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FILLING A SKETCHBOOK SPREAD WITH ANIMALS! | Study from Reference | Mechanical Pencil + Highlighters

FILLING A SKETCHBOOK SPREAD WITH ANIMALS! | Study from Reference | Mechanical Pencil + Highlighters

Hello everyone. Whoa, why does that look so weird? Hello The time has come for me to sit down and spend an hour or two or three or four However long it takes to fill an entire sketchbook spread except for the times when I fill more than one sketchbook spread But what’s life without a little bit of variety? So I’m going to be using my sketchbook This is the illo sketchbook that I drew on and a good old mechanical pencil If colors or something happen later on, We’ll let it. [Laughs] Let me tell you what I want to draw ♪ Literally just found out that Planet Zoo was coming out and
Zoo Tycoon was one of my favorite games growing up Then, luckily I found out about planet zoo, like right as it’s coming out. So my excitement is just [Brrrrrrgh] I may have already spent an unreasonable amount of time in that game and have amounted a lot of conservation credits Not sponsored, just very very excited! So here we have my blank sketchbook spread. So we’re going to doing some animal studies. I’m gonna bring up some references on Pinterest [Buloolololoo] I want to focus on some like very stereotypical Zoo animals, like giraffes and lions, hippos and things [Short Laugh] I kinda wanna start with an elephant. Elephant. Boom and I’ll definitely save all the images that I find on Pinterest in a board, so you can check those out too and draw along if you want. Hmm I want like – when I look for a reference, I want
to be able to see all of the elements that I want to draw Especially
if I’m drawing something that I don’t draw all the time, and I really need to study it. There’s
a lot of like head-ons, we could start there definitely. So if I draw a head on and a side profile I should be able to create maybe my own 3/4 view. We’ll see. What I’m gonna do first here is just block out the shape. So, animal’s head, I’m representing with a circle then it has like a shape that kind of comes out like that With the trunk is kind of like a noodle, then
we have the big ears which are kinda like half circles and I didn’t leave enough room for that but it’s cool. And there’s some round shapes that come up like that So that’s like the groundwork. Then from there I can look up at my reference and kind of like judge the distance between things Like the eyes are on the side here and they actually look like they’re eyes are kind of big but then only a small amount is kind of shown through They have tons of wrinkles and creases around the eyes I’m being very light and scribbly. [Short Chuckle] This is how I like to work when I don’t have a lot of confidence on something. You want to start light and simple and slowly add in your details. Oh, I totally forgot the tusks. And then I don’t know if I’ll include any body, [Laughs] Let’s just work on the head. The eyes look like they point outwards a little bit more than
what I’ve drawn So I’m going to kind of cut into those very pupily eyes. as most animals do. We could kind of exaggerate shapes. I’m not that worried about realism here. So the way the ears look like they connect, is there’s a section up here and then it curls down. So this will be a little bit more in shadow. It curls down. The top is a little bit more rounded and the bottom has some extra shapes to it in this reference. I love elephant ears. Awe. One of my like recently like favorite disney songs, which I hated as a kid, [Laughs] was “Baby Mine” and yeah, I kinda, I dig it now. Maybe I’m just older and I appreciate the sentiment. [Hums Baby Mine] You can kinda see how I’m slowly building up lines There’s
lots of extra lines that are a little bit more scribbly and then I kind of like go in and chisel away. Looks like there’s lots of wrinkles up here. So I’m gonna kind of illustrate that with a couple lines And keep looking at the reference. So the top of the head is pretty round Except for it looks like some wrinkles around the ears Just lighten that up and then change the shape So by lightening it up with a kneaded eraser, it lightens
it to the point where it looks like a very light sketch and then I can go over it and make sure I avoid doing the same thing and then add – Okay. I see what I was trying to do. There’s like wrinkles here. It’s not chiseled, It’s wrinkly. Alright, and then I see on this reference that the shape of these tusks, actually almost reaches up all the way to the eye. So I’m gonna draw that in. Then
I know it add kind of some shading in these sections This just helps me visualize it more 3-dimensional and hopefully after I use few references, I might be able to draw some from scratch and stylize them a little bit more. Tusk looks like it gets smaller as it reaches the end Not tusk, heh, trunk! And then there’s lots of lines and wrinkles. I wonder f there’s like a correct term for what the lines on a trunk are called? Are they just wrinkles? and the tusks get a little darker as they reach the top. I guess they’re harder to clean up there maybe. [Laughs] Harder to brush his tusks. So there we have my interpretation of the reference I kind of want to try it again. Draw it like next to it and stylize it a little bit more So like the circle head, the eye is on the side. The trunk and like kind of see how I interpret it that way and then the ears. Like stylize the eyes a little bit more but like try to keep the overall elephant vibe You
