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EMS SERENISSIMA – Font presentation

EMS SERENISSIMA – Font presentation

51 Replies to “EMS SERENISSIMA – Font presentation”

  • Christian Jarhult says:

    Indeed a must-have. Probably the first thing to install after installing the OS on any computer. Thanks!!!

  • Orlopzi says:

    This is so extra in the best possible way. Nice work Elam!

  • Manuel Pascual says:

    What a pleasant surprise for a Saturday afternoon. Thank you. I'm going to play with my new entertainment.

  • Tomasz Szczerba says:

    I don't know why after typing – for a flat I can't place it where I want it on the staff. The placement keys work just fine with other symbols. Flat fictas are also important 😀

  • Ilias Vlastos says:

    the placement keys do not work:(

  • DJKLProductions says:

    Are you kidding me? I have been waiting for something like that for year! The culmination would be to have it has font for Sibelius and Dorico. But I don't know how much work it would be and if is possible to do it as a non-developer of Avid and Steinberg.

  • Ondřej Dobisík says:

    Holy moly, I feel like Christmas are already upon us. Thank you for the work!

  • crtusr says:

    A way of using musical fonts in which I didn't expect, It seems nice, I'll try it out.

  • Markus Nyman says:

    Thank you very much for the information. This is something I have been wishing for almost 20 years.

  • Namets says:

    High Quality video, thank you👋😃

  • Francisco Miguel dos Santos Ramos Vilaça Lopes says:

    Anouncement: Serenissima2 will allow ligatures!

  • Carlos Andrés says:

    Let the fun begin… Thanks Elam!

  • Dliess Mgg says:

    G2 5x 5d 5c 5f 4d 5s 4x

  • GBN says:

    Give these people an award right now!!

  • JeromeV says:

    Or you can use this one that is way easier to use and is far more precise : http://www.cmme.org/

    But I guess it’s a good solution if you want to work inside a text editor (but it’s not for me, not precise enough)

  • Zach Heilman says:

    Elam you should post this to the /r/musictheory subreddit. Really cool!

  • Ryan Strozeski says:

    This is awesome for learning to read earlier forms of written music. Due to poor penmanship I had a very hard time writing out even short practice pieces in this format. Thanks alot for creating such an easy to use font. Making it essentially, universally available in terms of those who can aquire it from the internet in the first place. Guess thats why its called Early Music Sources huh lol.
    If you're trying to learn classical and pre classical music just get this essential tool right away it will maks everything much easier.

  • Thomas Guyot says:

    Such a genuis 😍

  • Luis Ortega says:

    I don't usually say this but you guys are so above my head. Bravo!

  • Lucas Correia says:

    It's so epic! Thank you so much and much. I was looking for a font like this for a long time. Now, I can typeset as a French baroque copist did in the past using C-"Dessus" clef on first line and complete the other parts of the French instrumental quintet (haute-contre, quinte, taille and basse). Congratulations to Elam Rotem and to all your creative and smart developer friends. This font is pretty easy to use and does not need install any other programs or plug-ins. I have a trial on Writer from LibreOffice and it is working very well.

  • AliveforChrist says:

    This is epic. Btw, I would buy a T-Shirt if it had North German organ tablature printed on it 😀

  • Thomas Hughes says:

    Thanks, Elam!

  • Eduardo Jahnke says:

    This is really cool. Very nice font, I can't wait to give it a try.

  • Carlos Zapata-Carratala says:

    The value @EarlyMusicSources add to YouTube cannot be overstated!

  • Benjamin Feldman says:

    You are a font of talent.

  • Xoxor says:

    This is so awesome, thanks for sharing. One minor nitpick I've found to consider for future revisions if there's ever any (don't do one just for this), is that some symbols seem to have a non standard width, in the sense that they don't perfectly match any of the spaces for vertical alignment. F clef and sharp are the two that I've found. If this is historically accurate however that's awesome. I kind of like the imperfection.

