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First coronavirus patient in S. Korea leaves letter of gratitude to medical team

First coronavirus patient in S. Korea leaves letter of gratitude to medical team

now South Korea’s first confirmed
coronavirus patient is said to be discharged from the hospital today after
being quarantined for nearly three weeks the patient who is a Chinese national
left a handwritten letter to the medical staff thanking them for their special
care Kim bo-gyung has his story the 35 year old Chinese national who was South
Korea’s first confirmed case of a novel coronavirus left a letter of gratitude
to the medical staff at Incheon Medical Center before being released from an
18-day quarantine in the letter written in English she thanked the doctors and
other members of the medical team for their meticulous care she said that she
could not imagine what would have happened to her and her family if it
weren’t for the advanced medical technology and professional attitude of
the staff members quoting a famous saying in China that goes the healer has
benevolence she called the medical team her heroes and promised to live the rest
of her life also helping others she also mentioned hopes to invite the staff to
her hometown after the corona virus outbreak settles down in response to the
letter the director of the hospital chosen Yun said that such an epidemic is
not simply a problem of one country and that it has become an area that
desperately requires international cooperation and mutual support the
director also took the opportunity to thank all medical personnel nationwide
striving day and night to contain the virus Kim Morgan Arirang news

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