know now what I could do? I could connect these lines. Round out the face a little. Add in those ears. If I was gonna stylize this even more, I’d make that year’s like enormous [Laughs] Kinda exaggerate the shapes, but I don’t really have space for that right now So I’ll try and subdue that desire. [Chuckle] I wonder if I can somehow make it look like he’s smiling Gonna round off the end of these tusks Make them look a little less harmful. Definitely
there’s more than one way to draw an elephant. I’ve certainly established. I’m not crazy about the eyes. How did I do eyes with animals back here? So the
hippo has kind of a similar eye I feel like to the elephant. Let me try keeping that in mind from what I remember they definitely need to be facing outwards more. So like [Swoosh] like that, okay. Hey that looks more like something and then color in those pupils. A little highlight This kind of looks like a baby one and that one looks like An old grandpa. Oh, what I did, was I shortened the length of the face. I see. Wasn’t even thinking about that It just happened. Let’s try do some elf-a-lint [Giggles] Elf-ba-bant. Elephant bodies this time. So just like before, we’re gonna start with some pretty basic shapes Kind of figure out the size of all the elements of the elephant and maybe stylize it along the way We’ll see. so actually their heads are kind of small compared to their body. I went a little overboard. Start smaller. Head. Tusks area. Here Here Eyes are actually down here. This elephant’s looking downwards a little. We actually see some different shapes, huh, interesting. Alright and in the body is very large in the belly section With trunk like feet and the back legs are back here. Definitely longer. Let me shorten up the belly! The hips are way up here. I think we have basic shapes laid down. I think I can start going in and chisel away and adding details and such. Start with the face I love drawing heads and stuff. Eyes are down here. Oh,
it’s actually looking more down than I even drew it here Luckily
I drew very lightly, so I should be able to change that up. It comes down like this almost So then the eyes are down… Here. and then this trunk, comes down more like this. The trunk seems to come out of the eyebrows area. Let’s work on those eyes. Probably
have this all into shadow for a little extra dimension. A little elephant [Kissing] Aw. They have like wrinkles on the ends of the ears. I’m just gonna indicate those, with some extra lines, then this should all be in pretty dark shadow. There’s
not gonna be a whole lot of light hitting back here Actually, what happens is, the eye needs to be moved over to the right This is where the trunk should be. And the eye would be more like this. Then lots of just lines and texture Boom baby this [Laughs] Wow! This actually looks like an elephant. So it looks like the back end or their belly hangs down a little lower than the front See if we can figure that out. Let me draw
some lines to kind of visualize the shape of this Belly, and then I can’t see these feet, So I’m just gonna wing them based on how these look and my knowledge of how dogs legs work in the back and it might work out. [Light chuckle] Might be able to trick it into looking right Darken it up back here to push that backwards and boom baby, we have an elephant! A little finishing touches And there’s my first elephant! I do want to add some kind of color to this. What should I do? What could I do? I can use highlighters. Those dry fast and don’t bleed through. Let me see. Let me see if I outline him. This is actually a pretty hefty highlighter. Add some little contrast bits. [Laughs] I don’t know. To kind of separate what’s not elephant from what is See
how he stands out from the page a little bit more now because we’re like pushing that sketch outwards. Almost 3D like. I can do something kind of similar with some of these Even keep it contained in a shape Like a circle. Now, I’m gonna actually take this highlighter, go ahead and try and draw another elephant, like really quickly, right here, fill up this space Kinda just focusing on the shapes. Kinda like a gesture Based on what we’ve learned. Don’t
really have a reference just kinda going for it. [Laughs] Cut that ear short just so I can draw the end of it What I can’t see in any of these reference photos is how the head of an elephant connects onto its body I can’t find anything. ‘Cause the ears always block the view. I feel like they’d be really helpful. A little graphic Describing what I drew. Oh! I just spelt that wrong. Eh, okay. I fixed it. [Snort laugh] Elephant Shouldn’t talk and write at the same time And a little arrow That’s a fun spread! Let’s go on to a different animal I’m feeling an ostrich. Again, all the images I’m using will be linked down below in a Pinterest page for your convenience. For this one this time, I’m gonna start with the full body, so that I get a better grasp of that So their body feels like it’s an oval, with a nice noodley neck, head on top of there. That kind of protrudes forwards. You know, bird like. ‘Cause they’re a bird and they have a beak. Very large eyes. Really cute. Literal ear holes. [Laughs] That’s what they look like. Oh, I put way too much time into the head without doing the rest of the body. