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English Addict – Palindrome day / Caution words & Phrases – Mr Duncan’s new website goes live today!

English Addict – Palindrome day / Caution words & Phrases – Mr Duncan’s new website goes live today!

hello to you hello wherever you are I hope
you are feeling super duper today yes here we go again we are back it is another super
duper English addict live stream broadcasting live to the world honestly we are definitely
there is no doubt about it hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you
today are you okay I hope so are you feeling happy well are you are you feeling happy today
I really hope so welcome to another live English stream yes it is English addict for all those
who can’t get enough of the beautiful language called English live from the United Kingdom
yes welcome we are now officially BREXIT Britain it’s happened we are now officially out of
the European Union and to be honest with you it doesn’t really feel any different well
I suppose it is still early days outside the view outside there it is slightly misty a
little bit drizzly we’ve had some rain very windy as you can see the wind is blowing quite
strongly at the moment we have a little bit of wind some of it outside the studio and
some of it inside the studio if you get what I mean so there it is a lovely view into the
distance yes it’s a little bit misty a little murky but don’t worry everything is still
okay so if if you are wondering what BREXIT Britain looks like well there it is it is
still early days so not much has changed yet because well this is only the second day of
BREXIT Britain however over the next few months things will be changing don’t worry I’m not
going to talk about BREXIT all day however I might mention it from time to time so much
to talk about today so many things to tell you oh my goodness I don’t know where to start
here’s a good place hi everybody guess what it’s still the weekend it’s Sunday [Music]
[Music] and it is Sunday and we all know what that means that means mr. Steve will be joining
us today I hope what do we have on the plate today so this is the thing that we are going
to tempt mr. Steve into the studio with but what is it let’s have a look shall we oh there
it is mmm very nice so today we are going to try and lure mr. Steve into the studio
with a thin arrowroot biscuit so there you can see a little slice of arrowroot biscuit
and that is what I will be using to tempt mr. Steve into the studio today so hopefully
I will be successful and then we can enjoy once again the thoughts and wisdom of mr.
Steve I bet you can’t wait I really do so mr. Steve will be here soon don’t worry about
it he will be here however I will have to try to lure mr. Steve into the studio so they
that the biscuit is the bait but will mr. Steve take the bait all remains to be seen
as we go further into today’s English addict live and of course you can catch me every
week three times a week I am actually here live on YouTube Sunday Wednesday and Friday
2 p.m. UK time I feel quite excited today I am feeling really excited first of all I
had a cup of coffee about 20 minutes ago so I’m feeling very active and very lively also
today is the day when I release publish allow you to view my new website yes it is official
my new website is now up and running I will reveal the address in a few moments time so
please don’t go away I won’t do it yet I will wait for a few moments some of you may have
seen it already ah if you were watching closely during the countdown you might have seen it
there so the new website is up and running and I will release the actual website address
in a few moments time as soon as everyone else has joined us because I know sometimes
on Sunday people have lots of things to do it can be a very hectic day of the week Sunday
for many people so I don’t want to rush you I will take my time talking of the live chat
oh hello to the live chat hello to you thank you for joining me today Dimas or D mousse
de muse I hope I pronounced your name right hello to you guess what you are first on today’s
live chat thank you for your lovely message hi Duncan hi everyone greetings from Poland
de Muse guess what you are first on today’s live chat
how do I feel now that we are in BREXIT Britain well if you watched my show on Friday you
will know exactly how I feel about it and I am probably not on my own with my my feelings
mr. Steve I’m sure mr. Steve will talk about BREXIT today I have a feeling is going to
mention it but I might have to hold him back because you know what happens mr. Steve sometimes
gets very excited and he gets very carried away if you get carried away it means you
lose control of the thing you are doing you can’t stop doing it so sometimes mr. Steve
will start giving his opinion and he gets carried away so today we are talking about
well we’re talking about quite a few things besides revealing my new website address we
are talking about caution caution so caution is the word we are looking at today lots of
words phrases ways of describing and expression expressing caution how do we express caution
and what is the opposite of caution also another thing today whilst we are waving our flag
here it is so here is my union flag we call it the Union flag when it’s not flying on
a ship however if it is flying on a ship we call it the Union Jack and did you know that
if you fly the Union Jack upside down it means you are in distress so on a ship they will
normally fly the flag upside down if they are in distress so I suppose for the next
few months I might actually display my Union Jack this way up instead of this way up so
I might do that yes is that a good idea so the Union flag or the Union Jack is the flag
that we use here in the UK however there are many flags around the world and I did get
a little bit worried the other day because I was talking a lot about the UK and I was
worried that I might seem a little jingoistic now there’s an interesting word if a person
is jingoistic we are describing a person who is very patriotic so they always talk about
their country maybe they are always waving their flag and maybe they have the flag displayed
on their house jingoistic it’s a great word so we we often talk about a person who is
jingoistic when they seem very very loyal to their country or maybe they always like
to display their affection for their country so jingoistic and the noun that we use to
describe that way of thinking is jingoism so when we talk about jingoism we are often
talking about an over love or maybe almost fanaticism maybe of your flag and your nationality
so we often use this in a negative way if a person is talking a lot or they seem over
proud or too proud or maybe they always have the feeling that their country is better than
everyone else jingoism is something you will hear quite often in politics so maybe one
nation is talking about their country and they don’t stop talking about it or maybe
they say that their country is the best or better than everyone else is they are very
loyal they are a patriot which can be a good thing of course there is nothing wrong with
being patriotic however it is possible to become a little jingoistic if you talk too
much about it so I thought it would be interesting today to talk about flags so what do you think
about flags do you think flags are a good thing are they a good thing do they bring
us together do they all give us a sense of identity or do they tear us apart do they
pushers do they divide us as human beings on the planet so when we talk about flags
we are talking about the feeling that it gives when you see a flag how do you feel when you
see your flag do you have a flag of your country hanging up in your house or maybe outside
your house it isn’t unusual to see flags flying outside houses in the United States however
here in the UK it isn’t as common it isn’t and another question I suppose when we are
talking about each individual country we often see certain characteristics or ways that people
behave or maybe there are certain customs that exist in certain countries so another
question you don’t have to answer this question I know some people don’t like talking about
this subject what is the characteristic of your nation is there something that you feel
defines your nation so maybe it’s a certain type of behaviour or a certain custom maybe
a festival so what is the characteristic of your nation and the reason why I’m mentioning
this is because over the past four years as we’ve led up to BREXIT people have talked
about being British and what it means and most people can’t really express what it means
however I suppose being British quite often means having a stiff upper lip or maybe in
the past certainly during the past 50 maybe 60 years and certainly during the 1st and
2nd World War I suppose you could say that this stiff-upper-lip always looking danger
in the face never flinching I suppose that’s one of the things that might be a characteristic
of being British but even that seems unrealistic so I thought it was an interesting thing to
mention because today we are talking about lots of things so do you feel patriotic or
patriotic do you like flags do you ever wave a flag I must be honest in my house and on
my house I don’t have any flags here in my studio I have one this is one that I use from
time to time but I I wouldn’t describe myself as a jingoistic person flags are very useful
as a form of identity but I suppose you can take it too far sometimes people can take
it too far they can become too wrapped up in their flag is that a good way of describing
that I hope so so hello to everyone on the live chat Vitesse nice to see you here grace
chin is here as well Milano ax and a Kobe Mara wha also Rolfie nice to see you here
today hoping that we will get lots of people watching today because I am going to reveal
my new website everything will be available on my new website and not only that there
will be lots of other things available over the next few weeks lots of new features will
be added to the website so you will have a chance today to go to the website to have
a look you can even access the live stream through the website so you don’t have to go
to YouTube to watch my lessons you can actually go to my website you can find all the playlists
all of the lists for the videos and also you can even get in touch with the I’ve stream
through the website as well so lots of exciting things to talk about today I am very excited
about everything to be honest despite the recent news hello to Luis Luis Mendez is here
today a big Bonjour to you Lilia mr. Duncan I want to give you showers of love from Ukraine
Thank You Ukraine Thank You Lilia I hope you are enjoying your day and to everyone Thank
You Lilia well today isn’t too bad when you think about it a lot of things going on in
the world at the moment some of them good some of them bad so there is a nice thing
happening today here I will be giving you the address to my new website Tomek is here
