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Einstein’s handwritten thank you letter

Einstein’s handwritten thank you letter

Here are two documents that have something to do
with Einstein. A letter from Einstein, a handwritten letter. At Rijksmuseum Boerhaave you discover
the world of science. Located in Leiden, the museum presents the history
of natural science and medicine. It exhibits, for example,
the fountain pen of Einstein… and a letter from Lorentz,
both belonging to our prize collection. Recently, private benefactors donated us
fantastic new items… having to do with either Einstein or Lorentz. Einstein and Lorentz
appreciated each other enormously. “He meant more to me personally…”
Said Einstein. “…than anyone else I have met on my life’s journey.” And vice versa,
Lorentz thought of his friendship with Einstein as: “One of the best things that happened to me.” Here are the two documents
that have to do with Einstein. A letter from Einstein, a handwritten letter
addressed to the secretary of the society… …in Amsterdam,
from whom he received a medal. And next to that the handwritten text
with his word of thanks. Here we have some Lorentz documents.
A very peculiar photo from his time at the HBS. Three students, Lorentz on the right,
with a rifle. Because they had military exercises
and even shooting exercises at the HBS. Here you see the bank transfer
of his Nobel Prize. At the time more than 70.000 Swedish crowns. Nowadays that would be worth around
600,000.00 euro. This is also peculiar.
Mrs. Lorentz and Mr. Lorentz at the Academy building. Mrs. Lorentz, a spokesperson for women’s rights. She was member of a committee in Leiden
that promoted suffrage. In that sense, certainly, an independent
personality next to that of Lorentz. This selection of Einstein and Lorentz documents,
gets in the museum, in a special showcase… near our current items of Einstein and Lorrentz,
a special spot for the public to see.

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