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay. They have a big tail, tail feathers or something And the body, and the body. Looks like the body comes forward a little and then the leg comes out down here, super thigh. Kind of like cuts down to this shape and this one’s running. So that’s gonna go back there And this one you can’t quite see ’cause it’s back there, but it comes out like dis. Then there’s the joint. Is that what they look like? Let me… I’m gonna need a different reference. I am unsure but that’s what I’m seeing This back one I didn’t quite leave enough room for. Yeah, something’s similar And then obviously their arms are here somewhere. Their wings gonna have to come down. I can’t quite tell ’cause it’s so dark. And there’s so many feathers kind of intersecting where that comes from, but it might come from up here. I mean, that’s kind of bird-like Don’t know that much about birds For some
reason I’m finding this one way easier than the elephant I’m gonna
go ahead and try and draw this without a reference! [Laughs] That looks like Donald Duck! Those legs back here. See and the legs are more similar to like human legs Except, you know, they obviously bend a little differently. He needs to be able stand up without falling over. We have to pull these legs this way a little. I think it relatively looks like an ostrich Could do it with the male feather pattern and leave white sections on the ends Then
I’ve seen some people stylize them with more pink skin. So why don’t I take a pink highlighter Boop-I-de-boo! and color that in a little See how that looks. Probably kind of weird, tone it down a bit. Ehhh, Ooh, I didn’t finish the head actually. Let me find a reference for the face. So it’s got a big eye. Comes forward a little. Well, they have a little bump on her head. Add some more depth back here. Then, there’s the nostril. it’s a very flat beak compared to the head. Add a little lump on the end. Ostrich! Add in the final details to this one. There, that is my ostrich. I think I’m gonna bring up little… lumps a little higher. Ta-dah! Add a little bit of highlighter. To highlight this face ’cause it’s so beautiful. [Laughs] I’m really happy with that region. Need to add a little bit of pizzazz. This highlighters loosing it a little. Should I write- Should I keep to the theme? And write ostrich and hopefully not spell it wrong! Specifically didn’t talk while I was doing that. Alright, let’s do another animal. I’m making a mess. Ew! Kind of wanna do a zebra. Zebra! There’s a really good reference. Let’s start down here. And again start pretty simple. Hopefully. So the head I can simplify it to almost like a square that ends in another square, you know that horse like shape Is there a term for horse shaped animals? Like specifically the ones that look similar to horses. Like donkeys and horses and zebras [Laughs] Bongos things like that. Try and figure this out. The eyes come out from these sections. and this comes down a little lower and there’s an eye here and an eye here-ish regions. Estimated [Laughs] Then. Oh, no, did I not leave room for these fun ears? That is a crime. That is a down right crime. And then there’s a mane. It goes back behind that way Alright,
we got that, totally forgot about the rest of the body The
front chest area region comes back into their bottom. That comes around… into those shapes-ish and then I don’t think I’ll have enough room for the legs. Oh! That’s why you should do everything before you start adding detail Alright I managed to squeeze the one in. We’ll see. I might end up shrinking those legs anyway, So if we do, we’ll be able to fit more of the hoof in. Oh, yeah, see, look how much shorter I drew that leg. I wonder if I should Correct those two look more like it that one. So what I like to do is just go around as I’ve demonstrated earlier and kind of like guess the shape around and then from that, I can usually figure out what else I need to change. Doing gestures will help you with this sort of thing. Lots and lots of them. I think I need to shorten the whole body though. It’d really help if I could see the whole picture at once Oh that helps. Let’s shrink the whole body Back leg. I don’t know if that’s actually any higher but the bottom is the same height. Let me measure the belly to leg ratio. Oh. It should be ending down here. One leg. Two leg. Three leg and four leg back here. Okay, so there is a meaty section. A little extra bump with the knee. Comes back outwards a little. It actually comes from here. It’s really skinny in the reference I wonder if the legs being like brought up and some way Lets try it that way more and then point the hoof down Take a little creative liberty. [Laughs] Move it forward a little. I think once we finish the rest of the drawing, you won’t have so much attention on those so I’ll just keep moving. I don’t
