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Exploring an Abandoned Temple – Ancient Order of the Mystic Shrine

Exploring an Abandoned Temple – Ancient Order of the Mystic Shrine

Thanks to Squarespace for making this video possible; if you need an easy to build website go to to get 10% off your first purchase Right now we’re in the basement of an abandoned temple As we entered, the exact purpose of the building and its history were unknown to us but it would soon be revealed as we explored
We’re only just in the basement and it’s still like already really ornate It seems like there’s stuff in here, too. It’s not just cleared out These were filters for when a bunch of people smoked in here, it would filter out the smoke It’s literally called a smoke eater These are marble staircases….
that’s what these Oh stained glass even [inaudible] Wow, this is a fantastic building though.
This is just the lobby Even the radiator is detailed, that’s awesome “A Memory of Nobles” Recorder office to record meetings I guess So yeah, what do you know about this place? I don’t know any of that. I just know it looks cool as fuck Let’s go in here, we might find some
clues as to what this was Is this Hebrew, Bryan? No-
It’s not Hebrew?
That’s Arabic Oh yeah, it says “ancient Arabic order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine” So this literally all just sounds like cult like gibberish I mean I have no idea what this place was and if it was like actually called like [?] or something the Freemasons or whatever?
But listen to this, it just sounds like gibberish “The Edict of 13th July last prohibiting the communication of the order except under emerging conditions Which should alone warrant the issue of Dispensation for such purpose has aroused the officers of subordinate bodies to the importance of the ritual and accessories Until now there is not to my knowledge any temple in this jurisdiction Which is not fully equipped and in condition to render the ceremonial as prescribed by the statutes.”
That’s the first paragraph in this book I’m sure if I went on it would go even crazier So now we’ve learned that this temple belonged to an organization called the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine or “Shriners” for short it’s a Masonic body that’s been around since the late 1800s and was once seen as one of the most prestigious Organizations to be a part of
This receipt is literally dated 1912 Look at some of the calligraphy like on this piece of paper right here This bathroom is pretty creepy looking Just a bunch of trophies They added the drop ceiling over these windows that go up way more Hate it when places that just add drop ceiling and cover up shit like that Let’s go up a floor to see if there’s more offices.
Alright, I’m gonna go up the other side of you Well ‘guess there’s not more offices
This is the main attraction Wow look at that stained glass
That’s unbelievable It’s got the crescent moon symbol right in the middle and repeated many times actually around the edge Despite the presence of Arabic in the name of the organization, the Arabian architecture, and the crescent moon symbols throughout, the temple actually had nothing to do with Islam In fact, the Shriners were founded by New York City elites The middle-eastern decor was simply part of a theme they adopted after attending exclusive parties held by Iranian diplomats It’s a pretty textbook case of cultural appropriation, but it certainly resulted in the construction of beautiful and distinctive buildings such as this one So the floor up would just be like the projector and stuff There’s a lot of seating in here Shit there’s still clothes in here…wow It’s like what they would wear if they were gonna start… Their ceremonial garb This place is-
there’s a lot left Wow Backstage area
They had a dressing room More Christmas decorations… a full Christmas tree in those arches there are speakers They probably would have had actual musical instruments back here back in the day like a piano or an organ or something and Then in modern times they just replaced them with speakers We can go up there on those stairs I know, it’s a catwalk or something Want to go up on the catwalk? There’s a ladder to the roof We can go up this ladder and go up above the stage area Walking up here does not seem too safe, so we probably won’t Oh, now it got really dim What’s with these weird paper mache horses These big old stage lights Holy cow the echo is insane right here [various clicking noises as an example] Bryan you have to experience this, this is literally nuts Get in the dead center though, it’s craziest in the dead center Wow, that’s actually pretty crazy [Michael purposefully makes the floor squeak by moving his legs] Sounds like laser beams
[squeaking continues] Oh! I’d bet we can do the whispering corner in here You go in that corner You go in that corner. I go in that corner, and then we whisper up and we’ll be able to hear each other Let’s try it [whispering]
Alright, Bryan, can you hear me? Oh my god, I can
[general snickering and celebration] I can hear you like you’re right next to me I know, this is crazy Oh my god. It sounds like you’re right next to me.
I know what the… Psst, psst! Look behind you What?
[more giggling ensues] Yeah, so there’d be lighting and projectors up here probably those lights we saw in there What’s up there, the Attic? No…
Well, I mean yes, but even better Even better than the Attic Be super careful It’s pretty incredible Let’s go through this convenient hole in the curtain.
I don’t know probably just goes to the stage An exit
into backstage There’s still a backdrop up These are all dimmer switches
if only there was power in here a lot of curtain and lighting adjustments here These were all their lockers These were double door lockers It’s a big roll of toilet paper more than double this is also their locker in here That might be the oldest looking microwave. I’ve ever seen All right This is definitely way cooler than I thought it would be Yeah There’s a shit ton of stuff left inside
look at this Perfect
some are broken, but Most of them are intact
tons of them in here… teacups it’s unreal The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine is still alive and well today although They are now officially known as Shriners International You may be familiar with them from their network of hospitals called the Shriners Hospital for Children where they provide treatment to any child in need at little to no cost As for the temple itself it may see a new future the community appears very Interested in preserving the structure and sometime after the filming of our video the building was surveyed to determine the cost of restoration If you haven’t heard we have a handful of prints available on our shop website That is hosted by Squarespace Squarespace is an all-in-one easy to use platform that makes building any kind of website a breeze it makes advanced Functionality easy to use such as coupon codes and offering multiple shipping options It’s even possible to schedule when items are available For sale if you need to create a website, or just want to play with the platform sign up using the link Slash proper people for a 14-day free trial and 10% off your first purchase You

