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Experience of Saudi Arabian culture in Korea #2 (Eng sub)

Experience of Saudi Arabian culture in Korea #2 (Eng sub)

( I try to read this… ) ( Fail.. ) It’s hard to read Lee Seong Yong If you write your name in English, He writes your name in Arabic. Lee Seong Yong / Oh, Thanks I can’t read this.. This is my name in Arabic Awesome Riyadh? I… from.. $#@$ What? East, East [email protected]#[email protected][email protected]# Daharan? Dammam, Dammam, Damma Denmark?? He is from SaudiArabia Are you Youtuber? I am Youtuber about Arab culture Oh~ / Arab culture? ( I’m searching them my channel ) Your name is… What should I call you? Yong / Yong Hi~ Yong followers~ Thanks to you he visits us today You also visit us come Everybody welcome to visit us I will go Saudi Arabia When? Oct? Oct! How do you get there? Do you have VISA? No, I will make… You can’t go without a visa or event. Ah really? Yeah, You need to find out a lot. Let’s say hi 1..2..3 You don’t have to do this. Just like this Korean man… hahaha How many times have you met a Korean man? Oh, your family shouldn’t know. Right? It’s okay to know. Ask me a question. It’s okay. Alright, and then… Korea.. I don’t know what to ask. It’s my first time interviewing like this. Can I do this next time? Next time? / Yeah When do you want? I want to wear prettier clothes. Oh, with the prettier clothes. I’ll make my makeup prettier, too. Cheers It didn’t taste good at first. But I’ve been eating for 3 cups now. This smells different. He said there were three flavors. Well, it tastes really different. This tastes different than before. There are three flavors here. This tastes really strong. Middle-aged people like this taste. I think I’ve tasted this before. This I know what this tastes like. “Dentist’s taste” The coffee tastes good with the cake and chocolate with cake?? People are going to say hello to the high people. ( I heard these people are embassy people ) They’re going to perform here in a little while. Is it a traditional Saudi Arabian instrument? ( Arabic Calligraphy Show ) Traditional Korean and Saudi musical instruments Collaborate performance I enjoyed it so well, and now it’s out. I got this and had a good time. I made a Saudi friend. I’ve become close to Arabian coffee. I’ve also become close with jujube palm. I’ve worn Saudi clothes, too. It was time to get to know better about Saudi Arabia.

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