know any of the scientific terms for these body parts or medical terms. Meaty sections, bony sections and blob sections [Laughs] That looks really bad. The problem with this reference is. It’s not like… Easy to tell how they’re standing. So I’m just trying to draw these legs in a really strange shape without actually understanding why it looks that way, which isn’t exactly helpful in trying to learn the anatomy of this animal, but we’ll just try our best here. Let me take a better look at this from above Okay. Hmm. Well,I don’t draw horses, ever. So [Laughs] [Deep inhale] this is definitely a learning experience. I mean it should be pretty similar to like a dog’s skeletal structure, I would think. I mean to a certain extent. [Through laughter] Let’s go ahead and do the fun part detailing the face We get to add on all those stripes. So there’s a stripe on this particular zebra I’m looking at that goes all the way down the center and then they kind of come off from that. I heard zebra stripes are completely different. I don’t know how someone proves that. You’d have to look at every single zebra! But you know, I’ll trust them. I was
excited about this and now I am getting very nervous. Looks like they get thicker in some areas, thinner. And they’re very dark around the eyes. Gonna try and keep a lot of space between the stripes some of these references of Zebras have the stripes really close together but when I do that, it just looks really messy. So. Gonna try and avoid that. Darken
up the mane so it doesn’t just look like more stripes That will come down the back. It ends here, their mane doesn’t go any further than that. Interesting. I didn’t realize that. You learn something new every day. It actually gets darker near the mouth. It’s looking kind of zebra like [Soft pencil noises] This is a very creative part.I could do whatever I want It’s funny, these stripes are actually kind of hiding the mistakes in the legs to a certain extent. [Laughs] you can’t see them as well. Almost done! Just keep adding those stripes. It’s definitely the most time-consuming part. But it’s really really fun because you’re just kind of like scribble all around Hmm. Okay! That leg’s a little far apart, but I’m gonna keep it for now It’s what the reference looked like. Alright. Now just these front legs, finish these off. Imagine
if you had to draw the same zebra over and over again, you’d never get the stripes exactly the same either Tadaaaa! It’s a zebra! Man I made a mess with this one. There’s lead everywhere. Not
much left in this one. It might be time to retire this pen Had it for
probably six years though. So it’s had a good life span I do kind of want to draw out some more but like smaller I think my problem is I keep drawing everything really big and I don’t really have room for it. And then it takes forever to because it’s so big. Let’s draw another zebra I wonder if I could squeeze one in here. Really small like gesture size. Opp, see that’s still already too big. Oh well, we can work on the face I suppose. Kind of figure out the shapes. And the more you draw them, the more you’ll see similarities every time you draw it which will definitely help. That’s my favorite part when I get it like to this stage. ‘Cause like you see all the possibilities and it like outlines what you’re turn to draw. Perfect little sketch. Ah! I’m pushing so hard. What’s going on? Another little zebra I bet I could squeeze another one up here if I can find a good face reference Just try squeeze one right down here. Okay we have the top of the head. Kind of comes down to… The mouth. Eh, like this, this kind of funny shape and then the ears will come up here and there’s ears there and then there’s the mane that goes back this way and this is dark on the end and then the eyes actually looks like about here Okay, I’m getting the hang of this. They’re very tricky to draw. [Laughs] This little section. Add in some nostrils so he can breathe. And a mouth. Maybe if I add some stripes they’ll seem important. [Soft pencil sounds] Tada! Zebra! Highlight it a little. So people notice it’s there. [Laughs] Wouldn’t want you to miss it and to just further distract from these legs. I suppose. That’s the real plan I think I really want to draw another animal [Gasps] One more. One more. Let’s try a Rhino. A Rhino, I feel like is a mix between like this shape and this shape Maybe it’d be fun to explore. Let’s see. Oh my hands are getting dirty. That’s the one flaw two pencils. The smudge factor. I cannot say I’ve ever actually sat down and tried to draw a Rhino from a reference before [Sniffs deeply, mouth pop] But let’s do it! It looks like… This is an Indian Rhino. I’m probably gonna mix them all up, But I think I was drawing two different kinds of elephants in the beginning too because I noticed some very different structures in the face. Focus on getting that right. So it kind of like comes up a little, like a this shape with the horn Up there and then the eye is actually right… Here and this comes up here. Okay, we have that. The nostril here. I am exaggerating a few shapes FYI [Laughs] They kind of almost Hippo like ears. And there’s like some hard shell bits Hard sections like that. and then this and then the legs goes back there okay. But we’re gonna face! See what this looks like and everything. There’s a section right here that seems to stick out of the plane of the face. Comes back this way and all this. This is very stylized [Laughs] I just looked back up with the reference and I’m like… Yeah, that’s not really what it looks like. But I see where I got this from. Down here. Draw out where it starts. If the eye’s here and there’s like a big – and this is where like the face is. Like the head is the face and then the nose area’s here. It’s like a three square system Nostril Nostril would be over here and it sticks out a little bit like that and then it comes up and turns into a horn I don’t know what kind of – Is this another Indian Rhino? That comes out from there-ish This
