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(ENG) 캘리그라피 작가는 어떤 펜을 쓸까? 캘리그라피 붓펜 추천, 리뷰 #01 [스밈캘리 Smim Calligraphy]

Today, let me introduce you to the
Calligraphy pens that I am using. Kuretake, Acacia, Xeno, Monami, and Staedtler. Brush pens are divided into two main types. One is the type of brush made of fur. The other is the type of brush made of sponge. First, my favorite brushpen Kurtake. Let me introduce you to 22 and 26. There are also 24 and 25, but these two expressions are enough. As you can see, it’s a really fur brush pen. Press this part before using it to get ink. When ink permeates the brush, you can use it. Let me draw the line with Kurtake 22. You can express it as thin or as thick as you want. It is freely available for expression
from thin to thick strokes. It is very good. It’s good to carry. Kurtake 22 is probably the most famous brush pen. This is 26. I drew it as thick as I could. It may vary depending on the force adjustment. With these two things, you can express the number 24 and 25. Acacia thin brush black, indigo. This is a really thin brush pen. Let me introduce black and indigo. It’s as thin as an eyeliner, so you can express your handwriting very carefully. First black. You can draw it thin when you relax, and draw boldly with a slight amount of force. You can draw it in medium thickness. It’s really thin, isn’t it? I carry this the most these days. Very simple. Next, Indigo. This brush pen has a total of five colors. They are black, gray, indigo, dark green, and purple. Among them, I am using two things like this. It’s definitely a blue color. From now on, it is a sponge type pen. First, three types of Xeno brush pens. There are thin, medium, and bold pens. The brush is made of sponge. Let me show you a thin pen first. Surely it would be better for beginners
to write than a furry pen. The pen itself feels harder. I think it would be good to use it
when you enter calligraphy. That’s because fur brushes need a lot of practice. The second is the middle pen. It is… Like a marker. It feels like a marker. Bold pen. There are also advantages of sponge type only. It is very good to use evenly. It’s really bold. These were Xeno. Next is Monami. It is the most basic brush pen in Korea. It was much loved before Kuretake. Thin brush pen, and basic. It’s this different. a basic brush pen. It also allows you to draw thin and thick lines. Monami feels softer than the Xeno pens above. Monami thin pen. It does not seem to be a dark black color. Monami is also of good quality. Finally, Staedtler. The full name is Staedtler mechanical 3000 Duo. In short, it is a dual pen. One is a brush pen and one is just a pen. I’ll try the brush first. Oh, good. Compared to Monami above, Staedtler’s color is darker and clearer. a back pen. It can be used everywhere. If you use a brush pen for Family Saying, it would be good to use a pen for sources. I introduced the pens that I actually use. To conclude, a brush pens with fur. The rest, brush pens made of sponge. Personally, I recommend practicing
on a sponge type first. Use a fur type if you get used to it later. It can be difficult to use a fur type from the start. If there is one disadvantage of sponge type, That’s what it sounds like.. Fur type. The lines are strong and cool. The sponge type is neat and tidy. Thank you for watching the video. If you’ve been helpful,
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