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Embroidery Designs + Fonts Using Embrilliance Express Free Software | SEWING REPORT

Embroidery Designs + Fonts Using Embrilliance Express Free Software | SEWING REPORT

hello and welcome to the Sewing Report
I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY
projects and yes I’m coming at you from a webcam in my kitchen why because I’ve
gotten a lot of questions recently about machine embroidery how i download
designs the fonts get them from the computer to the embroider machine and
what all I do so that’s what we’re doing and I’m gonna be sharing my screen for
most of this if you have any general questions feel free to leave them below
I’m gonna try to answer them full disclosure I am NOT an expert so I’m
just kind of showing you what I do there may be other ways there may be better
ways and that’s okay so let’s get to it all right let’s start off with
embroidery software I have not made the leap to pay for software yet I may in
the future but for now this free software Embrilliance Express seems to
be fitting most of my needs so I’m gonna roll with it for now this is the website
and they’ve got Mac and Windows versions and it this one’s free now keep in mind
the functions on this one very very limited and I’m going to explain that a
little further into the video but really what I use this software for is to use
my downloaded fonts in the .BX format and I just use it to make like words
phrases so that I don’t have to do that in the machine you can actually take the
font like in to your machine but then you have to do each letter individually
and that would take you like all day so I do find that this helps save some time
in that regard but I’ll explain this again but you
can’t do a lot of things like you can’t merge designs you can’t add font and it
is and a design that you downloaded so if you haven’t downloaded loaded the
software I mean give it a go and everything I talked about I’m gonna be
linking below in the info box so be sure to check there I also have a lot of
other videos about machine embroidery and my experience with it I’ve been
doing this for about a year now I know it it feels so long ago but you know I I
don’t know this is still kind of new to me and we’re also going to go over I’m
going to actually on this video by an embroidery design
and also by a thought just to show you what it’s like I’ve gotten a lot of
downloadable designs from Etsy and I’ve also gotten quite a few from embroidery
designs come here I’ll show you this there are a lot of free designs so if
you go to this website oh gosh there’s a lot of pop-ups your own all right yes so
it says thousands of embroidery designs for free and you can also click here and
then see and you can get with no purchase you can get three free designs
per week and the quality of these I found them to be pretty good I think
some of the appliques are super cute like these little animals I haven’t
really had an excuse to stitch these out but I’ve downloaded quite a few of these
and obviously because these designs are uploaded from different designers the
quality can vary but overall I’ve had some pretty good luck with them and some
of them are super cute you can get seasonal I actually did download this
beach scene and I think and yes I did do this abstract coffee cup so there’s a
lot to choose from and yeah and if you buy something you get six free per week
so I mean if you go here once a week and download like three per week you can
build up your design pretty quickly another option for embroidery designs
for me has actually been my blueprint subscription I’ve done a few classes
where they had free downloadable designs which was great so if you search here
machine embroidery they have a lot of little classes with different projects
and then you can download the files that come with it so that’s actually been
great for free patterns and free designs okay this is good this is a class called
in the hoop gifts you can see in resources here that there are quite a
few downloadable files so I’ll go ahead and actually download it just so you can
see what it’s like the brother machines are the P ES file format if you have a
different kind of machine make sure you know what kind of file you need but most
of the sellers and most of the places I’ve seen that offer embroidery designs
offer all different types of file formats so yours should be in there okay
so here we go so this is what it looks like when I
downloaded design so it comes zipped so you need to actually unzip the
file here is the file and notice it’s got this zipper on it you’re gonna need
to unzip the file all right so we’re gonna right click on here hit the option
extract all and that will unzip all your file folders okay here we go okay so now
you’ll see some folders in here and here’s all the files that you’ll be
making in the class so what I’m gonna do I actually have a dedicated folder on my
desktop where I keep all of my embroidery files so mine I just call
embroidery files and you can see I’ve got quite a few in here and I’m gonna