actually dips all the way down to wherever the eyes are Which you can kind of see in that first drawing. I should have made that square way bigger. This comes over like this. Then this section looks pretty alright, so we just shape it. I’m gonna have to find a lot of shapes here. It’s not all just flat and then up here we have the ears. Oh, this one’s tricky. It’s kind of similar to the elephant in that there’s a lot going on in a shape and there’s not a lot of silhouette to it. Something I find easier to work with So you’re like forced to add like shading and different
other ways of like highlighting what it actually looks like. Which is what I like about the silhouette because I kind of played around with that. Let’s add in the eye maybe. I might need to change a lot. [Laughs] Something feels wrong. Okay, wait, wait, wait. I think I’m getting something. So this section is actually further back than this so there should be some definition there and this sticks out still though from like the body which is somewhere around here. It’s actually darker pigmentation in the front section kind of like the zebra. All the way around. And then up over the eye a little actually like that! Oh we forgot little hairs on the ears. Even more No, no, no, no, that’s not how want to start that. No one needs to see that! Burn the evidence! Alright. Rhinos are officially the hardest! They do rank up there with elephants for me. I wonder if I could find like – Oh. I wanna draw one of these. Let’s try to draw this other kind of rhino. I believe this is South African. It’s a little different. This is
where the ears are and they kind of stick out like that Similar. Then it dips down to another section like this and then that’s all one piece like that Does that look like a rhino? [Laughs] Because wait! We’re gonna add a… Horn right here and another one right here. Boom! Does that look like a rhino now? And the eye is actually right here. Okay, that looks weird. Wait, wait, wait. and their nostrils are down here. Okay, yeah,
that’s a more typical of the rhinos I feel like I’ve seen Not in
my day to day life the like, [Snort laugh] you know on TV Feels more familiar This one kind of reminds me of Ice Age. [Laughs] Let me know if you can understand that one. It’s weird that
these seem like they’re the rhinos hat I’ve seen before but if you had asked me how many horns does a rhino have I would have said one which is what this guy has and He doesn’t not look that familiar to me. Strange. Is that like the Mandela effect? I think I’m learning like the facial structure of a rhino. This is really cool! It’s exciting. This horn needs to move down a little. There we go. I do you want to go in and add some color though I don’t want it to be lonely. All the other sketches have some color. [Laughs] This is where I like to take color and highlight my favorite sketches So they’re the ones you see first. See I’m kind of going around this African lion Lion what the – ? South African Rhino, I believe. Let me make sure that’s what they’re called. So I don’t look like a complete idiot. Okay there’s multiple types of rhinos even in Africa. Which one am I drawing? The African rhino is divided into two species The black rhino and the white rhino. White rhinos mainly live in South Africa. Well, it looks more like a white rhino. So maybe I’m drawing a white rhino. What’s a black rhino look like? Do they look different? They look too similar. I couldn’t tell you which is which Black rhinos and white rhinos look the same, but they’re considered two different species Anyway, we have a Rhino. These are all rhinos. They’re all rhinos. [Laughs] To some extent. I am no animal expert and then finally, I’m gonna put a circle right here to highlight the silhouette of this rhino and then fill it in Oh I didn’t write rhino. We can do it down here. Don’t ask me what kind of rhino. [Laughs] And the only one I didn’t highlight was this big one but it stands on its own because it’s actually the darkest So I think that was pretty well done. So we did two and a half spreads! Some rhinos, a couple different species Zebra. Ostrich and “de elefont” This is really fun! I like the challenge of like sitting down and trying to draw something from like a reference and put it on paper and it’s always fun to draw something different than what I always draw each and every day which is, you know it’s kind of obvious. I want to thank you guys for watching if you drew along and decided to draw an animal, What animal did you draw hmmm? Let me know. [Giggles] Thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys all next week and hope you have a delicious evening little waffles. Bye! One last time! and close. ♪

