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Editable PDF – text box with multiple font properties

Editable PDF – text box with multiple font properties

Hello and welcome back to my channel. So today’s video is gonna be a really short video and it’s an extension of how to create editable PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Pro. So I got a question today on Instagram like how do we create a PDF, an editable PDF where you have just one text box like this but you have different fonts and different accents to it, like this is like bold it could be bold and it could be it Italics and stuff like that and how do you set it up that way I already have two videos on my channel which actually tells you how to create editable PDFs and how you can set it up so that the users can modify the fonts so if you haven’t watched it already I would highly recommend going and watching, at least how to create editable pdfs video so that you know what is happening here. So let’s just get started First thing the menu and the design that you see right here is something that you have to create using your illustrator or scan a whatercolor image or something like that so we’re not gonna cover that part. We are just going to talk about textbox box right here. So since I don’t have anything handy which looks like this I’m just gonna use an old photograph I have of a coffee cup here so I’m just gonna use this and show you how to make it with this photograph. So I have opened this. This is a PDF by the way and I’ve opened it in Adobe pro DC Just go to Tools and click on Prepare Form and let’s get started Okay so once you have this ready you have your text box right here on the check screen just click on it and create one text box which is as big as you want it to be. Let’s just make it like this and then you can see something called All properties, you can click on this but if this thing does not pop up don’t worry you can just right click and go to properties. Once you are here there are many options. Go to options, make this to Center because as you can see here it’s Center and then click on multi-line, unclick the scroll long text and click on allow rich text formatting. Let’s go to appearance now I’m gonna change the text color to white because I have a really dark background. You could keep it anything you want, you can change it later as it doesn’t matter and let’s just leave it like this because we really don’t care about it now and click close. Now go to your preview mode right here and now you can actually type in stuff so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna type in the contents which I have right here but I’m not gonna type in the whole thing because it’s too much of work. So let me just type in what we have here. So for starters , STARTERS now if you click enter or your return button it goes to the next line and so you can click as many times as you want if you want to create space between these lines. So let’s just go to the next one it says roasted potatoes ok let me just type it roasted potatoes and then next one will be golden caviar. Now let me just hit enter twice. Ok so I’m gonna go ahead and type all these things and get back to you once it’s done. okay so we have everything typed out and now it’s time to change the contents of it so let’s start by changing the first one. So just click and drag to make sure everything is selected, make sure you are in preview mode, and you can see EDIT button over here so once you have it selected press Command E or Ctrl E, to go to your form field text properties and once you’re here let’s just change to something else for this and let us make this 72, that’s too big…it should be okay, let’s make it like this and then let’s change this font as well, let’s keep it but make it 22 *No sound* *No sound* and this one we can’t see it right here so I’m just gonna go … down just select this and you saw this, this is in italics so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna select, right click and go to text and say italics that’s how it’s done. Let’s go to dessert, okay so you have your basic thing ready right now you can also change this. Let me make it something else *No sound* okay so we really do not see this part here but it’s okay. . so let’s go ahead and close this. You have your main thing ready. Now we can save this file, so file>save and just click on where you want to click it and save it. Okay so now it’s time to test this and so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna close this and try to open it in Adobe Reader so that we can test if it works or not. so let’s do that. So here we are, this is open in our Adobe Reader and it’s time to test it, there you go! it works, so all I have to do now is I want to change something I’ll say I don’t care or you want to change something here if you want to add something so that’s how you add so it’s basically you cannot add icon if I click on it it makes a sound and doesn’t let me out because that text box is limited to this point here as you can see so you should make sure that your text box covers the whole page if you want more you know, space for the user to add stuff over here. So this is basically how you can create a one single text box and then give special font sizes and font color in fact and anything you want to do, now if you want to change anything over here you can just press command E or control key and the text box is gonna pop up again and then you can change it to whatever you want so that’s how you can change it as well in this mode so you know this is what I wanted to show because it was really hard explaining through Instagram message. So I hope you found this useful and do let me know how you use it so thank you for watching bye!

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