hello to Tomek Jin Zhu Zhi Dao hello to you hello to you where are you watching at the
moment I am very intrigued by your name G I will call you Jin Jin is that okay I hope
so Lena is here nice to see you here Franco hello Franco good morning good afternoon congratulations
on your new website Thank You Franco in a few moments I will give you the address and
then you can check it out although don’t get too distracted because the live stream of
course is still on so I will be giving you the website address in a few moments time
Rolfie what is the name of the piece of music at the start of your intro at the start of
the lesson that the piece of music that is playing during the countdown is called elevator
elevator it’s a great piece of music I love that piece of music it really gets me in the
mood it gets me in the mood to do a live stream marela hello mr. Dan Cohen how is your mother
feeling still in hospital nothing really changed that’s all I’m saying I like to keep that
private if you don’t mind hello Chris I love the title of today’s lesson yes today is a
special day do you know why because today is palindrome day it really is palindrome
day and if you look at the date today’s date if you look at it carefully you will notice
that you can actually read it forwards and also backwards and it remains the same so
it is the second of the second 2020 but if you look at it the other way it also says
the second of the second 2020 so that’s why a lot of people today are talking about palindrome
day because well that’s what it is it’s a palindrome a palindrome is something that
reads the same forwards and backwards would you like to see an example of a palindrome
so there we go Madame Madame so whichever way you read that it still spells the same
word another one nurses run nurses run it is spelt the same and read the same whether
you read it forwards or backwards another one racecar I’m sure a lot of you know these
but for those who don’t here they are race car so whichever way or whatever way you read
this forwards or backwards it still says the same thing and sometimes you can even have
fun with palindromes in a sentence as well for example poor Dan is in a droop but if
you spell that the other way it’s the same the same letters go the other way so… poor
Dan is in a droop and if you spell it the other way it comes out the same of course
sometimes you have to rearrange some of the letters so it spells the same sentence well
you move them you don’t rearrange them as in moving their position but you might have
to rearrange or move the letters across slightly so a palindrome do you know any other palindromes
there are quite a few palindromes around so I don’t want to list all of them because there
are quite a few but there are some examples and today it is palindrome day the numbers
of the date read the same theo mr. duncan congratulations on your new adventure sometimes
in life you have to find adventure sometimes to make life more interesting or exciting
you have to try something new that’s what I say and you are never too old never let
anyone tell you that you are too old to do something you are never too old as long as
you have breath in your body and you can stand up or sit down whatever it is don’t let anyone
tell you otherwise Belarusia nice to see you as well today Chris Cory pal Mira nice to
see everyone so many people here already good Sunday everyone Thank You Cecilia so here
we go here is the new website for those who don’t know yet or haven’t realised I have
been creating a new website which means that everything will be available you can actually
find everything much easier than you can on YouTube so my website will be where everything
connected to myself and also my work can be found it’s a much easier way of doing it so
this has taken me three months to create I know I’m it’s taken a long time but I had
to learn some new skills so I could do this so here we go here it is are you ready here
is the new website address I suppose I should have a drumroll but I haven’t so instead I
would just show the website address do you know there it is revealed to the world my
new website www.englishaddict.uk don’t miss out on some super duper things including
mr. Steve who is about to come on in a few moments time so mr. Steve will be with us
soon and there it is the new website address the new website address is on your screen
right now I will give you another 20 seconds to write it down [Music] I don’t know what
that was so a few more seconds I will do it again would you like to have a look at the
website again okay here’s the website again for those who missed it that was good I don’t
know what happened then by the way something very strange happened there who it is my new
website englishaddict.uk it’s simple it’s nice very simple layout all of my playlists
can be looked at very quickly also you can find the live stream on there as well there
is even a link to the live stream I will be adding some more information to the website
over the next few days so there will be lots of other things to look at as well on the
website it is now official my new website for everything to do with being an English
addict so that’s it you should know by now is that
okay have you had enough time there I hope so coming up soon we have mr. Steve for those
who want to check out the website you are more than welcome to do so we are going to
have a quick break and we are going to look at one of the many lessons concerning the
English language that are available on my youtube channel and then hopefully after that
we will have mr. Steve live in the studio [Music] well hello there my name is mr. Duncan
what’s yours welcome to another full English episode coming to you from England the birthplace
of Samuel Johnson William Shakespeare tiddlywinks mr. bean Benny Hill the wellington boots Teletubbies
and Oh mr. Duncan oh and also the English language talking of which let’s get going
with today’s full english lesson starting from now it would appear that more and more
people are unable to concentrate or unable to concentrate for long periods of time due
to due to them having short attentions sort attention spans it’s time to take a look at
another buzzword a buzz word is a sentence or word that is in common use during a certain
time or as seen as being popular today’s buzz word is attention span this phrase relates
to the amount of time a person can concentrate on one thing this can relate to a task or
an activity a person’s attention span is measured by how long they can concentrate on doing
one thing we often talk about the short attention span of young people the various attractions
and distraction that exists nowadays has led to a belief that people are beginning to develop
short attention spans the advent of instant digital media and online streaming allows
people to view many things within a short space of time it would appear that these days
people grow bored easily as more choices means that they can swap and change what they are
watching in a more convenient way the term short attention span highlights the inability
to concentrate on just one thing it would appear that more and more people are unable
to concentrate for long periods of time due to having short attention spans the word break might look simple but in fact
it can be used in many ways as a verb break means to destroy something by striking it
or throwing the object against a hard surface to misuse something to the point where it
malfunctions or stops working is break to take something apart in a controlled way is
to break up as a noun break means to take a rest period from work you can take a short
break or a long break a period of rest or inactivity is a break to be on a break means
that you are taking time away from something in a relationship a couple might be on a break
this means that they temporarily split they are taking a break from each other a brief
pause or ceasing of something can be described as a break a break in the rain this means
that the rain has stopped for a while to break something in means to tame or teach something
to be obedient for example you can break in a horse then there is the other form of break
in which names the action of a person getting into your property without your permission
to gain entry by force is to break in there is a great expression in English which
is pull the plaster straight off a plaster is a small piece of sticky material with another
piece of sterile material in the middle a sticking plaster is used for covering a cut
or scratch to the skin a minor wound that has been bleeding normally requires a plaster
to be put on in order to prevent dirt from entering the wound after a few days the plaster
must be removed most people hate removing the plaster as it can be a painful experience
some people believe that the best way to remove a sticky plaster is to tear it straight off
without hesitation the pain is still there but it is brief and the discomfort is over
quickly so the expression pull the plaster straight off means to get something unpleasant
out the way by taking fast action don’t delay or drag the problem out just pull the plaster
straight off and get it out the way [Music] dvd-video there it was one of my full English
lessons one of the many lessons available on my YouTube channel yes they are all over
the place in fact there is one particular place on the internet you can find everything
that I’ve done and that is my new website yes it’s true there is a new website [Music]
mmm it’s so exciting everything is exciting because I have my new website for those who
haven’t checked it out yet or maybe you are not aware of what the website address is there
it is my new website address that is where it is I hope you will check
it out later and on the website you will find lots of things all sorts of stuff to look
at all sorts of things that you can find all of my lessons all of the playlists and you
can even connect to the live stream through my new website so there is the address for
those who don’t know what it is yet there it is English addict dot uk’ it’s as simple
as that a whole website devoted to the English language and also all of the lessons that
I’ve made over the past thirteen years in fact this year it will actually be my 14th
year on YouTube can you believe I can’t believe it can you believe it can you believe it I
wonder if mr. Steve believes it talking of mr. Steve it is now time to see if we can
actually get mr. Steve into the studio it is time to lure mr. Steve we have to tempt
him and today we are using we have Oh what have we got today we’ve got the arrowroot
biscuit so there you can see a little bit of arrowroot it is a special biscuit very
tasty very sweet and that is what I’m going to try and tempt mr. Steve into the studio
with right now so shall we have a go let’s see if we are successful there it is I have
the plate ready one biscuit is waiting for mr. Steve all we have to do now is get mr.
