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Fall Wreath Hand-lettering – Autumn leaves Inspired Embellishments

Fall Wreath Hand-lettering – Autumn leaves Inspired Embellishments

Hi everyone, this is Vivian, welcome back
to my channel today we are going to do 4 hand
lettering projects with autumn themed embellishment. The first one we’re going to do is a simple black and white hand lettering with a very simple wreath
drawing that I will be showing you how to do. And the second one is going to be
a little more colorful. We’re going to use Crayola markers or any other
brush markers you have. And I’m also going to show you how to make some
simple leaf stamps. And for the third one I’m going to show you different ways to
use the stamps and also some blending techniques with Crayola markers. And
lastly, I’m going to show you how to make it bigger stamps with very simple
materials and combining all the techniques that we learned so far. So
let’s dive in. For our first project, all we need is a pencil and a bigger brush
pen and a smaller brush pen, or just a smaller black pen will do. And then
something round that you can use as a guideline. Here I’m using a roll of
tape, but you can also use a container cover or anything round you can find
around you. So after sketching out where I’m writing the world
I used the bigger brush marker to write out the word “Gather”, and then I used the
tape as a guide to draw several circles around the world. Then I used a
smaller brush pen or a smaller black pen to just draw segments of the circle. And
especially I draw where they intersect. Then I make little leaves around
them to make them look like branches. So this way you don’t have to be perfect in
every segment because everything has that randomness to it. And to finish it
off I just add some dots here and there to make it more interesting. So for the second one we’re going to do something more colorful, and here I have my Crayola
markers in yellow, orange, red, and brown And I’m going to show you a very simple
way to make your own stamps out of craft foam And I’ll be using a water bottle
cap as the base for my stamps. So to make the stamps I’m going to draw leaves that
will fit the size of the water bottle cap and then just cut it out and then stick
it on to the water cap, there you have stamps! So this time I’m using the
brown color marker to write the word and I’ve also drawn a circle around
it to gives me a guideline. And then again I use Crayola markers to color the
stamps and then just fill in the circle with the stamps. So you don’t have
to use just one color per stamp, you can mix a little yellow and orange together
to give it a gradient effect and then to finish it off, I use the
black pen to draw the outline of the leaves with some details. And then of
course and added some circles and dots to make it more complete. For the third
one we’re going to create some watercolor effect with the help of a
water brush. If you don’t have a water brush you can use a regular brush with some water it will work just fine Then we’re going to reuse the stamps
that we made. So this time I want a bigger circle and I actually used a pair
of compasses to draw the circle I want to do some blending of the word
itself so I’m going to write the word in the lightest color then I’m going to
blend it. In this case, it’s yellow, because I’m going to do some blending I want to make the word all a little bit thicker than normal I’m going to use a water brush to
apply the blending effect, if you don’t have a water brush you can definitely do
the same thing with a regular brush and a cup of water. So what I do here is
sample a little bit of color from the Crayola markers and then apply it onto
the writing I did, so I’m going to start with a lighter orange and then just
carefully blend it in with a yellow and then I’m going to do the same thing with
the orange and then move on to a red. Then I’ll finish off the end with some
green. And now we’re going to use the stamps we made earlier, but this time
we’re going to use it in the slightly different ways. I’m going to lay the
color on a piece of plastic instead of directly apply onto the stamp. I have a
piece of plexiglass here, you can also use plastic bags, as long as something
smooths and poreless and then adding some water to the color
you just lay down and to use it almost like a watercolor. And then apply the color on
the stamp. So because we dilute the colors it doesn’t look as saturated
or heavy. It gives that watercolor painterly effect And here I’m going to use a black pen to
draw in the details and the outlines of the leaves. It doesn’t have to be
perfectly matching, it can be just loosely traced over. I’m also going to
add a shadow effect on the lettering so it pops a little bit. And then to finish
off I also added some circles and dots on the places where there’s might be too
much empty space. It also gives it a more finished look. So for the last project, we’re going to make a bigger stamp. And I’m going to show you how to
quickly draw a maple leaf shape. We also need some painters tape or drafting tape or masking tape, and then as well as Crayola markers and brush pens and black pens. So we’re going to quickly draw a maple leaf shape. Here’s how we can
do it we start by drawing a star key that’s kind of imperfect and unbalanced
or unequal in the angles. And we add the a triangle on each point of the star
except for the bottom one. And we kind of connect them towards the center, then
we add on a little coarse teeth to every lobe, and that’s how you get you a nice
maple leaf shape I’m going to create a clean middle area
for my writing, so I’m going to use the painters tape to block off any paint. And you don’t want to just tape on the paper because then it’s too tacky it will damage the paper so what I do here is just applying
the tape on my pants or my clothes a couple times to remove some of the
tackiness, and then apply it onto the paper Then here I’m using a combinations
of directly coloring the stamp with my Crayola markers and also
adding some water with my brush to create that stamp effect. and because it is a bigger stamp, adding some water to it does help a little bit and then afterward I remove the tape so
I have a nice white border in the middle and then I fill in the white space with
smaller leave stamps and then to finish off I write the
lettering in the middle and then add on details to the maple leaves, and you can decide how much detail you want to give to this into the leaves, it is totally up to you. I hope you enjoyed these 4 projects
with Crayola and hand lettering. If you have any questions you can leave it
in the comment section below. If you like this video don’t forget to give it a
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tricks on calligraphy and hand lettering bye 🙂

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