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[EN]한글날 무료서체 만들기 ㅣ Making Korean Alphabet

[EN]한글날 무료서체 만들기 ㅣ Making Korean Alphabet

As always I go to work I was wondering how Korean alphabet is made If you want to make Korean alphabet in the future, I would like to tell you like this Never even try it Before I start to make I would like to explain briefly of making a font First of all, decide which type of font you will make I often noticed that People make a joke of exercise (making fun of people who are into exercise) about the jokes from people who like exercise I don’t consider it as jokes I am going to make it as Korean alphabet What comes to mind when we think of exercise? I thought of running ! Running motion looks like Korean alphabet ‘ㄹ’ similar to running posture by using a computer program I trim up the letter ‘ㄹ’ quickly If you stretch one leg forward, the other leg naturally goes up backward Likewise, I made the edge of ‘ㄹ’ up to backward If you move forward, you accelerate You would meet the resistance opposite to the direction of running ‘ㄹ’ should be tilted It is hard to tell that I make it for fun Since I follow the principle to create ‘ㄹ’ You can do it with a smile until now English has 26 alphabets If you count Capital letters you should make 52 letters In terms of Korean alphabet, you can make 11,172 The letters that are already made If they don’t naturally create each other, While talking about a bullshit I combine the consonant ‘ㄹ’ with vowels to make the perfect letter To make sure it’s done well I will read aloud la lal lam lang lat Before you make Hanguel you should train this first We call it ‘visual correction’ I put 5 different types of shapes into the same size of squares then you can see empty space If you cannot see the space don’t make Korean alphabet to make everything in the order 5 shapes should be be moved to left and right or up and down or change the size so that you can make all of shapes looking aligned it is ‘visual correction’ The visual correction depends on producer’s sight and hand skills If you want to make yours special wash your hands eat a lot of carrots Let’s deep into making a font normally taking from 6 months to more than a year to create full version of the font From now on, you are fighting with yourself When you make every single letter a train of thought keeps going I have no idea why I am doing this then I wonder who is going to use it After you finish ‘ㄷ’, ‘ㅌ’ is waiting for you If you make ‘ㄱ’, then a double consonant ‘ㄲ’ is waiting I feel like I want to quit there is no place to hide If there is a tip for making Korean alphabet better while you making a bullshit like this you would better make one more letter I can see the sky When it comes to think of the sky it resembles Korean alphabet a lot like we don’t know the end of this road… What on earth, our King Sejong created Korean alphabet A year has already passed like a lie I finally made 2,350 letters Now, it is time to put them into the program after you put 2,350 letters, to your computer to make the file being able to download it is done with making Korean alphabet ! After you download it I will use it With 3 types of thicknesses of the font I express ‘muscle loss’ because your protein is important… At last with the simple sentence I check overall feeling of the font It is a kind of test They look so beautiful From now on, these little kids should leave my hands Before many people use a font I’ve seen a lot of people worrying of the copyright This font is for everyone when you are using you don’t have to worry about the copyright then Please enjoy ‘Hanguel Proclamation DAY’ More detail about the font would be on the description

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