Steve to come into the studio don’t make a sound mr. Steve can be very shy sometimes
you’ve caught me we’ve got him um we’ve got it I will I will have to try to subdue you
I have to subdue him there calm down calm down calm down mr. Steve calm down hello everyone
I’ve needed calming down over the last few days oh dear mr. Steve has a lot of things
to say now we have a new thing that I’m doing today if mr. Steve says anything that is outrageous
I will press this button how dare you so that’s it so Greta will be telling mr. Steve to shut
his mouth today so every time Steve says something that is offensive or might upset people you
will hear the sound if I do it is unintentional unintentional so there’s a word for you straight
away if something is unintentional you didn’t mean it to happen no so if I offend you it
is an unintentional so it means I might say something that you might offend you but I
haven’t said that deliberately to offend you you seem small again yes I haven’t got my
high heels on today Oh mr. Steve isn’t wearing his platform shoes oh yes you’re right I did
seem a bit short I don’t put my shoes on mr. Duncan no please don’t please that will completely
ruin the flow of my lesson yes he’s got his high heels on I’ve just in my flats all over
I will make it equal okay wait there there we go so now that’s a bit better that’s a
bit better yes exactly except now really both look too low you don’t you don’t look so tiny
Oh well mr. Duncan your new website I’ve looked at it there is a new website for those who
don’t know today I published my new website and I will be mentioning it quite a few times
so here it is here is the new website address English addict dot uk’ it is such an easy
one to remember so on the website you will find all of my lessons playlists you will
see examples of my work if you are not familiar with what it is I do here on YouTube also
there are lots of sections where you can look at words of the week and you could even link
to the live stream as well on my new website which was launched this morning it was actually
made available at midday today and I think I was the first person to look at it hmm it
was very exciting I must say you’ve put a lot of work into this mr. Duncan a lot of
hard work I can’t begin to tell you I can’t begin to tell you Steve how how many sleepless
nights I had trying to work out how to create my own website it seems like a simple thing
even nowadays with all the amazing technology for for building your website it’s you still
need a little bit of skill and know how to do it so it’s not easy it’s not a simple thing
to do I know that years ago it was much harder because you had to create the whole thing
from scratch but nowadays there are things you can use Steve to make it easier to create
your website so tools it is it is yes lots of tools ok sure mr. Duncan is an egghead
anyway an egghead no one no one uses that expression by the way they do I’ve just used
it I suppose you call someone an egghead it means they are sort of intelligent yes never
or maybe their head looks like an egg I don’t know why they use the word egghead I think
probably they associate the shape of an egg with intelligence yes I don’t know why maybe
it’s a person who who has a big forehead or maybe their head is round and looks a bit
like an egg so yes if you’ve got somebody clever at work or they come up with a clever
idea you could say oh you head yes so see what they say somebody this morning wrote
a very abusive comment on one of my videos and they said that I am bleep bleep bleep
nerd I can’t tell you what the word was but it was let’s just say it rhymes with booking
if you are booking so these are tolerant Pete someone said you are a booking nerve I think
that nerves and would be in you would describe them as intolerant oh no no they’re not no
I I’m not offended by it Steve I take that as a compliment if someone calls me a nerd
I’m actually flattered by that that means that I’m a person who obviously appears to
be learning and improving all the time so and also to be knowledgeable yes they were
they were trying to be offensive yes but I’m not offended I’m not offended I know but they
were trying to be yes but they fail not unintentionally offensive but intentionally yes they were
trying to upset you but of course you don’t get upset I couldn’t give a damn Duncan and
doesn’t get upset about these things I am blessed with the power of not giving a damn
or to put it another way what’s another phrase you could use you could say you’ve got a hard
shell yeah shouldn’t you you’ve got a hard shell yes big skin a thick skin I’m not sure
I’m not sure about hard shell but certainly thick skinned and you have to be – come on
here if you come onto YouTube and you are weak and you are easily offended by what people
say to you don’t come on YouTube don’t create a channel and don’t make videos really that
that’s it so if you can’t take criticism and if you can’t take abuse I think the Internet
is probably not the right place for you to be – probably like social media where people
can be I think social media is of like driving you can be offensive and behave in unacceptable
ways to people because you know you can probably get away with it yes and therefore you can
be nasty to people because you couldn’t say nasty things to somebody’s face you might
get a punching bag get punched yes well you have to be careful what you’re saying real
life and real life but of course in the internet you can say what you like because they don’t
know where you live no and you don’t have to read their their return comment where you
have complete anonymity oh I like that we’re inanimate yes so one of the best things one
of the best things about being on the Internet is that you can hide your identity you can
have complete anonymity anonymity oh I love that word Olga says that people web developers
are called eggheads oh really so oh yeah you are an egghead mr. Danes a compliment you’ve
developed a website therefore you are an egghead yes that’s it I don’t take any of these things
as offensive they’re their compliments if someone calls me a clever clogs or a big head
or a jumped-up get I think my mother once called me that it’s a compliment thank you
very much that’s what I say there there are no insults an insult is only an insult when
you take offence broken and boy says where’s Pedro and then a couple of comments down Pedro
appears hey Pedro Bama we have to do the song of course we’re there Steve format of the
show Pedro there are tears here too Pedro Belmont is waving hello everyone well I don’t
know you get it everyone’s going to want a song now Tom a kiss here every kiss here Olga
it’s here welcome to the show Lilia is here fruit zombie 9 is he Eric is here ok matter
is here hey Steve Luis is here trying to keep my viewers Ella is here broken and Bob has
mentioned broken and boy broken boy means a whole different thing in the English language
does it but if you’re broken it means that you’re if you say if you’re a person you say
that that person is broken yes it means that mentally something’s gone wrong they have
lost all of their spirit and motivation they are broken they are open a broken person has
given up on life somebody they’ve had a very bad experience maybe breakup of a relationship
maybe they’ve lost the job that they love maybe they’ve lost somebody somebody’s died
something tragic happens something’s happen to them in their lives and they have been
so traumatised by that experience that they’re no longer the same person they were and it
would take a long time for them to get back to normal talking of things that are broken
and possibly irreparable are we mentioning that Oh horrible words today I’ll be mentioning
it well I’m not mentioning the horrible word but I’m going to talk about what happened
on Friday now we did a special lesson on Friday all about BREXIT that’s the word isn’t it
I swear where’s Greta where’s Greta ‘how dare you’ that’s it how dare you mention BREXIT
so on Friday we left the European Union some people not happy about it some people overjoyed
by the way for those who were wondering we voted too remain we did we did fortunately
both of us agree now I know in certain relationships it’s not too far away from where we live I’m
not saying exactly where mr. Duncan just do so I’m down yes just don’t say it all they’ve
told it so it’s not exactly yes but I don’t think they’ve told the internet all but I
haven’t given their names away okay anyway Nia could be just a mellow of this okay I’m
trying to get the flow there’s a flow happening here overreacting this dualism yes okay then
there’s a flow to the show you see we have to keep our viewers interested so yes so some
relationships have almost broken up because in the relationship one person wanted to remain
in Europe and the other wanted to leave so they’ve been arguing and I think in some cases
there have been divorces that have been divorces wrecks it divorces people falling-out with
members of their own family I think I’ve had lots of quite heated arguments with friends
of mine wouldn’t it say I have fallen out with them but came very close so it is what
we call a contentious issue oh I like that one can attend contentious so something that
is contentious is something that is always open for debate so something that is always
debatable something where people might disagree controversial yes so if you are talking about
something that is contentious it is an issue or a subject that people quite often disagree
on or even split up or or fall out they fight over a contentious issue we were talking about
flags earlier and a person who loves their country might be described as patriotic or
patriotic yes so we have been listening to a lot of this recently as certainly with BREXIT
coming up here in the UK a lot of people saying they are patriotic yes patriotic and they’ve
been saying that if you weren’t a BREXIT supporter then you weren’t patriotic yes they were trying
to suggest to you in some cases even calling you a traitor yeah some people were called
traitors because they didn’t support leaving the European Union which is the most ridiculous
thing that you’ve ever heard in your life whether whether Steve had weight how dare
you exactly but yes so yes all sorts of things have just got too heated and it’s been it’s
been a very uncomfortable three years and I think it’s going to continue to be uncomfortable
try four years yes it’s almost four years that this has been going on Pedro wants the
flanks of the world well I suppose with flags of the EU there’s one less now well yes I
suppose so we’ll be interested it’s official we are out a lot of patriotic people I suppose
you could also talk about another thing nationalism so nationalism yes you talk about people who
are almost fanatical maybe about their country they they take it maybe too far they believe
that their country should belong to those who are born there or maybe they feel a strong
identity and they feel that other people can not take that away from them so nationalism
a very this is a word that history has recorded as being quite divisive that is exactly the
word mister Duncan advise it because if you and of course politicians are very keen in
certain countries to encourage nationalism because that means that they if they get you
in a mindset that says that the country you live in is the best country in the world and
everybody else is rubbish then they can use that to go to war they can use it for all
sorts of things and we know that that’s happened in the past and of course the whole whole
point of Europe is to is to is to tone is to get rid of nationalism and to completely
not encourage that at all yeah but since we don’t want Wars yes well that’s it well I’ve
always found that being in a group is better than being an individual now generally speaking
not not in all cases not in all cases but because of course a group of people can also
be bullies they might be a group of people who are not nice people so they inflict their
their will but being together being a group so I suppose many people who wanted to remain
in Europe saw Europe as a community which of course it is it is a European community
so being part of it seemed like a better idea than being on your own floating in the ocean
by yourself of course this is just our opinion and it’s the other thing that nationalism
encourages is discrimination against groups of people it tends to narrow perspective down
