December 10, 2019 0

Faded Realistic Color Tattoo

Not mentioning any words or whatever. We
had tattooer here in this shop which had world-famous tattooers work eight
hours on ribs, million likes on Facebook and it was so bad you couldn’t
even tell what it is. If you do something like on my ribs for nine hours – it
better stay there. I think he said that he needs like like five more sessions and
every of those sessions are those like crazy number of hours. I mean it would
probably at some point stay there but like it’s just. If it is the way how we
work but if you show people your work after the first session which looks
amazing shiny and perfect – it’s misleading you
know. Yeah and that fresh work is still on the guy’s portfolio which is the
portrait of the face and now that dude have just two eyes on his ribs and also
some… It’s quite scarred as well so. That stuff…. Sad story bruoa! Yeah and expensive probably as well

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