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FAIR Jubilee Prestige. Sovrapposto da caccia in calibro 16

FAIR Jubilee Prestige. Sovrapposto da caccia in calibro 16

My hunter friends, it is with pleasure and satisfaction that I find myself describing to you that I find myself describing to you a field test that has just finished, regarding a particular shotgun first of all for its gauge, the F.A.I.R. Jubilee Prestige over-under in the Tartaruga Gold version. It’s particular, as we said, first of all because of its gauge, 16 gauge, to which F.A.I.R. has rightly paid its own attention with regard to its perfect balance between size, weight and ballistic performance, a gauge that many dedicated people are re-discovering F.A.I.R. is a reality that we all know, the Isidoro Rizzini Arms Factory is in fact operational since 1971 and since those years it has become one of the most important companies in particular with regard to the production of both over-and-under rifles and shotguns. The Jubilee Prestige model, you won’t certainly miss it, stands out first of all for its elegance, for its finishes but we have also tested all its solidity and effectiveness. Prestige is the name given to all F.A.I.R. over-and-unders of the Jubilee line with long side plates, in this case also with an action featuring a slender profile and a raised edge. The mechanics of these over-and-unders is manufactured from solid forged blocks to create shotguns that are declined in all the main hunting gauges, meaning the 12 gauge, 20, 16, 28 and .410 all with a dedicated action. The trigger in this case is a selective single unit but at the of the hunter it is also available a double trigger version. Despite the fact we’re hunting with pointer dogs the shotgun that have been given has 71 cm long barrels but it is also available with 68 cm barrels or longer 76 cm carrels, all equipped with internal and interchangeable chokes. The special tri-alloy steel barrels and chambers are chrome-lined, obviously to protect them from corrosion and preserve performance over time.
The stock, in this case is a Prince of Wales design, is made from select walnut wood and oil-finished with a Schnabel forend. Particular attention has been paid to the elegance of the action which is embellished not only by its color-hardened finish with its play of hues, lights and shadows but also thanks to the engravings, five to be precise that are gold-plated. We have wild birds in flight on both sides of the action and a flying woodcock on the bottom plate. From this magnificent valley that hosted us for the test of a shotgun which is certainly up to its beauty I salute you, wishing you the pleasure of hunting with the 16 gauge that is without any doubt the rediscovery of a great story from the past but above all an innovative look at the future of hunting!

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