to certain groups or types of people within that country it tends to encourage racism
you might often see this you see jingoism is the word I mentioned earlier and this is
a word that quite often is used in a negative way to describe a person who sees their nation
or their country as being the only real nation or the only real country or maybe they are
a little too extreme with their views on their own country and having dominance however it
just really means to be loyal to your country or to have love for your country so that’s
more patriotism isn’t it that’s it well that’s you’re a patriot you you you’re loyal to your
country but and you believe in in the country and defending your country you are patriotic
your patriotic it just means that that you love the country that you live in but when
you start going to nationalism that’s taking it up to another level yes your patriotic
you’ll still be tolerant of other people who live there but if you start taking it to nationalism
and then be jingoistic sort of having rallies and and war mongering then that’s when it
becomes a negative force it’s only mine to be patriotic we’re all Patriots yes the countries
we live in yes because we’re born there but that doesn’t mean that you’re gonna go to
war with somebody from my point of view nationalism tends to create divisions and that’s sometimes
a thing that can lead to well all sorts of problems I don’t think we need to actually
tell you yes Nathan Esther seven one to four has put it exactly right I don’t like nationalism
which is not the same as being proud of your country and being proud of your country is
just being patriotic being proud of your country nationalism is a completely different thing
that’s when you start to want to get into wars with other countries and of course we
know well how that ended well not even getting into Wars even treating people that are in
your own country yeah the people that are actually exist within your own country let
us not forget recent history and I’m not talking about the Second World War I’m talking about
recent times over the past ten or fifteen years so not not not the Second World War
I’m not referring to that I’m referring to recent times in many parts of the world where
nationalism has been taken just a little too far be proud of your country but don’t forget
we are all sharing this this planet together broken broken broken boring I’m just going
to say broken boy who did earlier say that they were broken in fact okay so that they’re
very interested in our opinions of course they are our opinion yes if you were to have
somebody here who believed in BREXIT they would they would say things like we wanted
to leave the UE you let’s be balanced here I’m not being violent no I’m just saying let’s
be balanced yes I’m not accusing you’ve not been balanced Oh might say what so if I was
a person who believed in BREXIT and wanted to leave the EU I might say things like yes
but we hadn’t got control over our sovereignty as a country okay the EU have made a lot of
rules which we don’t agree with we have less freedoms and we did before to make our laws
be like workers rights things like that things like fishery policy as the workers rights
or things I know I’m not argue about I’m just saying that’s what a personal society might
say they might say that we want things to make our own things that aren’t true yes but
of course a lot of the rules that we have in Europe are going to end up being I’m pretty
much to say we got here anyway yes well we as we share a lot of common values yes but
we’re just putting across not somebody who believes in BREXIT might say yes I know that
but but the thing is the thing is that’s all rubbish because we still create our own laws
in this country we always have I mean there’s no lack of sovereignty look that we still
we still have the final say on most of our laws and it’s always been the way really that’s
that’s what’s happened in this country however the European Union has been responsible for
allowing more workers rights believe it or not so we actually have more rights and more
more privilege as far as having a good job and a decent wage and things that we take
for granted also you can go abroad to Europe with your your mobile phone and you don’t
get paid or you don’t get charged extra for it however now that we’ve left Europe there
is a good chance that anyone that goes abroad will have to pay an extra charge to use their
mobile phones in Europe so that this is all going to be very interesting what an interesting
year this is very interesting to see how things develop it’ll be interesting to look back
in five ten years time to see if life is any diff and he Petra was going then then it is
at present I don’t think for the majority of people things will change that much but
I do fear for people who because I mean we’re reaching the back end the latter end of our
working life are old so it’s probably not going to affect certainly me because I’m four
years older than you hmm so I’m not far off sixty okay which means that you know my working
life is coming to an end as you are approaching retirement yes so I’m not going to worry too
much about workers rights but people who were 10 20 30 years younger than me or more might
see some pretty dramatic changes to things like workers rights you know but these are
the things that maternity paternity leave that sort of thing yes but these are these
are the things that we were improved that were made better by being in the European
Union so everything was was made better so now we’ve left all of those laws and rules
have actually been pushed out and that’s part of the agreement so the new BREXIT situation
is that all of those workers rights have actually been taken out so not yet but there might
be yes well the plan that’s been put forward is to actually just forget about that let’s
see what happens let’s see what happens yes oh yes oh that’s hope I mean we’ve got to
be positive I mean we and half the country didn’t want to leave okay but we now have
done so we have to try and make the best well I’ve never said that and I know I’m not arguing
I mean though I’m just making a statement so did you be arguing with me mr. Duncan today
I’m not going I’m definitely not going into the street to turn cars over or set fire to
buildings oh let’s just not doing that okay I just hope that the politicians make a good
job of it hmm but I would like to place a bet that in 20 years time we’ll be back in
20 years we’ll be dead though interestingly Donald Tusk who was the one of the the lead
on Europe who’s now not there anymore he’s would not retired but he’s not in in his position
that he was before us as already welcoming welcoming Scotland into Europe practically
which has caused a few problems because the other problem we’ve got here in the UK is
of course Scotland which is part of the UK wants to be independent 66 percent of Scottish
people voted to stay in the EU okay so most of them want to stay in the EU so they’re
they want to have their own referendum become independent and join Europe which would be
catastrophic I agree but anyway that may or may not happen yes but this is why everything
is so confusing and in such a mess because you have also island which is divided as well
so a big chunk of Ireland wants to stay in Europe whilst the part of Ireland that is
let’s let’s be careful what we’re saying here is ruled by the UK will will be dragged out
of Europe and then you have Scotland who voted to stay in Europe but they want they want
to also leave the UK as well so it’s very confusing the only the only thing that won’t
change is on money so nothing will change there because we had the pound anyway so we
kept that that might be one of the good things that we did in the past when you think about
it Steve because yeah it’s still a pound so we don’t have to change our money or our currency
at all yes Lewis says that I think that both the UK and the EU are both losers in this
separation yes yes yes I don’t think really anybody’s going to win but it will be decades
before before that the true changes come out it’s a sad fact that both of us will die with
all of this still happening that’s the sad thing so the rest of our lives Steve all we’re
going to hear about is all of the transitions and all of the things that are being sorted
out slowly over the years it might be another 10 15 or 20 years so there’s a pretty good
chance that my last words before I before I shuffle off this mortal coil will be BREXIT
done yet mr. Duncan of course Donald Tusk was upset a lot of people across Europe versus
well he was sort of encouraging Scotland to be independent but of course they’ve got lots
of lots of very contentious issues across Europe with countries like Catalan part of
Spain wants to be independent and that’s causing all sorts of problems so okay to make a comment
like that has been seen in this country is very inflammatory yes they’re almost encouraging
nations within Europe to sort of break for it he said his language is that worthy of
a Greta is that worthy what do you think so I’m not asking you I’m asking Greta what do
you think Greta doesn’t like that well mr. Duncan what do we I sort of theme
to today’s lesson no I said well no there was there was before before you brought me
on well you know what happens when I come on mr. Duncan we can take off in all sorts
of different directions look we have a new website a new website for everything to do
with the English language English addict dot uk’ is the new website all of my lessons are
there the playlists you can go and find the playlists just click on the pictures next
to each playlist and you will find all of my playlists and of course there is also a
link to the live stream as well so I will be adding some new things to the website over
the next few days but there it is the new website oh my goodness it’s actually happening
it’s happening Steve we have a new website and I think ours the first person on there
you were you were the first person to look at my website besides me I’ve been staring
for the past three months and to be honest with you I’m sick of seeing it so today we
are talking about being cautious so you might say that this is quite a suitable one you
could say that we were cautious yes in wanting to vote to stay within the European Union
oh yes so say that so a vote for remain might be seen as cautious quashes wanting to take
any any and any risks not wanting to change the the status quo so when we talk about caution
we are talking about being careful you are thinking something over carefully you are
not rushing into something you are using caution and of course we can also say that you are
being if I can get the word cautious so that is what describes the feeling of caution so
caution is the thing but you are being cautious you are not rushing in you are not making
any decisions straight away you are being very cautious now I would say that Steve is
cautious you are a person who tends to be cautious you often take care when you are
making a decision sometimes a decision can take many days many weeks even many years
as well so yes I think I think Steve you are a person who does take care you are very I
like to weigh up all the options before I make a decision even on anything something
simple like buying a new fridge well I can’t just go out and buy hmmm anything hmm without
looking at all the alternatives on the market and to see whether one might be slightly better
than the other see I know people that can just go out and go to a shop they might want
to buy a new cook or a fridge or even a new car they just see this whatever it is they’re
all like that I’ll buy it okay and of course it some people are like that but God I’m but
I’m the opposite okay analytical I’ve got a million more words to show careful so a
person who is careful once again they are they are not doing something without thinking
hard about it or maybe they are doing something slowly or maybe they are not rushing you might
say to somebody when they’re about to cross the road be careful when you cross the road
look out make sure there’s no danger yes around so you could be careful you can be a careful
person a careful driver yes so you do do something steadily you do something without rushing
you do something with care you look out for the hazards you are careful I like that one
you might also show some consideration so before you do something quite often you will
