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ENG SUB【将夜S2 Ever Night S2】EP38 | 宁缺偷偷溜到西陵,与桑桑仅一车之隔

ENG SUB【将夜S2 Ever Night S2】EP38 | 宁缺偷偷溜到西陵,与桑桑仅一车之隔

=Ever Night 2==Episode 38=Our Youngest Brother is right. But we can’t make it at one stroke. We need a more thorough plan to accomplish the mission. Everyone is afraid that it will happen again. But this time, we need to take the initiative. Right. We need a more thorough plan. It may take a long time. Maybe… We need to unite the strongest forces on earth. We need to unite the people we trust most. We need to sacrifice ourselves. We may be in deep trouble. We may drift from place to place. We may fall forever. We may disappear. We may change. We must endure. We must watch the killing wreaks havoc in the dark quietly. When the white light shines in the darkness, we will break the shackles and banish all darkness and injustice. We will make this world forever bright and free. Will Sage agree? He will light up the night sky for us in heaven. Hierarch, it is said that… Ning Que and his fellows are still in God-Startling Formation. And during this period, valuable materials kept coming in. I suspect they want to rebuild it. It seems like Ning Que resolves to hide in the capital in desperation. Then we won’t have a chance to kill him. Heavenly Maid will go back to the heaven as long as the Light Conference begins. By then, the whole capital will go up in smoke. Heavenly Maid befalls West Shrine, we will win hands down. Get Light Conference ready as soon as possible. And then Heavenly Maid can go back to heaven soon. Wouldn’t it be better for us if she stays in West Shrine? Fool! Things belong heaven should be back in heaven. Things belong man’s world should be back in the world. I see. Regroup quickly and unite all the states. The moment Heavenly Maid goes back to heaven is the date we crusade against Tang State again. Yes, Hierarch. Chief Chao. You… My lord asked you to meet him. What a tone! Who is your lord? Mr. Two from the Academy. Mr. Two wants to meet me? Yes. Are you going to against the God? This is the most secret plan of the Academy. It’s excellent. But it is also hard to accomplish. We’ve killed a lot of people. But we always kill them directly. We have no experience in designing traps. It’s Ning Que’s idea. I don’t think there will be any problem. Are we sure we’re going to start a war now? It will start sooner or later. Instead of waiting West Shrine to get ready, and attack us again. Why don’t we attack first and kill them off guard? Taking the offensive will surprise every one. And we can also fight for more initiative. But now… The Drinker and the Butcher have joined West Shrine. According to power, they are masters beyond the five Stages. And have survived thousands of years. If they work together, I’m afraid it will be difficult for us to win the final victory. To carry out this top-secret plan, I can help to hold them off. Hello, Mr. One. Hello, Chief Chao. Light will never die. Righteous path lasts forever. He is your most faithful servant, Xiong Chumo. What’s this? These are articles of tribute from Yuelun State. Please have a taste. What are you doing here? The Light Conference is almost ready. But… The academy has been sitting tight. I want to know… Have you ever considered making the academy disappear from the world before you go back to heaven? They’ll be in Peach Hill. Really? Have you found the Envoy of Light? I’ve made all the Tao Temples to find the Envoy of Light for the Light Conference. All the people are proud of it. They have traveled thousands of miles to Peach Hill. I finally selected six couples of boys and girls after repeated selection. They are not the most pure people. Boys and girls are not the most pure people. The most pure people is in Zhishou Temple. Zhishou Temple? Both of them will die if the war begins. You mean… I’ll go. If they fight together, you will be killed by one move. We need to get some people around the Drinker and the Butcher. To spy on them. To be lurkers. We need to take desperate measures when necessary. To assassinate them. They are not ordinary people. Maybe… Any means of assassination is meaningless before the powerful masters. Every man has his weak side. We should use extremities to against the invincible. Speaking of assassination, Demonic Cult is good at it. But… In my opinion, you need to deprive your cultivation if you want to get close to them. That can make them reassured. Hello, Ms. Three. Hello, Chief Chao. Would you? My cultivation is negligible if it can be traded for the