real able this in the hoop gifts so I know what it is and I’m gonna drag this
into my embroidery files so now when I click on this the in the hoop gifts
shows up right here see and you can see everything that’s in there is if up ouch
Fox I might actually make these these are
sort of cute okay so that’s what happens when you download some designs so I’m
actually gonna go ahead and go to Etsy and I’m gonna purchase a font just to
show you what that’s like so I’m gonna go to Embrilliance
Express and show you how to import the font and how to import any type of
design and show you what you do in here I purchase a lot of fonts on Etsy I
think the prices are great and you can have a great selection of different
types of designs here’s something to keep in mind though I’ve noticed quite a
few designs you’ll notice if you look at this listing here notice it comes with
uppercase letters lowercase letters and numbers it does not come with
punctuation so if you are just looking to do names you know initials this is
fine if you are looking to do something like a word or a phrase like if you’re
say you want to do its fall ya’ll you’re gonna need one with punctuation now
notice this comes in different sizes and also it tells you what formats that
comes with so it does come with BX so that’s really the one I want for Embrilliance express so if you do want one of the
punctuation I found searched for dot BX embroidery actually let’s just do I’m
just gonna do BX punctuation so here’s okay here we go so here’s a lot of fonts
with punctuation and I’m gonna go ahead and purchase one just to show you what
this like actually the starfish one is sort of cute usually the seller will
have an image of all the characters that come with with and just make sure that
for whatever you need to do for your project it has what you need
otherwise you may kind of feel a little little shortchanged there alright let’s
take a look at the starfish script section I do actually really like this
script I think it’s super cute even though this one does not have an
apostrophe and it has a comma what you can do is use the comma but then change
the placement of it so that it looks like an apostrophe so again that’s
that’s another way you can get around it so I think I’m going to go ahead and
download this one and some of these sellers will have pretty big discounts
if you buy more than one font or if you do like $10 or more so I’m gonna add to
my basket okay so see this one has three or more items from this shop and get 20%
off also as a side note I’ve had that llama applique design in my cart forever
and one trick or tip to kind of not overspend don’t buy the design until you
really need it like you can buy stuff all day long but then you might not
stitch out the project for six months why not just buy it when you need it
instead of buying it just to buy it alright so we’re gonna buy this sorry
guys I had to skip ahead cuz I didn’t want you to see on my personal info so
here is the order and this is what its gonna look like after you make your
purchase and here’s a link to download it so when you download it yes it’ll
show up and also another very important note I would not recommend trying to do
this on your phone or on like a an iPad do this on a laptop or a desktop because
you’re gonna need to get this file eventually onto a USB Drive I think it’s
just gonna be a lot easier for you to transfer it if it’s on actual computer
or a laptop okay so you’re gonna right click on this extract all X
tract okay that’s a lot of lot of items and usually the fonts come in several
different sizes so that’s why there are so many files okay so that’s done and
you can see the folder is in here I’m also gonna get rid of this in the hoop
one after I’m done with these folders I usually just delete them I don’t really
need this anymore I got what I needed so I’m gonna take the starfish script and
I’m going to drag it into my embroidery files alright and then you’ll see
everything I have in here and now I’ve got the starfish okay so I’m gonna take
my folder here and I’m going to drag it into embroidery files this is how the
files came there are quite a few notice they have the different sizes here like
this and then if you click on that folder you get subfolders with all the
file types but you also see the BX folder and that is what we’re gonna need
alright so we’re going to go into and brilliance Express now and I’m gonna
show you what goes on from here this is the Embrilliance Express icon on my
desktop I’m gonna click on it you’re gonna see this screen that says like
serial number entry this is if you have a paid version
I don’t just click done don’t enter anything in so it’s gonna open and say
this program is running in Express mode it will save licensed designs and fonts
however most of the program features will not be available click OK and I’m
gonna show you what that all means what you’re gonna do to import your fonts go
to this a I can’t appear that’s for text and you’ll notice over here I’ve got all
of my downloaded fonts in here so to get all of your fonts in here here’s all of