think about the thing you are going to do is that right yes a considered decision is
something where you take your time to look at all the different options and then make
a considered decision or a considered opinion not it of course if you if you consider other
people hmm you might be a considerate person yes so that you are always looking out for
other people’s well-being hmm or other people’s feelings yes you are a considerate person
so you don’t do it horrible things to people so generally this word means just to think
carefully so you can be cautious and have consideration so you don’t rush into the thing
that you are about to do you give it some some time you think about it you give it some
consideration some thought we might ask a person if they are sure about something so
to be sure is to be certain so maybe you are sure maybe you are the opposite and you are
not sure you don’t know are you sure mr. Duncan that launching your new website has been a
good idea I think I think launching my new website has been a fantastic idea so you’re
absolutely sure are you I am sure I heard certain 100% I am very sure that that this
is the right thing to do although as you said earlier about BREXIT time will tell yes time
will tell of course there are some opposites to being cautious you might you’re pushing
me off messaging you might be hesitant hesitant yes you’re not sure or you might be cautious
you might be hesitant so you don’t do something without thinking we are still talking about
caution and being cautious you are hesitant you are hesitant you’re a hesitant person
it means you you you don’t make quick decisions sometimes that’s quite often seen as a negative
trait in somebody if you say somebody’s hesitant it means that they’re it’s often associated
associated with indecision an inability to make a decision and I’m often afflicted with
that I often very hesitant because my brain is trying to consider so many options that
it can’t make a proper decision so it becomes indecisive or hesitant yes and of course I’ll
be seen as negative as the verb you hesitate so a person his is hesitant hesitant they
hesitate yes so those words look almost identical but they’re not so the first one is hesitant
that is describing the action or how you appear you appear hesitant and indecisive and hesitate
is describing the actual feeling or the action you hesitate you stop you stop you you think
hmm should I do that yes that’s a more positive word I would say oh I like this one tentative
tentative you do something tentative or you do something tentatively he he approached
the edge of the cliff in a hesitated way yes tentative tentative yes yes he tentatively
walked towards the edge of the cliff yes says cautious to do something with care and attention
you are making sure that every step is the right step you are being tentative you do
something tentatively you don’t do something rashly hmm I like that one that’s a good one
here’s another one restrained something that you know and again or not so sometimes you’re
going to say I am always restrained yes but most of the time not on the live stream most
of the time you are restrained but for some reason when Steve comes on here he likes to
talk about things he likes to get very expressive you’re restrained you hold back your opinion
you might not necessarily say what you’re thinking you’re restrained you keep things
to yourself more yes that’s restrained in the sense of when you’re talking and conversing
with people and giving their opinions mm-hmm you don’t necessarily tell people everything
that you’re thinking but you can be restrained physically mmm back you can be held back physically
to restrain somebody means to hold them back physically so they might want to somebody
might want to start a fight and then somebody grabs hold you might want to start a fight
with somebody and then somebody restrains you yes and of course the the lower police
policemen can restrain you in handcuffs or they can hold you down yes but Sir this strain
the other way is you’re not giving your opinions you’re holding back so you’re thinking carefully
before you say things or else yes or else Greta might say how dare you stop wearing
thinner Tom is restrained you are holding back your your real feelings and thoughts
oh I like this one this is a phrase tread carefully as read carefully be careful what
you say and do sometimes you must not rush into a situation or say something without
thinking sometimes you must tread carefully somebody might say to you when you’re going
to meet somebody they might say careful what you say with that person tread very carefully
because what they’re implying is that you might upset them very easily or there might
be easily upset that’s how we tend to use that phrase now with reference to people rather
than it doesn’t mean literally tread carefully because you might fall through a hole but
it could mean that you might you might for example be going on a hiking trip somewhere
yes and you might come across some ground which looks a bit uneven or a bit dangerous
or boggy and some of you might say to you be careful over there tread carefully literally
be careful where you put your feet but of course in another way it means tread carefully
in terms of because something might happen to you if you don’t tread carefully you might
injure yourself and in the same way that you might say to somebody say something to somebody
that might upset them hmm if you don’t tread carefully in the way that you communicate
with certain people you might upset them and their cause a problem can be used literally
or in regards to relations with people or figuratively figuratively if the word I was
looking for show restraint again so you are holding back you are not rushing into something
so maybe you see I don’t know you go past a shop window and you see the latest 8k television
in the window £7000 and you think oh oh oh I really want that television ooh 8k imagine
that I can watch I can watch The X Factor in 8k oh it’s very tempting but you might
have to show restraint because you you know you might not be able to afford it or it might
be a rash decision today so something you rush into is the opposite so instead you show
restraint you don’t rush into the shop and buy the new television you go home and you
think about it you don’t rush in fruit zombie has used the expression throw caution to the
wind boy I like that one and if you throw caution to the wind it means you just don’t
worry about any dangers or problems that might occur you just do it anyway you can also hold
back as well hold back maybe you have a big decision that you have to make Steve yes you
have to decide something but you’re not sure at the moment so you hold back you don’t give
your decision straight away you you are still thinking about it I will hold back on my decision
you stop yourself from doing it a delay until you make a decision on something here’s another
one a good piece of advice here Steve take it slow make it slowly take it slowly don’t
rush don’t may be a big decision you have to make in your life should I marry that beautiful
girl even though sometimes she throws the furniture at me so I’m gonna take it slowly
I’m not going to rush into marrying that girl because she might she might one day push me
out of a window or something like that what’s in matters of love take it slowly then quite
often the part of your brain that is telling you what to do or the part of your brain which
is is is is maybe giving you advice on what is good for you is often switched off and
you might be overtaken by the emotion and yes take it slowly you can use that in a relationship
somebody might say to you that you might meet somebody and they’ve been in a relationship
before you might be very keen to press ahead with a full-on relationship with them but
they might say to you no I just want to take it slowly yes let’s not rush into things let’s
let’s just get to know each other yes because they might have had a bad experience in the
past or you might say to somebody might be very enthusiastic to have a relationship with
you and you say no I just want to take it slowly one step at a time you know we’re not
going to move in together yet no we’re not going to by ring we’re not getting naked we’re
not going to get engaged take it slowly we’re not taking your clothes off together just
yet we are going to take it slowly yes does mr. Steve have an 8k television no we still
have old-fashioned 2k very boring just plain boring high-definition widest a Torino think
that I might have an 8k TV thus a Torino see me as a sort of progressive person who likes
all modern technology look if Steve had his way we would still have one of those big fat
televisions with the big back with the big box at the back cathode ray tube yes Steve
would still be watching the big old television well it was a big box you couldn’t lift up
I don’t like to change anything in the house any bit of technology or any piece of equipment
I don’t like or even clothes until they wear out when they wear out I will change them
I don’t like that materialistic way of getting rid of something before it’s reached the end
of its useful life so I won’t even throw plants out I don’t like do you know what I’m like
mr. Duncan I would keep that in the last car I had I had four eight eight yes even his
underwear his underwear is literally just atoms but he still tries to put them on Tomek
Oh Tomek I can see what you’re doing Tomek now this is tomek’s opinion I have a feeling
that Greta might have something to say about this Tomek says I’m not going to hold myself
back BREXIT proves that the British people are dumb like Americans with their election
of Donald Trump well certainly huh maybe half of Britain’s not all of us you may you may
make that accusation Tomek towards half of the other people who voted to leave but of
course the problem is that that’s what all the remainers have been saying for the last
three years and said before the election and that made them certain that made people who
wanted to leave so angry there were more they were more likely to go out and vote to leave
just because people like us were telling them they was cheap it well we’ve had people like
this well remain as we won’t say that to people I I wasn’t calling anyone stupid what about
– respecting people’s opinion ill-advised that’s a good one they were ill advised or
maybe they listened to the wrong people maybe maybe but maybe they were right of we’re wrong
but but Tomek is lucky unit you know why Tomek is lucky because he has because he’s watching
us he has anonymity so he can say that and no one will come round and push a custard
pie into his face however if we said that someone would come round they would climb
into our house and they were chasers around with a big pointy stick yes Luis I would say
I was quite conservative but not conservative in a political way if you say somebody is
conservative it means that they’re fairly restrained but when I am in normal life I’m
fairly restrained which is why I like to be part of amateur dramatics clubs okay and things
like that because then I can I can do what I like and say what I like and be it be apart
and that gives me this outlet but in normal society I’m fairly restrained conservative
in the way I think and do things but cannot conservative as in politically yes this is
the problem isn’t it now because you you can say a word and this is strange actually this
is very interesting I’m not going to get too deep into this but it is possible nowadays
to be very easily misunderstood even if you are saying something innocently so this is
one of the things about being in the public eye or in the public domain so really I can’t
begin to tell you how much of a risk this is as doing this trust me in this climate
of people not wanting to hear other people express their opinions or even if it’s just
an innocent opinion so sometimes you have to take things one step at a time we are talking
about being cautious so if you take things one step at a time it’s a little bit like
the last one isn’t it Steve it is hmm so do it carefully think carefully don’t rush something
you do something just one step it’s a tick you’re uncertain about making a decision over
something and there might be you if you’re uncertain instead of taking the full leap
all the way across then you might say well how can I break that down into little steps
okay let’s take a little step see what the result is yeah that’s okay let’s take another