ultimate victory in this war. We should let Liu Bai do this. He can deprive your cultivation. But in the same time, he can also hide your sword where no one can imagine. I’ll write to Liu Bai. This is a war between mankind and the Heavenly Maid. We need to borrow sword from him again. Chief Chao, this is an ending road. You have to think twice. Sage said… Even if there were thousands of people in front, I would go if I want. How about Ning Que? His name is not on this brochure. But he is the most important part of this plan. We will have the ace in the hole if he can safeguard the capital. He has left the capital. What? Brother Chang, hurry up! Take it easy. I can’t wait to pick up my wife. Let’s go! Hey, wait! Are you Chao Xiaoshu, Chief Chao? Do you know me? Although I’m blind, but I know your sword. Did you regret taking my sword? All fights are fair. So the outcomes are fair too. Whether I had your sword or not, I would still fought with Ning Que. Chief Chao, you nearly died in Sword Pavilion last time. I wonder why you are here now. I am here to borrow swords from your brother. Last time, it was Sage borrowed swords from my brother. You don’t necessarily qualify. There will be a catastrophe in the world. Your brother will not sit by. I think he won’t turn me down. Interesting! Chief Chao, this way please. I am Chao Xiaoshu from Tang State. I want to ask Sword Saint for advice. A few years ago, you just entered the Stage of All-Knowing. And you came to challenge me. But you couldn’t even take my one move. Even if you make progress now, you’re still no match for me. Madcap! I am well aware that I am not qualified to challenge you. But the only thing I’ve never lacked in my life is courage. So I dare to fight, no matter how powerful the enemy is! But I’m going to do one thing. It may cost me a lot of important things. But it may make the world a little better. So… I must borrow your sword. Is this world terrible? Mr. Two asked me to tell you that… A sharp sword shouldn’t be in its scabbard. Nor should the world be under Heavenly Maid’s control forever. The people from the Academy are all lunatics. The biggest regret of my life is I even couldn’t take your one move at that time. So today, I want to challenge you again. But I need you not to kill me. Or I can’t go on with what I’m doing. I know this is ridiculous. But please! You want me to deprive your cultivation. But not to kill you. Yes. Only you, Liu Bai, the Sword Saint can do it. Who told you that? Jun Mo. I’ll meet your crazy demands. Thank you, Sword Saint. You’re a wreck now. Only wrecks can make them relax their vigilance. Thank you, Sword Saint. You’ve reached the Upper Stage of ALL-Knowing. But you’re willing to be a wreck. There are only two people in the world worth it. The Drinker and the Butcher. Is it really worth it? Here is a letter from the Academy. So… You want to borrow two swords from me. Yes. Hide the swords in your body. It is a risky move. I know. You need to remember that… The day the sword bursts through your body is the day you gonna die. I hope my sacrifice is worth it. We meet again after so many years. So much death… But we’re still alive. Come on! Cheers! The situation is not good now. We have to be careful. East Border is in peace now. So does the south. We fought for East Border’s peace. Those bastards in Qinghe County never got beaten up. They need to learn to be honest. Aren’t you a veteran? I joined the army in the period of whole world crusades against Tang State. There are no generals in Tang State now. Then I’m a general. I’ll beat them up and beg for mercy. Great! You’re a hero! I’m an unknown compared to those who died in the war. Where’s Blacky? It ran away. Ran away? I didn’t know you were a soldier either. It’s no wonder that I feel so close to you. Is she your daughter? My daughter? She is my wife. Your wife? What a pity! Where is your wife? Has she gone too? I should… Whatever! It’s not a big deal. Just go and fine another one. I can’t. It is my fate. We should leave now. We’re running out of time. Bro, take care! Brother Yang, take care! Let’s go. Bro, take care! Brother, Xiong Chumo is here. How are you? Chen Mou. Temple Master. Xiong Chumo, do you know who you are? How can you call Temple Master by name? It’s fine. For thousands of years, Hierarch of West Shrine’s Hall has been asked to worship Zhishou Temple. Now I’m an useless geezer. Just let them enjoy the taste of power. To be honest, I did feel a little bit of pride. As you said, All the Hierarches of West Shrine’s Hall in thousands of years, among