the starfish script sizes you’re just gonna take this and drag it on to and
brilliants Express it’s gonna say the font a starfish script one-inch has been
installed do this for every size and that’s all you have to do to
automatically get it in there 2.5 inch dragged to just anywhere in
Embrilliance express alright I just need three inch hit OK and then 3.5 inch and
now is it so now when you go to your options
you will see the starfish script right here see okay and how you change the
font in here is see this little box on the like the middle of the right-hand
side this is where you can enter anything and so I’m gonna put my name
for more set and now this is the font so this is one-inch that’s the smallest
size they offer I can also change to any of my other fonts woo I also have some
monogrammed in here wants ballerina so here’s and I’m gonna show you kind of
how everything works in here so I’m gonna go to the smallest smallest size
starfish so notice things are kind of you know set apart here you have options
you can change the slant you can change the spacing so you can make the letters
farther apart or you can make them closer together I personally like things
kind of closer together if it’s sort of like a cursive type font the other thing
you can do and I’ll show you this in a second if you say okay so say you want
all of your lines to be touching like say you don’t want the J to be so close
to the e you can click on this green dot and just move this letter a little over
so you can do that with any of them and you can really I like that you can do so
much with the placement of the letters you can also obviously rotate it so
obviously that fits a little bit better and I’ll show you because we did
punctuation let’s see here the apostrophes didn’t show up so what
I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna do commas instead for its fall y’all let’s
do commas so now you’ll see commas here and I’m actually going to space this out
a little bit more you may want to tweak the placement of
some of these likes I don’t know so I don’t like how some of these are you
know I kind of don’t like how far the F is away from that all the rest of the
all you can really play around with each individual letter which is something I
really do like about this so I want to move this over a little bit
move the L over so what I’m going to do with the comma is I’m gonna move this up
so it looks like an apostrophe here we go and for this one we’re gonna move the
S over so that here we go the apostrophe kind of fits in a little bit more there
we go so this is how you can turn a comma into an apostrophe I’m gonna move
that down just a little bit here we go so yes you can do something like that
and this now fits in and if you click on the entire thing you can move the whole
box down up left right you can rotate it so here is where things get kind of
interesting so say you want to add a design another design the only way you
can merge a design with the font is if you use one of the designs that comes
included within Embrilliance express that’s really the only thing you can do
so they have a few options I mean not honestly not a ton but I’ve used the
Christmas tree and the ornament a few times in like holiday stuff so say you
you know obviously fall has nothing to do with Christmas trees but let’s like
let’s pretend it does or I’ll use this little frame thing okay so say you want
to merge these two things you can’t scale this up or down alright so you can
make sure that this is centered there we go
this will make the whole work Spacey they’re smaller or larger so if you
wanted to save this as a file you could because you’re doing a font that you
imported and you’re doing a design that was in and brilliants Express now what
you can’t do is merge thought you imported plus a design you imported so
this if I wanted to save this you can save this works like kind of working
file and you can also save the stitch file so say I wanted to save the stitch
file then I could just call it like it’s fall y’all you know and then save that
and I can save that as any type of embroidered file you want so say I want
to do that you could now here’s something that won’t let you do so let’s
say you wanted to bring something else in alright so I’m going back I’ll just
pick some random thing here let’s do this ice cream cone so this is gonna
open up a new workspace here say I want to do the ice cream and then I wanted to
do a font as well like I’ll do your sweet
just pick any sort of random thing here one-inch so let’s say I wanted to do
these two actually I might need to pick something a little smaller
okay so I’ll do this point 5-inch whoa all right
the designs will stitch out in the order you have these place so if you were to
export this it would stitch out the ice cream first then the letters if you
wanted it to be the other way I believe you can change the order so
now the orders change so it would stitch out the letters first and then the ice
cream so whatever order you have this is the order it will stitch out so now it’s