step yes everything’s still alright and oh no no don’t like that that’s come back a step
yeah so if there are several stages towards a particular goal or ambition then instead
of leaping all the way to that goal take it in little stages take one step at a time one
step at a time I could say a relationship let’s take this relationship one step at a
time and so you might go out for a meal hmm so the the ultimate aim in a relationship
with somebody is to maybe get married but if you take it one step at a time the first
step might be well let’s go out for a few meals and see how we get on and then you might
say okay I’ll invite this person to a party or to meet my parents or my friends and see
how they all get on that’s another step then the next step step could be well let’s go
on holiday together hmm and see how we get on there and then everything goes well and
then eventually you might say well let’s get married yeah and that’s a good one that leads
in to our final cautious word don’t rush in don’t rush in don’t rush into it we’re not
saying don’t rush in and that’s just an example yes of a cautious phrase so if you don’t rush
in or if you don’t rush into something it means again you are cautious you take your
time maybe you meet a beautiful girl or a handsome man and you think oh oh isn’t he
lovely oh isn’t she sexy but you might think okay I will take my time I’m not going to
rush into this relationship because maybe your previous relationship was a complete
disaster maybe the girl that you were dating before turned out to be a complete psychopath
and she chased you around the house a man or the man yes of course let’s be equal men
and women can both be crazy crazy completely psychotic so so yes I’m not being sexist there
so don’t rush in don’t rush into anything don’t rush it could be anything you might
you might want to build an extension to your house yes or take up a new role at work you
know you know maybe you don’t want to rush into it you want to take it in stages there’s
a very good expression yes fools rush in where angels fear to tread I like that one yes there’s
a song as well yeah fools rush in where angels fear to tread they’re gonna sing it fools
rush in well [Music] but there is a song and that song is specifically relating to going
into a relationship so don’t rush it don’t rush into it think carefully consider consider
all of the things that might happen all of the consequences think about it carefully
before you rush because in the matter of relationships you might just take the plunge yes take the
plunge so you just rush you do rush it yes you just dive straight in that’s all you might
be a reckless reckless reckless so now we are talking the opposite words the opposite
from cautious so a person who is cautious and careful they take their time they don’t
rush in the opposite is reckless a person who just does things without thinking you
might just have an idea or make a decision without thinking about it or maybe you do
something with no thought whatsoever a reckless person who’s somebody who does something without
thinking of the consequences before they do it so they might just speed down the road
ignore all the speed limits they might not bother putting their seatbelt on if they’re
driving they might just cut something up with a knife and not worry not wear protection
when they’re doing well a reckless person literally in a relationship I might know you
might you might do the the bed bump without wearing a condom that might be would be a
reckless person did I just say the bed bum I don’t know what you said but if you do something
without without thought of the consequences which we all know people that do that then
you would describe that person as reckless very interesting moment of time there the
bed bump all sorts of examples of being reckless can you think of any more mr. Duncan maybe
a person who has a lot of drinks in the pub and then they get into their car they are
just acting in a reckless way they are not thinking about the consequences of their actions
maybe a reckless person who just votes to leave to leave the European Union reckless
people there might be reckless a person who thinks what my country back I want my country
back I want the good old days back I’m going to vote for BREXIT or you could say I’m not
sure what is going to happen I feel very cautious about it or you can be the opposite which
is reckless you might you might say oh I’ve had enough of my job I’m gonna quit I’m gone
hmm but you your wife have you are married or your husband might say well that’s a bit
reckless and selfish because we’ve got a mortgage to pay we’ve got the children to bring up
where are we going to get money from and you might say well I’ll just get another job yeah
but if you just give up gave up your job like that because you had an argument with somebody
or you didn’t like it like it somebody might describe you as reckless if you had lots of
responsibilities like a mortgage and children are those here for let’s just have a look
at the website again by the way there is a new website for those who don’t know there
is a new website there it is on the screen right now English addict dot uk’ is the new
website there it is I will put this piece of paper there so you can see it more clearly
there we go you see there it is englishaddict.uk don’t forget addict has two D’s in it yes
as mr. Steven thing I learned today mr. Steve found out this morning that the word addict
has two DS you only put one D in you won’t get through to mr. Duncan’s website because
I I forgot how to spell addict and only put one D in there if you spell it wrong you to
someone who doesn’t if you spell it wrong you will get through to someone who doesn’t
know how to spell addict jump straight in you might jump straight in and do something
without thinking caution to the wind yes but we’re talking about this one I know but that’s
another example there’s a minimal of me it means a jump straight in you jump straight
in you do something without thinking about preparing without any preparation without
any thought come on let’s just jump straight in yes people walk because often that’s the
opposite of thinking too much say you’ve got a task to do you might have a project at work
mr. Duncan or something like that where you in probably you need to think about it a bit
but there but you can only do so much planning for certain things that you need to do at
some point you just have to jump straight in and see what happens and then maybe change
your approach as you go along can you see what I’ve done Steve have actually above your
head where there is a big space I’ve actually put the website address so because of because
Steve isn’t very tall I’m above average I actually have room above Steve’s head to put
the new website address so there it is right above Steve’s head so if you look at Steve
look above his head and there is the new website address CEM Dogen says does deed mean reckless
a deed is just an action yes an action so when we say deed it just means you would you
do something it is a very archaic word you don’t often hear that word used anymore it’s
very so action an action a deed something that is carried out so you can have a good
deed which is the way it’s commonly used that experience or a bad deed so you do something
bad or something harmful it is a bad deed a good deed you might for example help your
neighbour with their gardening oh I’ll go and do some shopping for a neighbour oh that
would be a good deed yeah an action you’ve done something or maybe your neighbour they
have a dog that keeps pooing everywhere and you you think ah I’m going to pick that poo
up myself you it’s a good deed but you wouldn’t have a reckless deed jump they’re not the
same so you jump straight in without reckless just means you do something without thinking
about the what could happen consequences are consequences throw caution to the wind this
is the one you just mentioned Steve and somebody else mentioned earlier could throw caution
to the wind you do something without thinking carefully or of course you might think about
it briefly but then think I’m going to do it anyway so maybe you gamble all of your
money you go to a casino Steve yes and you just place all of your money on the table
in it what in one go yes you throw caution to the wind and decide to do something that
might be seen as reckless or foolish yes you decide to throw caution to the wind yeah yes
that’s a good example yes any any lively liveliness on the live chat that’s interesting arts b30
says mr. steve is more Saxon than mr. Duncan now what do you mean by those glow sacks and
you turn turn around to MIT to me turn around put your head down there you go come forward
slightly just trying to block you on the camera there we go look at that yes I think so so
there’s mine you what do you think so I have a small nose a button nose as I call my nose
is very perfect button mr Duncan’s nose yeah beebeep beebeep so like a button that is my
nose and Steve’s is very big pronounced almost Roman yet Roman yes or anglo-saxon yes exactly
people do yes people do say I’ve got interesting observation there yeah I don’t think anybody’s
ever made that observation before now where is it together I think I’m going to go back
to find where it was I have a European nose because I’m I have a lot of French in me the
French people have sort of big noses don’t they great French people often have quite
big sort of hooked noses oh goodness sake well they yes I’ve never seen a French person
with the big nose I think they do I think generally French people are renowned for having
not being racist or anything because making an observation here maybe I’m being a bit
reckless in what I’m saying baby but yes there is a good chance I know de Bergerac wasn’t
he a famous French person with a big nose des mousse de mousse says oh you are very
close to achieving 800,000 subscribers yes we are on our way to reaching 800,000 subscribers
on YouTube and before I get to a million of course I’ve worked out Steve that I will be
63 by the time we get to a million subscribers well let’s see if we can we can bring that
forward yes I appealing please anybody who hasn’t subscribed to mr. Duncan don’t forget
like and subscribe yes there it is please subscribe please like and please subscribe
you might not realise it but when you like a video it actually encourages YouTube to
tell other people did you know that I didn’t maybe you don’t maybe you didn’t realise so
when you do that you see when you do that on YouTube you are actually helping my videos
to be seen by other people so like and subscribe and I suppose also I should mention my my
website again so there is now a website that you can go to which which is pretty good Cory
V has used another expression less haste more speed so that means don’t be quite so cautious
move forward a bit faster that is an expression you sometimes see somebody might say to you
at work who thinks that they’re not you’re not progressing fast enough in whatever field
of work that you’re doing and they might say to you less haste more speed in other words
don’t be so cautious just crack on with it and do it do the job a bit faster hmm sometimes
you can be over and oolitic alene tasks and that will hold you back from making progress
and you have to strike a balance quite often don’t you mister don’t we having a measured
cautious approach but also making some progress toward your goal at the same time you have
to strike a balance somewhere yes here’s another one so maybe you decide to do something maybe
you have thought about it Steve and then you think I’m going to do it anyway yes you say
what the hell I’m going what the hell let’s do it so a friend might say shall we go on
holiday to Antarctica for a week would you like to come to to Antarctica and Antarctica
Antarctica it’s not easy to say by the way so would you like to come to Antarctica with
with nice Arctica Antarctica good job I’m here and also I think Greta will be coming
as well wearing a bit thin mr. dink I don’t think Greta wants to come with us hmm so you
might say oh I don’t really think it’s a good idea I don’t think it’s a good idea but what
the hell yes let’s do it oh I’m not sure shall we yeah exactly do it let’s go on holic when
you use that expression it’s often you’re you’re you’re you you’ve given up being analytical
