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[ENG cc]ยังปั่นทันอยู่ วู้ววว✒️ INKTOBER Day.2-4 | Raveeoftitans

[ENG cc]ยังปั่นทันอยู่ วู้ววว✒️ INKTOBER Day.2-4 | Raveeoftitans

Hey guys, it’s Ravee here. Back at it again with the second Inktober video. Today, the video will be about the drawing process of the 2nd day, and also 3rd and 4th, I think? Yeah, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. In the last video, I forgot to tell you why I uploaded it on that day. For the first video, I wanted to upload it on the day marking the Inktober season, which is the 1st of October. So I uploaded it on that day. You can just consider it a bonus video for this week. Then this video will just follow our regular schedule which is every Friday. What I had in mind was to upload every other day, if that’s possible. If not, I’ll just stick with the schedule which is uploading every Friday. If you’re ready for this, let’s get started with the second piece now. Let’s go! Okay. While I show you the speed painting, I’ll be talking about my thinking process and the concept I came up with for each piece. At first, I was planning to have you guess what I’d be drawing, but then I realized that you guys would’ve figured it out when I post the pieces on my IG. I also lined out the sweets’ names on the pieces, especially at the beginning too. So I guess there’s no need for guessing game anymore. Okay, let’s talk about the piece for the 2nd day. This piece is of a Cotton Candy witch, who has cotton candy hair and wears a cone, that cotton candy is wrapped around, as a hat. I actually haven’t had that much cotton candy, so I don’t know how it supposes to look like, but that’s the design for her hat. I actually wanted to use more colors for this Inktober, but I’m trying to keep it monochromic with white, black, and yellow-gold-ish. So I didn’t color in her hair, the cotton candy, to make her cuter. Why do I have to make faces like that? Lul. Anyway, that is the reason why I’m not coloring anything in, and that’s to mainly keep the same tone in all 31 drawings if I can manage to do all of them. Another reason is I don’t want to spend too much time per drawing. If I add more steps to the drawings, using watercolor and color pencils, it’ll be too much, and I’d never be done with a drawing. Then, the possibility of finishing all 31 drawings will definitely decrease. So I decided to keep the steps simple. That’s it for the Cotton Candy drawing. Next up is the Day 3 drawing which will be Strawberry Panna Cotta. I chose this dessert for today’s theme because it’s one of my favorite desserts from my favorite restaurant, On The Table, as usual. Those of you who’ve followed me for a long time are probably bored of me mentioning this restaurant. This is the Panna Cotta theme, right?. The colors would be white and red. But as I mentioned before, I want to keep the tones within white, black, and gold. So I didn’t color in any red on her dress. As you keep watching, you’ll see that I use the hatching technique to indicate that this area would be red. Here, I just drew half of her face, and the other half is on the spoon because her face is the Panna Cotta. Then, when you eat, you…scoop it up like pudding. Then I drew the strawberries as her ears, which I noticed that they look like squirrel ears. So I took the opportunity to add a squirrel tail too. Then it suddenly became a Panna Cotta witch with squirrel ears and tail. They aren’t related, but I’m emphasizing on the cuteness, not the reality. The next drawing, which is going to be the last one for today, is Lemon Pie witch for Day 4 of Inktober. The reason behind the dessert selection isn’t anything complicated. They can be desserts that I like or ones thatI’ve seen before. If I can think of them, then I draw them out. For this Lemon Pie, I saw some on sale at Walmart and I just got the feeling that it’s also one of the desserts that I kinda like. That’s how I decided to use Lemon Pie as a theme for this witch. The lemon pie gives me that bright and cheerful vibe, so I gave her a child-like dress. Her hair is also inspired by the meringue on the lemon pie. Her hat is a witch hat that looks like half a lemon. I try to give every witch a witch hat because it portrays that a person is a witch. So I try to incorporate the theme into the hair or the hat, making it look good. What else? Oh, she also has a cat which I decided to make it fluffy. It’s also inspired by meringue. The reason I gave her a cat is purely based on my love for cats, in case anyone hasn’t noticed that I’m a cat lady. Okay, I’ll leave you guys with the time-lapse of the drawing, and I’ll see you later at the end of the video. Yay, I’m done with 3 more drawings for this Inktober, and I hope everyone likes them. This is truly a grind. Lul. I have to grind the drawings and draw them ahead of time, you should know that, right? For the videos, I want to upload them on time, so I have to finish the drawings in advance. For these 3 drawings, I’ve already posted them on my IG, @ravee_art. If you’d like to see the full drawings, then you should check my IG out. If you’d like to follow along with my Inktober 2019, then you can follow me on Instagram. If you’d also like to follow along here as well, make sure to subscribe and enable the bell. If I manage to make every drawing, then I should be posting every 3 days for 3 drawings. If not, I’ll see you guys next week. Is there anything else? Oh! Don’t forget to click like and share. Thank you watching until the end. That’s it for today. I’ll see you next video. Bye byeee. Later Aligator

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