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[ENG CC] 이중모음#3 ㅘ ㅝ 🇰🇷 Learn Korean Language_ Double vowels for absolute beginners

[ENG CC] 이중모음#3  ㅘ ㅝ 🇰🇷 Learn Korean Language_ Double vowels for absolute beginners

Hello. Welcome to DewKorean. I’m iseul(dew). Today we are going to learn about the double vowels [ㅘ, ㅝ] First, let’s start with [ㅘ]. [ㅘ] is combined with [ㅗ] and [ㅏ]. If you speak [ㅗ] and [ㅏ] quickly, you will speak [ㅘ]. There are English words with [ㅘ] sound. Let’s see The word [ㅘ] is clearly heard in these words. What would be the sound when 14 Korean consonants meet [ㅘ]? speak it out slowly. Good job Now let’s do it one more time. Good job Now let’s see how the vowel [ㅘ] is used in Korean words. When we’re surprised [Wow] we are surprised saying [Wa] when we see something amazing [Wa] is used at that time. alphabet Y in English wine Good job [ㄱ + ㅘ=과] snack [ㅈ + ㅘ=left] left and Right Next is [ㅎ + ㅘ=화] anger it means anger in English. Next is a flowerpot restroom, toilet painter The person who draws a picture is called a painter. Fire extinguisher A fire extinguisher used to extinguish a fire. Now let’s pronounce it quickly with the speed of native speakers. Well done Next is [ㅝ] [TT + ㅓ=ㅝ] If you pronounce it quickly, you will hear [ㅝ]. In English, there are some words with the sound [ㅝ]. Do you hear [ㅝ] when you say these words? You can pronounce it in [ㅝ]. Let’s take a closer look at what sounds when [ㅝ] meets consonants Good job Let’s do it a bit faster. Good job Now let’s look at the words with [ㅝ]. [원=one] 워너원=wannaone Korean idol group name This is my favorite group Wanna One Then beautiful beautiful [아름다워]=beautiful [고마워요]=Thanks Well done You can pronounce it like this. Thank you very well. [ㅁ + ㅝ=뭐] “뭐”=what Then shower This is a very common English word in Korea. It’s a bit different from English pronunciation, but it’s a very common word in Korea Then the tower Power Now let’s talk quickly Good job Can you feel [ㅝ] a little easily? Now let’s practice [ㅘ] and [ㅝ] together. Good job Let’s do it again. Good job! Now, how did you feel to learn about [ㅘ] and [ㅝ]? Did you feel a little easier this time? Yes, it is In the next lesson, You will learn about a vowel called “ㅢ” that many people feel it really difficult If you are interested in a video about “ㅢ”, please watch the next video. If you liked my lecture today, please click the Like button. And if you have not subscribed yet, please press the “Subscribe” button Thank you.

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