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Envelope calligraphy – Copperplate & modern script by Suzanne Cunningham

Envelope calligraphy – Copperplate & modern script by Suzanne Cunningham

hey guys i’m suzanne cunningham and what
I would like to do with you today is to address to wedding envelopes this is what I do all day most every day
and I wanted to share with you a few little tips and how I go about doing
this the first envelope is going to be in a
flourish copperplate script and the next envelope is going to be in a modern
script so let’s get started and so we’re going to begin first with
the copper plate this is a Leonard EF principal nib
which is one of my favorite nibs it’s very fine in very flexible makes a
pretty hair line in a pretty swell you’re going to hear it a little bit
more than you would like a Nikko G or zebra G because it’s so pointy and i’m using walnut ink today, because it’s
really pretty and it flows off the nib really well but I don’t use walnut ink for
reproduction work but it’s great for practicing and anytime i write two letters
side-by-side they’re the same letter like four here we have the Double L I
try to make them different on purpose because it’s very hard to write two
identical letters side-by-side in this way i can add a little extra
flourish right there. and that’s pretty clean it up right there let’s have a really big dramatic cross
right there on that “t” and kind of fill in that space a little bit this is the way I normally do my zip
code it seems kind of unusual but it works
for me and I have always done it this way I do the left number in the middle and
the right and then I go back and fill in and that helps me to get perfectly
centered with my city & state ok so here we have a flourished copperplate
and sometimes I may go back and see where i have come behind the j right
here if I don’t like the way that looks in the end I might come back and fill this in, I don’t
know it just depends it depends on how how I think it looks in the very
end, so i don’t know may like that better ok so that is a copperplate version i
wanted i see one thing missed right here i need to come back and put my turn right
through my “c” ok so the next envelope i’m going to do we’re going to use a a
white ink and I prefer dr. ph Martin’s bleed proof white and I have diluted a
little bit too thin it out and so it’s going to go on my nib better and I’m
also changing nibs is time to a Nikko G geniune I have better luck with the bleed
proof white when I use the Nikko G and this is going to be in a modern script or
more free script and as you can see this one goes a lot
faster and that’s because it’s not so completely exact is the copper plate so
you can get faster you don’t want the letters hitting the baseline every
single time you want some to be a little bit above above it and some a little bit
below so we can go a little bit quicker and that’s nice you may can tell that this aaa… nib is a
little bit more quiet than the 1i just used ok so there’s the modern envelope ok that’s it thanks for watching guys
and I hope you had fun i had a good time flourishing with you today and doing a
little bit of modern script today and just remember to follow me on instagram
Suzanne Cunningham and also Calligraphy Masters on Instagram thanks a bunch!!
have a great day! 🙂 music playing*

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