was a lot you wouldn’t have seen any of these
videos you’ve seen so far and that would have really really sucked but anyway he
was okay he didn’t speak English I didn’t speak Turkish we kind of smiled
like… I think he could see that I was like a well-intended… I’m not like I’m
not here to cause any trouble and I kept going. As I got closer towards the water
the scenery changed I came up this big high top with an amazing view and I
could see the water. I changed some money I got on the ferry because I knew I had to
cross the water to get onto what is known as the European side of Istanbul
and that was where the mosque was so I hopped on the ferry and I’ll tell you what
the ferry was amazing I bought a Istanbul card which is six or seven lira
so that’s like one US dollar and then the actual journey was three lira like 50
cents or 30p so to cross the channel…(Bosporus ) is it a channel? Probably… it’s really really
pretty, it’s an amazing thing to do and I highly recommend it because the views
are stunning as soon as I stepped off that ferry on
the European side of Istanbul I felt like I was in a very very different part
the world… of the city… not because I was in Europe and not Asia, nothing like that
but just just the feel of the place it was full of tourists. As you’ve seen from
my pictures before walking through the city I didn’t see any tourists. There
were all of a sudden there were people who were there visiting from all over
the world. Lots of Arabs, Indians as well not many people who seemed like they
were European – there aren’t many english-speaking tourists but all of a
sudden when you get off that ferry there are people who… they’re on holiday,
they’re taking selfies and they’re doing like normal holiday things which
immediately made me feel a little bit more normal in that I was there as a
tourist I was taking pictures and videos so I didn’t stand out quite so much something I found quite interesting is
for me it was quite warm it’s like 20-something degrees but people were
wrapped up they were in coats jumpers like it as if it was like the middle of
winter or something I was there in a t-shirt yes I just walked 10 miles
but I didn’t feel like it was that cold to dress up quite so much… coming back to my hotel
from the downtown area I decided to get a bitaxi it would
have been an hour and a half on the bus and the tram and the bus and then a walk
so I just wanted to get home quickly do some editing and get a taxi. My bitaxi
driver on the way back yesterday last evening was really not that good he took
about four or five wrong turns which turned my half an hour drive into an
hour drive and of course doubled the price as well it’s not so much about the
money because it was like ten pounds instead of five pounds but it was the
fact that, like he knew where he was going and I just felt a bit cheated
really so just be a bit more careful it’s still better to go bitaxi than
to flag someone because you have a lot more control and then I think they’re
less likely to take you for a ride literally take you for a ride and scam
you if you’re on bitaxi because then you do have that option of leaving
feedback you know who they are it’s all within a like a regulated system so I do
recommend bitaxi but don’t be surprised if they do even within that
app try and you know get a bit of extra money and a bit of extra time from you to say thank you in (Turkish) you can say:
teşekkür ederim which is similar to Arabic: sha ka ra, those same three root
letters – ta sha ka I think is also thank you in Persian too so it’s very
similar and edirem is… I always think of it it’s like ‘dirham’ but…
I think I’m saying it right means I give so when you say teşekkür ederim
it means I give you thanks… thank you if you’re from Istanbul if
you’re from Turkey do say hi down below in the comments I like to know where my
audience are from. I know I have some Turkish viewers so introduce yourself
say hi… if you do have a question or comment about this video about Istanbul
about Turkey leave it below I do read the comments if you have a question,
someone from Turkey might even answer it you never know
thanks for coming this is my channel more videos there and there and I hope
to see you back on my channel Arabic Mike very soon bye bye

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    I know you're not going to agree with me, but the first and the name that should be official, is Constantinople.

  • Bilal Taha Yalçın says:

    Unfourtunately there are many enemys as visiten in Turkey to Turkey, so I advice you not to care them too much. We are a bit different from another countries as a personality and it is difficult to get used to that. But I strongly believe that it is same for everywhere. Our people, especially teenagers, love Europe and the US too much, and they love it without knowledge maybe they don't like it if they see but, anyway it's a bit strange. I like your videos about British English because Britain is the homeland of English and I'd like to speak in British accent and you're helping me, thanks about it. Sorry for my bad English by the way, see you in Istanbul 😉

  • Yousef.M Maleki says:

    Can you go to iran

  • Elijah Mikaelson says:

    7:02 that's the Fatah mousqe it's really popular around Istanbul

  • Faris Al-Otaibi says:

    I'm saudi and I live in Turkey for studying , I like Turkey and I have many Turkish friends as well. But to be honest, unfortunately I have faced many racist sitiuations , also when my family came to visit Turkey many people tried to rip them off, I know some turkish and I heared many people saying bad things about me and my family since they think I can't understand them. Anyway not all poeple are bad ofcourse but there are a lot

  • I honestly dont Know says:

    I love how he thought its okay to even compare istanbul to india or pakistan because his stingy ass bought a cheap ass hotel in one of the shittiest districts of istanbul and he walked around there. He didnt even see the whole istanbul, there is many other districts as big and even bigger than the one he stayed at in istanbul. Im disappointed to see how low his expectations were and how prejudiced he was about everything.

