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Elmo Eats the Alphabet | Learn the Alphabet with Sesame Street Letters

Elmo Eats the Alphabet | Learn the Alphabet with Sesame Street Letters

All the way up! Hey, open your mouth! Whoa! I guess he can’t eat three! It’s kids can doooo now it’s time to start Cause you’re so smart Peekaboo peekaboo Hi, Caleb! Hi, friends! What would you like to do today? Letters! You want to learn letters? mmm hmmm Letters sound so much fun! you wanna sing the alphabet? Yes! Ok, close your eyes! ok, open ’em whoa! Do you know what that is? a… Elmo…. Sesame Street Do you know whats inside? I think alphabet Let’s find out Do you want to open it? I don’t know how to open it. Uh oh! We need some… assistance! Let’s open it together! OK Whoa! I..I was right! Caleb, let’s sing the alphabet! and we’ll point to the letters together! are you ready? Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz Now…we… know…. Our….A….B….C’s…. Next….Time….Won’t…You…. Sing….With….Me…. Very good! Would you like to spell anything? Yeah! What would you like to spell? Ahhhh…. Dog! Dog? Mmm hmm! Ok, do you know what letters we need? I don’t know We’re going to need…. a D Next is O Can you find O? Yeah right here! Can you find G? hmmm… No, that’s J No, that’s N. I’ll give you a hint. You should’ve told me. oh yeah! Is it stuck? Whoa! Oh no! Let’s see what letters we used to make dog! Dd Oo Gg Dog good job! Let’s see who was hiding under the letters. a drum. a drum. Very good! and… Who else? a trash person! Oscar the Grouch! and…. Grover! sonic… boom Would you like to spell another word? yeah! Let’s spell cat! Ok, do you know what letters we need for cat? can you just tell me? I don’t know First we need…. Cc ok, ccccccc Wow, C had a nice trip! our next letter…. is A Can you find A? yeah! good job! and our last letter is…. T oh… Can you find T? No! I don’t now! Wait! Is this it? No, thats D T is right here! I know where it is! I just… I was like… I already know where it was! and I didn’t want to tell you! So, you spelled…. CAT C A T yay! Let’s see who was hiding under the letters! C is for Cookie Monster…. T… For tree…. This is a for…. Abby. Let’s put the letters back! Ok You wanna watch this? I wanna spell Elmo. Ok… What letter are we gonna need first? L Close! We’re going to need E! I’ve got E! Spikes! The next letter is L. Can you find L? L Good job! The next letter… Is… M Mmmmm Here I….. I don’t know what to do. Gotta take it out. and the last letter is…. O Gotta go fast… Very good! Let’s see what you spelled! Elmo! Ee Yeah! Ll Mm Oo Elmo! Good Job! Let’s see what was hiding under the letters! Lemons Very good! and… I don’t know.. who he is. and I don’t know who he is.. That’s Ernie And, we found Oscar the Grouch again! ahhh! Why are you hiding under there again? Why? And we found… Murray! Murray! Good Job! You did awesome spelling! Caleb.. who came to visit you? Elmo! Elmo’s got it! hmm emm one day… Elmo was walking down Sesame Street… Elmo heard someone say…. Feeee Fiii Fooo Fumm Something smells like…. a little monster. Elmo was scared! eat it! Elmo looked up He dropped it! Ewww! all the way up! Hey! open your mouth! Whoa! I guess he can’t eat three! (Elmo screaming) Eat this! Whoa! uh oh! ahh.. thank you! you’re Elmo’s best friend! look at his mouth! He’s eating it all! He’s eating them…mmm mmm mmm Wanna hear something silly? Squeeze Elmo’s nose. He said… feed Elmo letters. ahhhh Whoa! Elmo fell down! Can you help Elmo up, please? He never was up there! ahh thank you! You’re Elmo’s best friend! I’m a big Elmo giant! oh oh! ahhhh! run away! Feeee Fiiii I smell…. So… Much… Letters….. Elmo thinks it’s time for a nap! see you later! A..B..C..D…E…F…G..Come an take a train ride with Elmo.. H..I..J..K…L…M…N..O…P….With a Choo choo…. choo choo… QRS….TUV…WXY and Z… on the train….on the train… Come and ride the train with Elmo! Thank you friends for coming over and learn with me today! I hope you had a lot of fun! See you next time!

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