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Episode 1: Meet the MuzWomen Superheroes (with Arabic subtitles)

Episode 1: Meet the MuzWomen Superheroes (with Arabic subtitles)

Please come quick I think they will get to me first I you don’t Hello? Hello? Oh thank God it’s you! What’s wrong? I think someone is downstairs Relax I’m here What do you mean? I’m not that scared – I’m a Superhero mm yeah superhero who can’t control her emotions Oh man that really hurt If only I have control over my powers, I would certainly freeze you, you little tiny douchebag did Did you call someone else ? Yeah, I called Blac [ No Human detected ] Void SIMA initiate thermal radiation
times a hundred [ Initiating system ] [ Scanning ] [ Warning – Warning ] [ Two female detected ] [ Female one – small in size with extreme metal armour ] [ Ready to attack ] [ Female two unarmed and crawling ] [ Would you like help shooting the target ] No thank you. I’ve got this Blac you should be banned from using
these Eyeballs not recognised Take me back, you thief Take me back, you thief It was an accident. I’m sorry But you really need to work on your shooting skills, because you almost killed me One must always protect their friends when in danger And not act when in doubt Did you freeze time again? You know I’ve got no control over it It just happens when I get scared Somehow I froze all of you out, but I
didn’t freeze time And I got another note threatening to kill me Ibrows this is the second time this week One must not fear death Fear not being in control of your Super powers You know Ibrows, you need to – Man up Woman up You know what I mean How did I miss that shot? I guess you’re reading my mind, aren’t you Communication Communication Communication is what brings hearts together By what ever means learn Learn.. Learn.. she’s right. You really do need to
toughen up – I’m leaving I’m going home. Battery – leader of the group Superpower – Ability to disappear With extraordinary Intelligence Skills Expert in all form of Martial arts – Including: Jujutsu, Hapkido, Judo, wing chun, Savate, Iaido, Kenjutsu, Kido Weaknesses Stubborn with a rigid mindset Whisper – Super power Ability to to hear your thoughts Skills Can Flutter – Run in an extraordinary speed Weaknesses Pessimistic and ungrateful Glitch Can hear your thoughts uncontrollably Blac – Superpower Can deceive your mind by creating unreal
illusions Skills Expert in stunts and computer programming Weaknesses Terrible shooter with ego issues Glitch Mission – Defeat her ego to excel and
get full control of her superpowers Ibrows – Super power Ability to freeze time and people Skills Pending Pending Weaknesses Lacks courage and scares easily Glitch Can only freeze time and people when in different emotional states Mission Over come her fears and gain courage Layla Friends of the Superheroes Fully human Met during a failed mission to protect her Father Who am I Im Sima Welcome to the Muzwomen World

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