about something and weighing up all the pros and cons yes you’ve just said oh let’s just
do it just do what the hell yes you know you know you’re not worried about what might happen
let’s do it let’s go out tonight and we’re going to go into every pub in much wenlock
and I might say oh no I’m not sure we want to do that mr. Duncan but you might say Oh
come on we’ll have a nice time come on oh and then you might think I haven’t been out
for long what the hell let’s go and do it let’s do it let’s be reckless even if it’s
just for one night Cory V says I am French and I have a little nose mr. Steve well it’s
just because serrano de Bergerac had a big nose but don’t forget he was unusual by having
a big nose so it wasn’t because everyone in France had big noses we can’t really it was
because serrano de Bergerac had a big nose but no one else did you know what they say
about men with big noses don’t you mr. Duncan big handkerchiefs very quick is that very
quick was that a genuine laugh everything that yes well are you Cory are you male or
female okay are you a man or a woman I’m guessing you’re a woman oh of course don’t forget one
of the many other genders that exist as well oh yes there’s not just two now you know you
are in trouble now I’m in trouble you see I think that deserves ended some you know
what that deserves that deserves a yes how dare you yes you’ve got to be very careful
now in I don’t know if other countries are the same but you can’t just say there are
two genders anymore you can’t just say male and female there are all that are about I
think that the last count somebody said I saw somebody on television saying that there
were 12 different genders now I think it’s no I think it’s about isn’t it about 40 there’s
about 40 shorts that many is it mister anyway that’s a whole new subject that that’s it
we don’t want to get into mainly because I don’t know very much about so if if we at
some point today if we miss gender you I’m very sorry about that but to be honest with
you I am really confused by it to be honest and and yes I know yes Ralphie says May it’s
a very good point Ralphie’s sometimes we have to take a risk and you’re absolutely right
if you don’t take risks in life then you won’t achieve very much but you can take risks and
fail hmm but then you can try again just failing doesn’t mean in it’s like learning English
you might you might fail an exam but you’ll learn from that mistake and then you will
be better the next time yes you do have to take risks in life it doesn’t have to be a
risk that means involving putting your life in danger no but you have to take some risks
otherwise you often won’t achieve very much and the people that achieve the most in life
are often the people that take the most risks but the difference between the people that
take risks and achieve something and the people that take risks that don’t is that people
that take the risks and fail keep on trying and learn from their mistakes will carry on
and on and on eventually their each huge have huge achievement of course it can kill you
as well being reckless so sometimes if you do something may be a dangerous sport maybe
you just decide to climb up the side of the Eiffel Tower without any support so you climb
all the way up there but somebody did that recently but just before you get to the top
you slip and you fall and you you just end up on the ground so it may have seemed like
a good idea at the time but unfortunately well sometimes a decision can turn out to
be a bad decision so being reckless sometimes can be a little thing yes being reckless is
different to taking a risk if you take a risk that doesn’t mean that it’s being you’re being
reckless it just means that you are making a decision to do something and you’re not
entirely certain of the outcome but it’s not something that’s going to necessarily be very
dangerous I think have we yes it says though there’s only three people watching oh no it’s
gone back to 150 I don’t know what I’ve been offline no it’s okay it’s just it’s just YouTube
YouTube at the moment is really weird I don’t know what they’re doing at YouTube please
YouTube can you sort out what’s going on there I think my web my website works better than
YouTube yes you have a mr. Duncan’s website you show no restraint so you show no restraint
you don’t hold back maybe you are expressing your feelings about something yes so you show
no restraint you don’t hold back you tell everybody what you’re thinking they know exactly
what you think there is no caution you also don’t see mr. Duncan you don’t hesitate well
I did tell you that we’re going in 10 minutes I’m grateful I am well yes maybe I want to
go for a run before a case down okay then that’s good Steve that’s good information
are we are we coming with you no okay don’t hesitate don’t hold back don’t hesitate so
maybe a person is in need of help or maybe they are in a bad situation that they can’t
control and perhaps you give them your phone number so maybe I will give you my phone number
and I might say look if you want to talk to someone don’t hesitate to call me so don’t
hesitate don’t think about it don’t hesitate don’t wait don’t put it off it means that
you don’t mind I often use that phrase when I’m dealing with my customers at work all
right they might ask me for some information and I might give that information to them
and then they might reply and say thank you very much and I might then reply back and
say well if you ever need any help from me again don’t hesitate to get into it you it’s
an expression that just means you’re trying to suggest to them not to not to think about
hmm whether they should contact you or not they should just do it anyway don’t hesitate
fruit zombie oh I like this one fruit zombie says fortune favours the bold yes yes yeah
sometimes you do have to be brave and take a risk take a risk you might say that doing
this is taking a risk as I said earlier because we put ourselves in the public domain if you
go to Facebook if you look at my Facebook page I am now classed as a public figure I’m
now a public figure because I’ve been in the public domain for so many years even Facebook
has given me a little blue tick it says that I’m actually a public figure so because I’ve
been doing this for so long Steve I’m now officially a public figure whatever that means
so that’s it because now I’m out there I can’t take that away when you think about it it’s
very hard to take that back so maybe sometimes you have to be a bit bold or a bit brave to
do certain things and I think this is a good example but most of us when you think about
it most of us in our line if you percent of people in work particularly in work will often
stay in the same job for many many years because you get very safe I’m an exact example of
that and work for the same company for the last 23 years I probably should have taken
a risk and applied for jobs with other companies and a lot of people will relate to this because
when you do that you often what you often forget just what value you do have at work
and how good you are at something and if you update your CV go for job interviews you might
be offered more pay mm-hmm and the job might be more interesting you have more responsibility
fortune favours the bold take a bit of a risk in terms of financial matters people often
a very cautious and they will just put their money into a low-interest bank account when
maybe they should be investing it in stocks and shares because overall a long period of
time you’re likely to get a much better return although we’re not not experts on there no
but just yeah another example would be I’ve got a very good example in mr. Duncan when
it comes to moving house in the UK the costs of properties have have generally gone up
by far more than inflation over the years we stayed in a house of Wolverhampton for
20 years in that period of time I got friends that have moved two or three times in that
period and because of that and the value of their house had gone up they took that risk
and they’re now living in houses worth twice the value of the house we’re living in so
yes taking a bit of a risk throwing caution to the wind and but yeah yeah well talking
of investing in shares you might often hear a person say get in quick getting quick so
get in quick so maybe there is an opportunity that comes along maybe there is an investment
that you can actually put some money in and maybe in the future it will make you a lot
of cash they might say oh don’t wait don’t hesitate get in quick don’t hang around or
maybe getting quickly but you will often hear this said get in quick don’t hesitate don’t
wait get in quick or else you might out you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take yes
sir as long as the risk is as long as the risk is you you’ve got a fallback plan and
you’re not going to lose everything then you know it’s it’s you only live once yes nothing
ventured nothing gained yes nothing ventured nothing gained take a risk sometimes you have
to as you said just sometimes in life you have to take a risk you have to push yourself
forward to do something maybe business I always think business is risk always yes I don’t
think there’s any such thing as business that is definitely going to make money for you
there’s no such thing so all business is a risk but sometimes you just have to take a
risk maybe you might say that my new website is me taking a risk so I’m not I’m not sure
what the outcome would be make making livestreams rather than pre-recorded one yes this is risk
yeah this is a big big risk it’s successful so you could probably say that it was a it
was a well judged thing to do I still think it’s a big risk so take a risk you do something
Nana says you’re a hero of the English teaching world really thank you Anna that’s very kind
of you yes a calculated risk yes it means that you’re you’re taking a jump forward but
you’ve you’ve done as much assessment of that risk you’re going to take as you possibly
could so investing in stocks and shares for example a calculated risk would be to to have
a balanced portfolio so that you’re investing in lots of different areas so you might put
lots of money into it but you’re not putting it into just one company for example which
would be a very big risk mean taking a calculated risk you’ve thought about it and you’ve you’ve
weighed up all the possible things that could go wrong but you still think there’s a very
high chance of what you’re doing will be successful so therefore you can say I’m going to do that
the other thing we’re risking money with investments is quite often you’ll hedge your bets is that
good phrase hedge abets yes hedge abets yes it is an expression for example yes if you
hedge your bets it means that you you put you put risk into into other lots of different
areas spreading your reading your risk it’s a bit like going to a roulette table and you
put your little chips on many parts of the table so you might lose some money but then
you might gain a lot of money from one of the things that you put the chips on so investing
is a little bit like that so a lot of people will hedge their bets it means they will spread
them around like yes if they’re betting on the horses are you surprised that I know that
yes if you’re a gambling person and for example if you if you if you gamble on horses or the
ponies as they say in America I think then you might not put say you’ve got a hundred
pounds that you want to gamble instead of putting it all on one horse you might put
it on a few yes hedge abets anyway we must move on go blindly I like this Belarusia Belarus
is going by Belarusia of a good rest of your day go blindly to go blindly is to do something
without maybe any experience any knowledge of something so you go blindly you pursue
something you you start your journey but you don’t really know where you will end up you
don’t know what will happen or maybe also you have no experience or knowledge so you
might go blindly into something going blind yeah there’s another way of using that expression
maybe you get married and you’ve never been married before despite all of the warnings
from everyone else telling you not to do it you you still decide to Oh blindly into the
marriage because you’ve never been married before you’ve never had experience of that
thing so you don’t know you don’t know what will happen you can’t see what’s going to
happen but you do it anyway and you might say that that was reckless hmm here’s another