  • Ayah Deeb says:

    Why are you too critical?

  • Obaida A says:

    Yeah everywhere is poor compared to GCC I think! GCC citizens to be specific!

  • Hakkı AYDIN says:

    i see nothing but prejudice in this video, im sorry. tell me if im wrong but i felt as if you dont like turkey so that made this video.

  • RecentMonster9 says:

    Merhaba selamalikum ben Türkçe yaşiyorum ama ben İngiltere yaşadım ama şimdi Türkiye geldim güle güle

  • Aaron Westwood says:

    1:00 sorry but this is not true

  • learn english says:

    It is so hilarious when the taxi driver came up to him and said :taxi taxi taxi in his face.hhhhhh so funny

  • Zaynab S says:

    Visited Istanbul last year for the first time and i absolutely loved everything about it!

  • ş. akseki says:

    I know understand you're not the Arab, but how can you speak so well as if arab ?

  • Mehmet GÖNCÜ says:

    It’s not possible that you cannot find WiFi, there is free wife each sturbuck in Turkey. It’s not necessary. Probably you couldn’t ask correct person.

  • golden house says:

    you call us "poor" but you don't have your own mobile internet? okay..

  • Eymen U says:

    Hi Mike Im a Manc living in İstanbul

  • Axenzaya # says:

    10:49 ಥ‿ಥ

  • salam alaykum says:

    Brother you was in the wrong parts Istanbul is very modern and you didn't no your way around that's not a good review since you didn't really go all over Istanbul

  • mohamed Elsaeed says:

    I am agree with you about the language but everything get better by time like now in the new airport there are wifi and they can speak English.

    If you want you can text me next time and i will help you to know more place and more things that you miss it in Istanbul because Istanbul is really big city .

  • Kazakh-Kossack says:

    Istanbul is one of my favorite Arab cities 🙂

  • yara taha says:

    I don't think you did Istanbul quiet justice…

    the city is more clean and modern than you made it seem, and im not just saying that because im turkish because im not. I just go there quiet often so i know it well and think its a beautiful, clean, cultural and also modern city.

  • Sama Shamsi basha says:

    To be honest every country has it’s ups and downs . And the places you choose are the old poor places. If you want to visit Turkey you should visit both the old places like the Asian side and the more modern places like the European side. Plus: Istanbul has THE LARGEST/BIGGEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD!!! One more thing , ( some ) taxi drivers always ask for more money from tourists especially if the tourists don’t understand Turkish .


    Hello i am from Turkey and currently in Istanbul, please next time inform me i can help you in the town and maybe we can go any other cities in Turkey btw i can speak Arabic, too which is like you so we can practise Arabic😅

    مع السلامة اخي 🤗🤗🤗

  • Tarık Yaman says:

    You don't even know where do the quality places take part while going Istanbul LMAO. What I see from this video is that you only spent time in dreadful places of İstanbul where an modern turkish people would like to go never. Of course you say it is a poor city rofl. dude actually i got some bad news for you; the truth is you never been in REAL Istanbul 😉

  • Sinan Ergin says:

    It doesn't really look like a poor country, I would rather say somewhere in between, like a second world country not 3 not 1 but 2

  • Ben Benim says:

    Those big dogs you thought polar bears are the Turkish Kangal probably lol

  • Mr. D says:

    The airport has wifi brother

  • Odysseus says:

    Taxi drivers in istanbul kind of thieves.

  • Odysseus says:

    We don't want no more Arab tourists. My city was beautiful once upon a time with European tourist whose attracted with cultural things to visit, now everywhere full of Arabs who has 4 wives and 20 children. Like a herd of human beings. They interests only shopping malls whereas they have bigger ones in their own country. So ridiculous!

  • AO NC says:

    hi from istanbul

  • Muhammet KARAMAN says:

    Get yourself out of turkey but you are quite right about taxi drivers. rather than this, turkey is not a poor country.

  • İrem Üstün says:

    Hello Mike that's so sweet to come turkey but I want to tell you that Turkish language is not connected with Arab language they are coming quite different language families there are some similar words but it is only about geographical place of turkey btw if any Turkish mother was saw you while on your trip she would probably say that wear your jacket 🙂

  • Dilek Özgün says:

    THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO, GUYS. And usually false, for now

  • Zehra says:

    You found your hotel in a pretty bad location and sad to say it is a complete waste of time to walk there to main place

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