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[ENG SUB] SEVENTEEN – Vernon – B boy – [ Sub español + Hangul + Rom ] HD

[ENG SUB] SEVENTEEN – Vernon – B boy – [ Sub español + Hangul + Rom ] HD

For a moment I did not think in a sudden death I have not even started to talk Throughout your career, and until the end you spoken of rappers Trying to crush them and pass them as if they were losers Like crush I’m shit You are not perfect stop being ignorant Try the school me I’m getting out here early Literally look at my information for a few seconds However, even your conscience, not dead. Send a message Some say that it makes no sense The vocal cords are not important, that it is not their only potential And the potential of Drake, Meek Mill, hell yeah You investigate and try your lyrics have rhythm But rarely you get it I’m just being honest Don’t take this wrong, accept them And thus you will be trapped within my spirit This verse will be successful Your lips make strange movements Oh well I admit Is an emotion after smoking a cigarette (¡?!) I’ll be fine Cheer up, Frosted Flakes But let us something (to eat) Seventeen is hungry This year Why all people think simply about money? Our representative is the best He cares about us and not bragging Now what she do She just put heart eyes under Where I pic suckers The seventeen circus 2015 yeah we bout to take over

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