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  • The Proper People says:

    Hope everyone enjoyed the video! This weekend we have a few prints from this location that will only be available for this weekend! Also use the code "SHRINE20" for 20% off! And we now ship international!

  • William Sherman says:

    That "calligraphy" at 4:24 is cursive. Cursive has become esoteric, a secret code that parents of teenagers can use to communicate with each other in plain sight of their children.

  • regular everyday normal modafuka says:

    Cultural appropriation ? Really ?
    Damn, and I loved this channel.

  • N. Palmer & Co. says:

    cultural appropriation lol

  • theUKtoday says:

    I can hear that Sony camera sound when video is switched off

  • Thomas Allen says:

    The sad thing is there will never be buildings like this ever again. Building them would be cost prohibitive, and no one wants to save existing buildings because “they are old.”

  • Caroline Werle says:

    Nice building, it would be cool as a performing arts building.

  • Frosty the Bear says:

    "clear example of cultural appropriation" millennials, smh

  • Ted Klemm says:

    There is no such thing as Cultural Appropriation. It is a contrived concept for political purposes to cause division, not unity.

  • f off says:

    as much as i respect you for not taking shit i also hate you from the bottom of my soul for leaving old books and documents to rot … at least take the fng masonry book

  • Austin Veta says:

    How did you get the lights to smoke like that? Did you vape on them? Lmao

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  • Just Me says:

    All religious groups are Cults: super dangerous to the intellectual mind, some might argue this, but it is usually the ones who are members of the brainwash. Shriners are very unlearned historically as they still hold on to Forger Theology and Quran Philosophy.

  • Matthew Joseph says:

    This spot is unreal.

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    "Cultural appropriation" Way to ruin the whole video with SJW garbage speak

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    That place is cool looks like a great place for concerts — where is this place ??? let me know thanks

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    At 8:19 those are organ speakers. Probably Conn or Wurlitzer made tone cabinets. It was pretty common to stuff those behind old pipes of an unused church organ or sometimes fake pipes if it was a newer installation. They'd be wired to an organ console somewhere else.

  • sir tate says:

    I love when old things get restored I hope they go through with the project

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  • Nicky Mitchell says:

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  • 337 337 says:

    Most Shrine Temples are fancy, it's clear they were built during a much better American economic period. Sad to see the building in shambles.

  • 337 337 says:

    Hebrew looks like fire/flames, Arabic looks like water/waves. Every Masonic body has, concealed within it's ritual work, secrets of different religions throughout history. ALL of those dispersed secrets originated in the Ancient Mysteries of Sumeria. Most of the secrets found hidden in religion, can be classified as Fertility related, OR building/geometry related. There are Hebrew, AND Arabic letters that signify the male and female organs. These groups exist to preserve the mysteries that otherwise would be lost by the profane, in the mists of time, as they run after the less important parts of life, like television, the most diabolical instrument of enslavement ever thought of.

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    My friend’s dad was a Shriner. They ride on mini motorcycles in their weird burgundy hats during parades. Bit weird

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    The sword represents the muslim swords used to slaughter the Christians.

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    really demonstrates that without a living and spiritually competent leader all of these so-called faiths are nothing but cheap entertainment for the followers. If the current from a higher plane is not present they have nothing but pretending and fakers. The quality of the faith depends entirely on the plane to which the living leader has reached and no higher, no better. Since most of these faiths are pretend without a competent living leader they have absolutely nothing.

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    This breaks my heart seeing this Temple just left like this. Being a Mason myself, it is saddening that they would just leave. Wish I knew the whole story behind it.

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    Fantastic, guys! But there really wasn't an organ there?
    Wonder how they changed the light bulbs about that stained glass window 😉

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    What an absolute Shame that these Items were not preserved. If the officers of the Shrine would have contacted the existing Freemasons they would have been glad to come and Properly clear out and Preserve the temple Items in a safe place, probably with the State Grand Lodge of Freemasons. The elderly members of the Shrine die off and the existing generation unfortunately do not carry on the Traditions or even honor their for fathers by preserve what was sacred to their own ancestress. To leave it as this, in shambles is not only a disgrace but is very sad. My G– the stain glass Dome windows alone cost a fortune in their day to build. In today's prices "An Incredible Value". The decorative and Painted Woodworking above what looked like a Fireplace – absolutely would be a rare find and incredible value.

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