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“F” Island | Learn The Alphabet with Captain Seasalt And The ABC Pirates

“F” Island | Learn The Alphabet  with Captain Seasalt And The ABC Pirates

(upbeat music) (parrot squawks) – What’s that, Jimmy? Land ho! – Oh, how flimsy. They don’t make ship’s
wheels like they used to. – [Ellie] Land ho! – Ahoy, friends, fall in. (dog barks) – Where are we, Captain Seasalt? – We found a fabulous new island. – [All] Fantastic. – Are we going to explore the
island and find the treasure? – If we be so fortunate, Maya. All feet onto the floorboards. First rate, yar. Everyone ready for a furiously,
fast-paced adventure? – Aye, aye, captain!
(dog barks) – Today we are going to explore F Island. We’re here on the map. If we follow all the clues on the map we should find our way to the treasure. – The first thing we’re
looking for is an animal that starts with the letter F. – Why it be a fluttering, pink feather. Fascinating. – [Pedro] Look, a fox is
playing with a feather. Feather and fox both
begin with the letter F. – And this fox be the
first clue on our map. – Foxes sure do love to have fun. They’re curious and frisky. I’m going to call him, Fernando. Fernando the Fox. – Oh, the feather’s floating away. I wonder where that feather came from. – Let’s follow it. (upbeat music) – Wow, look! The feather came from one
of those fancy, pink birds. – Those are flamingos, Pedro. Their feathers are pink
because of the food they eat, like brine shrimp. That’s Flora, Frank, and Fatima. They’re fabulous. (frog croaking) – Hey look, there’s a frog. (frog croaks) (children scream) (laughing) – Frogs sure are funny. – Hey, there’s some kind
of animal flinging itself out of the water. – [Maya] Oh, that’s a flying fish. Flying fish have fins that help them swim and fly above the water. – [All] Wow! Fantastic! – Frog and flying fish both
start with the letter F, they must be the next clues on our map. – Right you are, Maya. Now, let’s flee so we
can find the next clue. (upbeat music) Me hopes we find the treasure soon. Darkness be falling fast upon this forest. – I can barely see. – I’m frightened, Sammy. (fireflies buzzing) – Wait, what’s the flickering? – They’re fireflies. – You’re right, Ellie. Fireflies are insects
that glow in the dark. – Maybe they can show us the
way to the treasure, Pedro. – A fine idea, Ellie. Follow those fireflies. (upbeat music) – Finally, we found the treasure. – Aye, feast your eyes on. – [All] Flashlights. – Thank you for helping us, fireflies. – Now we can easily find
our way back to the ship. (upbeat music) – A fond farewell.
– So long. – [Pedro] Toodle loo! (cheerful music) – [Kids] Aye, aye, captain!

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