one we are coming up to two hours we are been here for two hours can you believe it oh here’s
a good one I like this one what does this mean to you out there your leap of faith I
like this one now this this conjures this brings around many thoughts and feelings I
always think if you have a leap of faith it means you do something based on a belief you’re
going away Steve Ryback says I’m getting tired mr. Duncan I like the way Steve slowly disappears
so your leap of faith is is on something that you believe in personally so maybe a thing
that you believe will be the right thing to do based on your own belief so something that
comes from within maybe the thing you believe in a leap of faith sometimes we all do things
based on leaps yes a faith it’s often when you’ve got gaps in knowledge about something
that you might take a leap of faith so for example if you were interviewing somebody
for a new job if you were interviewing a new person for a particular role you might have
certain bits of information about them but you might not have all the information but
from what you’ve seen of that person and the questions you’ve asked you might be prepared
to give them a job hmm and you might use expression to a colleague oh I think they would be all
right so yeah we don’t know exactly whether they will be able to do this job or not but
I think from what they’ve said they will so let’s take a leap of faith hmm I believe it
in this particular person I think they will be good I don’t know for certain because I
haven’t got all the information but I will take a leap of faith and offer them the job
I like this expression I’ll be honest with you I lied I do like this because we often
do things in life without really knowing what the consequence will be so I’m going to get
Steve sort of a pole or tie him to something next week so he doesn’t keep disappearing
off the screen yes yes I like this leap of faith this is though it might seem like a
strange thing to me lot for me to like because I don’t have faith as a in religion I’m not
a religious person however sometimes you have to have faith in yourself and your abilities
so you can have inner faith I suppose in that sense you are doing something based on your
self belief as well which is a thing that I’m I’m a very big fan of something I’ve learned
a lot about over the past somebody might come to you with an investment opportunity and
you know the person quite well that’s coming to you with that opportunity but you don’t
really know whether that investment is any good or not but because you trust the person
you have faith in them you might say okay I’ll put some money into this hmm I’ll take
a leap of faith but if you believe in that person you don’t necessarily believe in the
investment itself it’s just like the example I used about interviewing somebody at work
quite often we have to make leaps of faith because we don’t have all the information
at our disposal and we might have to make a quick decision or or a decision yes quickly
yes omus says this is very interesting omma says leap of faith is pursuing faith without
applying rationality and intellect yes it comes from a feeling it doesn’t necessarily
mean that though I think that’s the definition of it yes but if you would see you it doesn’t
necessarily mean that you haven’t applied any intellect or rationality into it that
example I used about somebody at work you would it just means the gap in the knowledge
that you have for you to make a decision yes but so quite often a leap of faith might come
from some information we have but quite often it’s some I think the best the best way of
looking at it Steve is you close your eyes and you step forward to do it yes there’s
a moment where you suddenly think I will either do this or I won’t do it so sometimes you
just need that that faith in yourself that that belief to move forward and actually do
something so I think yes I think that’s a good one we’ve got one more Steve one more
one more jump in with both feet I like this one you jump in with both feet you do something
without hesitation you don’t think too much about it you do it without putting too much
thought or without hesitating I suppose you jump in with both feet the opposite of that
would be that you’re just putting a toe just put one toe in the water yes I like that one
yes if you if you if somebody’s being very cautious about doing something you might say
that you I’ll just dip my toe in the water and see what it’s you don’t mean literally
mmm that just mean if you were just to dip your toe in some water to see if it was cold
dipping one toe in would give you an idea of what it was like it’s a figure of speech
a figure of speech if you just jumped into the into a lake with both feet you might be
freezing cold so you might get a bit of a shock but yes it just means testing your way
forward but that expression means that you don’t you don’t bother trying it out first
to see what it could be like you just ghost you just jump straight in yeah so this actually
is figurative as well so you’re not literally jumping into something we are using this as
a figurative expression or I suppose an idiom I think people are getting slightly confused
with that the the use of our word faith we’re not meaning religious faith we’re not meaning
faith in religious connotations to the phrase leap of faith it just means I mean religion
is a faith yes but we’re using it in a way to to to express ordinary day-to-day things
that you might and also generically faith is belief so faith is just belief having trust
in either yourself or something else or maybe even yes we’re not talking about or evilly
jin-hee or even but we’re not talking about that here we’re not talking about religious
faith no we’re talking about faith in something that you want to do that’s what we’re talking
about although having said that some people might use their religious faith for as a reason
to do something so yes I am I do but that’s the expression that’s it leap of faith it’s
got nothing to do with religion that’s it yes I’m glad we’ve cleared that up so yes
take the gamble yes so they will gamble they will take a gamble it is a leap of faith that
it is something you are stepping into the knowledge gap yes wrapping your knowledge
somewhere or stepping into the unknown without any real life you can do this thing or you
think somebody else can you’ve got some information but not all the information so that gap is
the leap between what you know and what you don’t know is based on intuition I’d often
so yes I think self belief in self faith is is one of the strongest motivators certainly
for from my point of view you might have a period of time where you lose faith now you
see you lose faith in yourself you lose faith in other people if they let you down or disappoint
you so so I think it’s just a tiny word such a tiny tiny word the word faith just and yet
faith has has it’s quite a it’s almost a paradigm I always think faith mr. Duncan I’m going
to go okay because as you know I like to go for a little run okay to get some exercise
can I just show you something because it’s your birthday this month isn’t it it is it
is it’s your birthday this month won’t say when and and I’ve got a great idea for mr.
Steve’s birthday I don’t know what you think about this Steve but but here is here is my
idea for mr. Steve’s birthday present what do you think about this Steve that’s no it’s
no ordinary toilet oh it’s an automatic toilet that will raise you up and then when you sit
on it it will slowly lower you down so you can take your plop in comfort I think that
is for people of a certain age who are struggling with mobility yes and that is not me because
I’m about to go for a run mister don’t concern that is very rude and offensive tisn’t offensive
well I’m joking I’m not joking what greta thinks of it I’m sick to death of greta mr.
Duncan I think you’ve you’ve worn that joke right out okay so you heard it here first
mr. Steve is sick of Greta so that’s all actually I’ve just thought this month my birthday is
on one of the Sundays in February so what does that mean that means that we will be
on lolly live so there there you go you’ve heard it first right here on this this thing
you’re watching now yeah this is the first Sunday in February so we’ve probably got how
many February’s are there in Sunday how many you can tell I’m getting tired now how many
Sunday’s dish is it a leap year this year you know I have no bloody idea is it a leap
year this China is it a leap year no I think there are 28 days this year in that case it
is sure 28 days in February is it the second today today is the second yes the second day
of BREXIT it’s like a on the second on the second day of BREXIT my true love gave to
me a passport that looked slightly different 17 oh what 25 welcome to do either are for
some days welcome welcome to doing maths with mr. steve-o there are four five and eight
so we will be here on your birthday it will be whenever that may be right I’m gonna make
my nose even bigger there we go what do you think of that it suits you Tatar everybody
steve is going now and i’m going to go into the kitchen no I’m not I’m going for a run
yes make your mind up bye everybody Meher Baba maybe you are going for a run around
the kitchen no I’m going in the hills okay bye talking it over the hill it’s mr. Steve’s
birthday this month so thank you very much Steve for your lovely company today thank
you also for your company and yes there it is can you see it the new website is now up
and running maybe you are watching now via my new website there is the address one or
two people have said we can’t find your website it is there all you have to do is put this
address into your computer oh it’s gone where’s it gone okay we have can we have my lovely
email address back please and my new website address oh okay that’s strange it seems to
have disappeared let’s get it back there it is is my new website address English addict
dot uk’ that is the address so there is no mistake no way of not knowing and that is
the actual address I will leave it on the screen for a few more moments there is the
new website I will also publish this on my facebook page as well for those who want to
get in touch you can of course and there will be a new email address which I will reveal
on Wednesday that’s when I’m back with you by the way I will be back with you on Wednesday
2:00 p.m. UK time for those who are wondering here is the lesson list Sunday Wednesday Friday
2:00 p.m. UK time is when you can catch me live on YouTube so every Sunday Wednesday
Friday 2:00 p.m. UK time that’s it it’s time to go it’s time to go can we have a look at
the hill oh okay then if it makes you happy there it is that is the view out of the window
right now looking out towards BREXIT Britain so that’s what BREXIT Britain looks like for
those who are wondering it’s very windy outside and also I think it’s trying to rain as well
and that is it that is all there is from me for today I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s live
stream it’s been a long one we’ve had over two hours today to enjoy the English language
and of course don’t forget I will be back Wednesday 2:00 p.m. UK time I am going to
see my mother tomorrow as you know or as you may not know my mother at the moment is in
hospital so I’m going over to see her tomorrow and I’m going to be back with you on Wednesday
I will publish the address of my new website on my YouTube channel and also on Facebook
as well thanks for your company Thank You arts B Thank You grace Thank You Eleanor it’s
been a long one today I must admit hasn’t it been a big one a whole two hours in 15
minutes well I think this must be the longest one we’ve done in a long time a long time
thank you very much for your company today thank you hi Lee Kwang Palmyra thank you flower
Espoir thank you Luis Mendez Thank You Pedro Belmont even though you said goodbye an hour
ago thank you very much beet trees don’t forget to check out my website and also don’t forget
to Like and subscribe the like will help my videos because of this you will help my videos
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time to go hope you’ve enjoyed this catch you on Wednesday see you on Wednesday this
is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching see you soon and
of course for all those who have been watching and for all those who haven’t… ta ta for

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