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[Eng sub] How to paint watercolor Lesson 8 / Step by Step Painting 2 of 3 sections [ART JACK]

Hello everyone, this is Art Jack. Today is lesson eighth, second of three sections. Now it gets darker as you go this way.
As this is bright, and masking is painted in the bright part, It darkens to the right. And you have to see the sky in the middle.
Please be careful about those parts. When you draw a tree leaf, it covers the sky, and those touches are a bit careful. There are lower shrubs down there.
Please handle it all at once. The shrubs at the bottom don’t care much about the sky.
Paint them together in this silhouette. I like drawing trees very much. A tree of such a free atmosphere. Unlike the left side, the right side is a dark wood.
But you have to leave these parts open to the sky in the middle. Darken and press firmly. You can shock the brush like this. So here is the basic painting.
Let’s go this way. I’m going to draw this tree a little wet.
It’s a bit different from the right side In a slightly wet form I want to paint The color of the tree will also be painted in a lot of brown color. These wet paints will lighten when they are dry. I expect that part to make the dark parts darker and the light parts a bit
It’s better to darken it. But you have to pay attention to the silhouette parts at the end
So that the picture comes alive I like drawing the most time when water is going to dry. If you want to see later, I’ll go in again. After drying This is also a dark tree trunk.
Some are bright, but some dark tree trunks. I didn’t express those parts. Now draw the tree you planned. This side is bright and the right side is dark. Imagine, First draw it like this. Then with clean water, This is a bright color and mix with the pre-painted color, Contrast is formed. Well, I’m not sure about the two with a little contrast. I will make a difference in contrast. Watercolor is a planned drawing, but there are variables in the process. So how to deal with variables
It is more important than that 2 trees created This isn’t definite either.
There’s no difference in contrast and it can be drawn on top again. You can wipe off the bright areas again. The color will fade as you brush it. And before it dries like this, I do my nails You can also scrape it out. Then we will draw a small grass. When you think about landscapes, you can think of a theme that you can think of. Because it’s not too special
We learned the standard way by learning the general case. I can’t say how I use this standard I will try to draw in the standard way as much as possible today. The grass is moving forward like this. There is a little island of grass on the hill behind. It’s bigger than this, but now there’s an island, and it’s going to go back to this island. So it’s good to mark those borders This will not confuse you when drawing later. Then I’ll go up the hill Hill, don’t be hard. Just a relaxing hill The grass spreads out like this on the hill. This is a hill that you can see a lot in general. I’ll make it as easy as possible. I need to change the color a little bit. If you are far away, just take a little bit like this. like this The grass is shaped. And when you draw forward It looks like grass growing up, If you draw the grass too long, the grass is too lush so it doesn’t look like grass. So in between
Small grasses are growing like this. Draw it here,
This is how the texture of the grass is finished. I’ll add it later if I can add more. I think this is the first painting completed. Like this You can dip it like a dot. If it’s wet, the paint spreads. There is a way to do it when there is no water, There are ways to do this when there is a little bit of water, and the two are different. Like a dot when you have a bit of water. Please remember that. And I changed the color again
I’m going to change it a little bit and go ahead I make a little more texture. The texture of the grass seems to be irregularities. Dot the back small. Because the brush tip is dry, so dry You can draw conveniently without having to draw one by one. Take a picture like this. Then it looks like grass grows now I think that little grass is on it. Please draw a little bit of the long grass in front. Then there is one more thing to do.
Free touch. Equally, painting is not fun. Feel free in that way. Honest straight lines are boring. Draw it like this freely. So it looks like natural grass. There’s a lot here, but a few freely, Now if you draw just a few, it looks like there’s a lot elsewhere. It makes a dot, but it’s kind of like a line. And change the direction of the line slightly. Like hitting the paper with the end … And this part is going to dry
Again darken it and press the bottom part. That way.
Touch freely again with a long thin brush. Free the “N” line The lower part is in contact with lake shoes The horizon should come out little by little. Not everything is vertical You have to tidy up the bottom. The edges stick out like this
This is cute. Small two tree trunks on the tree. Take one dot like this. Like this I’ll draw the part below the water surface. You won’t see more hills than this. Don’t be afraid to draw water. Water is water, not something to be afraid of. Just water. Then, on yellow green, Swing down. Because the part is the part that sky color should enter, Don’t expand this far.
Now it’s only down here. The upper part becomes brighter, and the part touching the water surface becomes darker. Rather than saying it a hundred times, it actually shows it. It becomes dark like this. It is dark like a hill, but the grass is not drawn in detail. Just adjust the contrast.
I think I should add more brown. If you press it, it will go down under gravity like this. This is how gravity is used. You have to climb up a little bit. Color
Please go up a little. The lower part is wet, so the color becomes lighter later.
So given that, Take some darker parts.
The color goes down like that. In this way so that the color does not fall even when the water is dry. Then this part is reflected here. Color miss. It is not this color. Too much brown.
If you try to make this color You should add a little bit of blue to green.
It’s a reflection of a distant forest. This way, it disappears at this point. It’s hidden from the hill and you can’t see it. What we should not forget This tree is reflected. Then wipe the brush to draw the tree. This will be When you wipe it like this, squeeze water like this. If there is a lot of water in the water, Because water is spreading around. So like this
You can wipe the water with a tissue and then wipe it off like this. If you paint right away, the water is still dry and the water will diffuse. Wait a bit and wait until it dries to some extent. I will peel off the masking I wonder what will happen now. I’ll take it out right away. Masking Store and use hardened material. It becomes a masking eraser. It’s easy to get rid of masking. “daler rowney” masking liquid is easily removed. Very good. It is removed at once … Ah! It’s dotted with dots and can’t be removed at once. If they are connected together, they are removed at once. Like this Here is removed at once. Whether the masking is peeled off like this
If you touch it, you will feel silver masking. If masking is left, the feeling of masking is transmitted to the hand. If it remains in the area, you can feel the friction of the rubber in your hand. So you can also remove the masking by hand. Then paint the bright branches.
Light green You do not have to paint on the cotton. Approximately There was a bright part too. Because this is dry. Let’s paint. Please give it all the way down This part is going to have clouds. So you have to leave it here. The rest is painted in light blue. This is a little darker. There are roots of water plants under the lake. It’s permanent. It’s just masked so you can dare to paint This is where the grass comes out of the water, so I’m not painting it right now. Wipe the clouds with a tissue just as you do with the sky. Please wipe it like this. Then how did you draw the shadow? Paint dark shadows like this first. Then rinse with water and remove a little water. Gradient the boundary. I can’t do it pretty well at first. It doesn’t have to be pretty. If you keep trying, you will be mature. I shouldn’t be at first so I
“Don’t paint” Don’t do this. In the same shape. Because it is projected on water But the reflections on the surface are a bit darker. Why not? This is because the surface of the water does not reflect completely like a mirror. The plants are growing like this
Plants It’s tangled inside. There are people who look at each one like this so that they can draw it so pretty. Here you can see the olive green color. Then you use that olive green color. And the shape is similar, so roll the same shape Approximately… I think life is similar. I’m trying to draw so much that drawing is difficult. You can think about the color to match it. I came down here and the water dried up a little bit
I did. There is a way to fix it. Rather, you can make something somehow. I think so. Please don’t give up until the end and thank you for following.

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