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Episode 1: Deceitful penmanship

Episode 1: Deceitful penmanship

Look at these people! Keep on uploading unreliable pic of me, who is about to be summoned. Do they really see it that way? Now me and other lemons seem to be in trouble. I hate misinformation! Hey! Wazup, Lime? Nothing special, egghead. Except that I went viral. You went viral? Yeah, sort of Congrats then. You’re pop now! Media, especially social media can literally make anyone famous instantly. And even make things miserable if you use it irresponsibly. What do you mean? Well, look at this meme. It seems like people took it seriously to the point that it makes me uncomfortable. So egg head is with pop lime, huh? I saw your pic with the old guy from ek. I guess many people like it and I can see that you’re one of them. Nah, I don’t like it and I know that you don’t like to be in limelight as well. I cringe every time I see my face in the pic. It seems that they took it way too far? Both in that pic and in the use of media. Look, there are many other info’s that are in the same case as you. Though people are still unaware about it. They just simply took every info about everything without knowing whether it is all true or not. I guess they are very dependent to online infos right now that they think all the sources online are accurate and reliable It’s because social media is on its peak as of the moment, people tend to rely on it more than the other forms of media which have more credible sources. I didn’t know that you’re here until you started speaking. I was here long before you came. I’m just making juice at the kitchen. Hi Lime! We already know what had happened. We understand you. Do you still remember when I also got in the same situation when someone posted something untrue about my nutrients content. I also felt ashamed of it and even got irritated of every false information about me coming from unreliable sources. The worst part was many people believe in it. Yeah I recall. It seems media are not being used well. It is either they abused it or they are the one being abused by it. Dont worry. Time flies and people would eventually forget about that. I just hope they would come up to a realization on how they would use social media in any sense, as well. I hope too Orie… Oh if media can give us some unpleasant vibes lets still dont forget the benefits we get from using it Lets use this to make some things right. Orie is right! If they use social media to get you into unwanted and false story, why not use it to enlighten them to carefully look at the writing again. And for them to practice their cursive if they wish to.
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