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  • Alexander Cuyvers says:


  • lorena Davis says:

    Love love love this video! Really enjoy seeing you draw things like realism/ from reference and then adding your own angle on it ???

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    Me:can’t even hold a pencil right

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  • Rayna says:

    I LOVED zoo tycoon, and then our CD got too scratched and it wouldn’t play anymore?❤️

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    I'm like: frame it for me!

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    PS.. loved the elephant! I was all like… Awe good job!?

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    I'm sure someone has already commented this, but horse-like animals are "equine" (because they're all in the equus family). 🙂

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    To drawing wiff waffles, last January I used to suck at drawing, then I discovered you. You inspired me to practice drawing and now I’m good at it. Now I have a YouTube channel and I would do anything for you to shout me out and comment on one of my vids with your honest opinion. Thanks you 🙂

  • Brian Mayonnaise says:

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  • Bloodyfeather says:

    I think the word you want for “horse like animals” is either equine or ungulate. Donkeys and zebras are equine but if you want to include bongos and antelope ungulate is probably what you want. It refers to their foot posture.
    Ungulates stand on just their nails (which turn into hooves) as compared to digitigrades (like dogs and cats) who stand on their digits (fingers) and plantigrades who walk on their heels like bears, apes and humans.
    The bones will be the same just different lengths. If you get stuck look on your reference for each joint. For instance it seems like you might have made the knees (first joint that bends backward) a bit too close to the ankles (second joint that bends back). Everything has hip, knee, ankle, and a couple toe joints that take turns bending opposite directions.

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    Rin drawing zoo animals: it similar to a dog

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