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good morning guys from maurence monkey
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bench talk about … you have seen the images? You have understood let’s talk about
hamilton naaa we talk about the 7750 let’s go hello a
all from maurence monkey today we talk about hamilton but it is not true
we speak only of 7750 not because she milton is not really a clock
good for that but I do not want to talk in this case of the clock world then to the
maximum we do a little review at the end of the video
let’s talk about the valjoux 77 50 the journey 77 50 was invented in the
1973 but it was not even designed it came immediately removed from production because in
that moment the market did not require mechanical clocks and val jun
already it was in deep difficulty since already in the 70s it was forced to sell
all its production line of the valjoux 77 33 to the Soviets to issue
the card in the video description comparison between the belgium 77 33 and his
Soviet equivalent then giotto 31 33 goal then in 1984 83 bought the bankrupt
valjoux and put the 77 50 into production since then the 77 fifty came
the 77 is declined in many variations 51 52 53
what are these variations are the some dial layout
complications like the phases of the moon and the complete calendar
It has really been declined in many variants almost all brands have
cashed this movement many have applied changes
someone and then they became gods changes of the age and therefore the
he made a caliber on purpose with one nomenclature and a very simple caliber
so let’s say, however, there are about 200 components however is done in a manner
robust chronographic sorting and shuttles not to the advantage of the rota
column, however, is really a clock great strength and great
reliability as we see there are no shortage of them nice things
for example microregulation with this characteristic form of 77 50
which is a similar swan’s neck because that of cino I show it take the form this form here as
if it were the neck of a certain swan There are much more swan necks
this is graceful though movement does not want to be graceful
wants to be perfectly functional and it is
in fact these movements have one quality is a real time performance
incredible in many forums in enthusiasts often get mistreated
this caliber saying oh well this watch cashes the classic 77 50 worth
300 euros that’s not how it works like many others
age movements different degrees of finishes based on le bora
the elaborate is the top grade and after the touch also like the cost for example
short ling in its chronomat mounted the 77 50 with the chronograph certificate
so cosco therefore is not that being the movement and the same
and the same clock did every movement at some degrees of finish in
this case this version of the hamilton and the standard version co though
with the rotor marked and is however a very functional watch a movement
that never leaves you on foot and easy to be reviewed
find all the pieces if you break something but hardly yes
breaks something of 77 50 are very much the resistance is now slowly restored
let’s keep talking about 77 50 telling you that there are also gods
of the we say copies exists the version of ascent which is called sv 500 la
climb version and practically the first design version because it is
expired the age patent says of the valjoux 77 50 is quite functional and
also well finished because they do not just the basic base version but
start already from a slightly elaborate to re-screw, we take ours
scoop there is also a Chinese copy
call is called basically asian 77 50 actually also a code
its specific that is called tg that it would be the factory that produces it with
some numbers but I honestly do not I remember neither do I care to remember the
code of the reference of the Asian movement
I can tell you that the quality is really infima in fact is something that is
find within the false gods the sentences at 77 50 are found to be false and
it is also found in many brand chinos Germans of the 2000s that unfortunately
many exchange for 77 50 original but they are not
and today, sun and micro have decreased brandon in the smaller brands the asian 77
50 because the ascent sv 500 is successful buy at an acceptable price that
from profit margins also to micro brand and then have replaced
with that instead of the Asian one a basic 77 50 standard costs 380 euros
more vat uphill seems to me cost around at 280 euros plus VAT
an asian we try to understand costs 60 70 EUR
ok so there is a profound difference of however, the quality of Asia is there
really poor compared to the copy climb instead if we talk about the
of the age version valjoux we start to to think about a movement that never has
problems this movement was also used by eberhard for the
chrono 4 who put the four online counters has been used
as we said before from the bussi for his portuguese many say about
forum the Russians with the Portuguese world a
classic 77 50 so it’s not worth the money spent
I say wrong to reason in this sense because even if it is true it is
a 77 50 nothing striking but it was
radically modified is not just one side dial change was
redesigned at different frequencies so we do not say properly
nonsense and then it must be said that the retouch of bussi and design
Portuguese are inimitable and therefore they want to sell it for 5,000 euros
they sell at 5,000 euros means that the people willing to spend 5 thousand euros
for a Portuguese and they are right let’s go back to the video a few days ago
on the price, happiness, ok, we are here found by eight minutes of talking about the
movement we speak quickly of the watch the watch measures 38 mm and
of the really perfect measure for 77 50 does not need donuts so
counter is not too spaced from end of the dial the date the same
what can you perfectly read the reality that metric has a thickness
because the 77 50 quite often of 15 mm so it’s not really a dress
watch however is very nice wearable the hamilton bracelet that has always been done
bracelets different from the others how do you see instead of having a shirt
central whole are four broken links are
four equal ones only put a 2 one not it is bad, in fact, if we see
at the see it sees where there is a bit of I play because it’s a clock anyway
used see that they are mobile slightly mobile
this is just a flaw because however it was used when they were
new ones you see travel attached nearby is there is a dad a through pin 15 the
pin is a little softened over time because there was use of this
clock even if it looks good conditions some scratches here on the
normal use cashbox could be used remove these staples with one
polished but the watch pours into conditions so good that I
I always tend not to take these off scratch because it must be removed anyway
so much material add material to bring back the
chest to the splendor becomes uneconomical this is a clock
tribal around 5 c 450 500 550 euros in short, I see it a bit anti-economic
go and invest 150 euros for restore the chest is fine guys
for today it’s all Tuesday’s video we did it soon see you

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