back to the ice cream and then the letters if I try to save this though it
will say the design page contains elements that are not licensed for
saving they may be demo designs so just know it will not let you export anything
it will only export font plus something that was in their
little library here so I was do this like balloon or something it would let
you save that so there are certainly some limitations to this software so
just a note if you are looking to merge designs that you downloaded with fonts
you imported I would recommend doing it in the machine itself so all you have to
do is put both of them on a USB Drive and then here on I’ll kind of show you
what I would do in brilliance Express will let you save that but only because
this balloon design is one of their designs it won’t let you save anything
else all right so let’s say I want to do just to export it’s fall ya’ll alright
I’m just going to Center this well and maybe like put it like say I
was gonna do like a leaf with this or something you know I might set it down a
little bit automatically and then you know maybe put the leaf up here so we’ll
let you save this so I really just use some brilliance Express if I’m looking
to already type out my saying phrase or name and then later I will merge it with
the design another design in the machine so I’ll save this stitch file all right
let’s call its all y’all text all right save it as a PS this software is solid
for super basic stuff obviously if you want more features you will have to pay
for them but for what I need this is pretty much it I just go in here make my
words or phrases or names and then put it on my USB Drive and then bring it
into the machine so I’m gonna show you what happens next with the USB stick
alright so let’s close out of Embrilliance Express but if you want to
explore again it’s pretty user friendly with the navigation in the interface I
don’t find it too frustrating you can do all quite a bit at least with the
designs in with the text so that’s cool here’s what happens when you do the USB
stick you’re going to insert a USB Drive stick thumb drive whatever you want to
call it and then you’re gonna see this pop up this is where I keep all of my
designs as you can see I’ll do all the details I’ve got a quite a few things on
my USB Drive already and then I also have all of my stuff on my desktop this
is why you don’t really want to download stuff on like a phone or an iPad because
you need some type of hardware that accepts a USB Drive and I know most of
those don’t so a laptop or a desktop I usually work on a desktop anyways so
this should have saved my it’s fall y’all I have so many things on here
alright so here it is so it’s it’s fall ya’ll text so this is my USB Drive so
really all I’m gonna do is drag this from my desktop to the USB Drive
that’s it and down on your computer I usually do the safe leave or move
hardware and eject media thing that’s literally it so that’s how you get
things from your computer to the USB Drive Safely remove hardware I’m going
to eject the USB disk and from there I’m going to remove the USB Drive insert it
into the embroidery machine and then there is a function on the pe 800 where
you can then go into that drive and look at all your designs there so if I’m
trying to merge like say that it’s fall ya’ll with a leaf I downloaded I would
just do that in the machine and whatever order that you put the designs into that
particular project that’s the order it will stitch out on but the InDesign
functions on the PE 800 are actually pretty good you can rotate you can
resize you can you know flip so there’s a lot you can do so just make sure to
get your placement right and then you know you can kind of manipulate it how
you want I would also recommend doing a test stitch for anything where you’re
doing the design for the first time because you don’t know sometimes when
you’re looking at the screen it looks like it would be ok and then when you
stitch it out you’re like oh those two things were kind of too close together
or whatnot so always do some sort of test you know stitch out just to make
sure it’s how you want so that’s really all there is to it I mean not so bad
right if you’re just getting into machine embroidery I understand this can
be a little bit intimidating particularly the computer work but it’s
not so bad right anyways I hope you found this
helpful if you did feel free to give this video that thumbs up and if you
enjoy learning about sewing crafts and DIY projects feel free to subscribe to
this channel the sewing report and if you’re looking for something to watch
next you want to keep going on that machine embroidery train I’ve got lots
of other videos about embroidery and the Machine I use the brother PE 800 it is
awesome I will link everything I’ve talked about below as well and I highly
recommend if you’re just looking for some free software
and brilliance Express is the way to go I’m Jennifer Moore for the sewing report
and I will see you guys again in the next video

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