them, no one can talk to Temple Master of Zhishou Temple like me. They have something you don’t. Please go into detail. Sense of shame. You are so childish. Even if you are Mr. Twelve of the Academy, you are too young. What are you doing here? I am here to invite Temple Master to go to Peach Hill with me as Envoy of Light. The Light Conference is going to begin. Yes. Envoy of Light will help Heavenly Maid to go back to heaven. He must be the most pure, clean and unsullied people in the world. Temple Master is the best candidate. By that time, your name will spread throughout the Taoism. How glorious is this! I’m not going. If I am that person, I will go. But what a pity! I know I am not the people who can help her. Temple Master. It’s not up to you. It needs to be decided by Heavenly Maid herself. So you just have to decide whether to go there yourself or we invite you to go. Father said he was not going. Little fatty, look at your delicate skin. Just get out of here! Ye Hongyu, are you going to kill me? Since we follow the Light, we should stand up. What a Tao-Addict! You are too obsessed with Tao. It will hurt you one day. Master, I am sorry. What I want is not him. It’s him! Envoy of Light. I need him to help me go back to the heaven. I believe that… He will be a great envoy. Father. Envoy of Light, this is a great honour. You can stand beside the Heavenly Maid and help her open the gate of heaven. Light will never die. Righteous path lasts forever. Pipi, what are you going to do? The Envoy of Light of the Light Conference is Mr. Twelve from the Academy. It’s so great. Right. In this way, they will certainly go to Peach Hill. With Heavenly Maid, Mr. One and Mr. Two from the Academy are both losers. Spread the news of Chen Pipi quickly. Besides, is there any news about Ning Que lately? Our scouts in the capital haven’t heard of him in days. They may still be in the God-Startling Formation. They really think they can safeguard the capital if they keep guarding the God-Startling Formation. Ridiculous! You are a Song people. Yes, I am. We need a cleaner to clean the kitchen these days. Just stay here. Okay, thank you. I have to remind you. The Light Conference is going to be held on Peach Hill. All the people here will be scrutinized. You’d better stay in this kitchen and don’t hang out. Then… Can I go to the Hall of Light? Don’t even think about it. You are just a cleaner. You can’t go there. You will get killed easily by that peach grove alone. Do you understand? Peach grove? After the peach grove is the Hall of Light. No more questions! Sorry! Sorry! I am too talkative. Go into the Hall of Light to meet Heavenly Maid. And stop her from going back to heaven is the most important part of our plan. It’s also Sage’s purpose to keep her here. She is no longer a god on earth. And she can’t rule the world her way. Sangsang, I know I can meet you in the Hall of Light. The Hall of Light is ahead. The Peach Hill Formation! It is too horrible. How did Sage cut all the peach blossoms in those days? Blacky! Blacky! It’s you! It seems that dreams are real. Tell me! How many mares in West Shrine have you harmed? Hurry up! Take me to Sangsang. You can’t get through this peach grove either. It’s fine. Let’s go back and try something else. Let’s go. Let’s go. Roast sweet potato! It smells good. It tastes delicious. I was here with young master before. Sage brought us here. Just forget them. Young master. Here you are. Thank you. Granddad, is your store really a thousand years old? Of course. It started from my grandfather’s grandfather… Okay. I would like to have three of it. Three sweet potatoes? They are so big. You can’t finish three of it by yourself. It’s fine. I bought three last time when I was here. Okay. Okay, three sweet potatoes. Here are you. That was young master! He is coming for me. He’s here to get killed. Don’t kill him! Shut up! Heavenly Maid is humane. But not to him! What kind of weather is this? Why is it thundering all of a sudden? That was a Wrath of Haotian. Stripling, now it’s your time. What? That thunder will split all the peach blossoms. It’s more convenient for you to go to the place you want. How do you know me? You really let me down. Your Sage and Youngest Uncle went to Peach Hill at that time, my sweet potatoes were still hot when they came back. But when it comes to you, I have to remind you. Thank you. Here. Okay. Young master is coming here to find me. It tastes delicious. The cliffs are too steep here. He won’t make it.

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