  • David Burkhard says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing tool !

  • Paolo Palazzo says:

    Omg! A fantastic gift from Maestro Elam!!! Thanks

  • unkobold says:

    This is so , so clever and… so generous ! Thanks a lot. You made my sunday and probably long hours of pleasure for the months and years to come. Now Time to go and fetch a couple of t-shirts on your site !

  • dennismenezes says:

    D a m n a w e s o m e !

  • Proper Noun says:

    This is just genius.

  • Blaž Strmole says:

    Thank you, Elam. Great job, this is amazing! I downloaded it immediately and I have spent most of the day exploring and learning how to use this wonderful font system. I have transcribed one of my neo-renaissance pieces and it looks awesome! Do you have any hints about writing lyrics under the notes in Microsoft Word? I just need to find some authentic 16-century font for the lyrics and figure out how to put the text in second line closer to the notes.

  • Leonardo Peña Vega says:

    ¡Albricias! This is a wonderful, ellegant and easy to use font. I feel like a child with new toy and i didn't wait to write (transcript, indeed) some facsimiles. Thank you so much for that astonishing work and in the next days you can count with my collaboration on Patreon. CHAPEAU!

  • Arlin Geyer says:

    This will be great fun to work with. I am fairly new to this notation. Can you direct me to a source of information about how the black breves, semibreves, etc. function? Some detail on ligatures would also be useful. Thanks for all your videos. I’ve learned SO much.

  • Leonardo Peña Vega says:

    Just one thing it miss and is usefull, specially for 'villancicos': the signum congruentiae, also a character for Maxima. Maybe in the next version of the font it could be added.

  • Jack Taylor says:


  • Andreas Adi says:

    could you make a sample musical sheet from "Sicut cervus" Palestrina using that notation?

  • Barbara Świderska says:

    Fantastic idea! Easy to learn. What I like the most is that you can correct a mistake as easily as in the text, without ruining everything you have written before.

  • JancikNoBaka says:

    Great work. Easy to use and looks very nice indeed! Will you be adding ligatures anytime soon?

  • Michael Winter says:

    Could you do a video on how you created this? Particularly if it can be edited to create different styles?

  • J B Rupam says:

    Dear Elam Rotem Sir,
    Will it be true, if I say that this was the only popular music notation that developed/ or existed during the period from 1449 to 1568 AD (this period is of specific importance to me). If a student wished to learn music during that period somewhere in Europe he would have learned transcribing his own music compositions in this font – known as Mensural Notation.
    Please enlighten me.
    J.B.Rupam, Assam, INDIA
    ([email protected])

  • ezion67 says:

    A version of this font that would work with notation programs would be a nice addition.

  • PenhaPegna says:

    Excellent!!! Thanks 🙂

  • ProfRonanMC says:

    What a clever layout – well done for thinking it out logically. And many thanks for all your wonderful videos too

  • Maddalena says:

    Superb and really smart. Chapeau Maestro Elam! Just a question: how to put key accidentals? (eg F# and C# for D major) thank you!

  • Maddalena says:

    And now a tricky one. How to write lyrics centred below notes? And with a font that looks like 16th century printing. Thanks for that!

  • Carlos Andrés says:

    It works very well. Is there anything like this fonts but in modem style? That would solve lots of problems for me!

  • Edward Blair says:

    I didn't hear you mention dotted mensuration signs to indicate perfect prolation.
    Does the font include signume congruencia etc?

  • Ben George says:

    This is great. Do you know about Gregorio and GABC notation for chant? I think you would find it interesting as a music layout help. It would be cool to have the same capabilities but with your music font.

  • JSB213814 says:

    435 likes and 0 dislikes. Absolutely deserved. THIS. IS. AWESOME.

  • James Scott says:

    Love this—I use caeciliae to transcribe chants and once I made a choir book style copy of a fauxbourdon I wrote by manipulating the chant figures.

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