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EASY way to say HELLO in ARABIC

EASY way to say HELLO in ARABIC

hello and welcome to this lesson I am Arabic Mike first name Arabic second name Mike we’re gonna learn the easy way not the difficult way not the mediocre way not the hard way not the soft way – the easy
way to say HELLO in Arabic in Arabic I’ve taught the way to say this as that’s the formal greeting you could even have had if you want to be really formal about it but the easy way sounds like this marHaba, marHaba – I’m gonna write it there marHaba, marHaba and it’s… ma ra Ha ba (alif) 5 letters ma, ra Ha, ba, (alif) you can add an ‘n’ sound on the end or you
can not it’s entirely at your discretion it’s your
prerogative marHaba – it’s a really easy way of saying
hello you can use it with anyone – the whole of
the Arab world they’ll all understand it more commonly used amongst ‘Lubnaanis’ (lebanese
people) but you can use it anywhere – marHaba and it’s just an easy way of saying hello so next time you see an Arabic guy, girl,
man, woman cat, dog, marHaba easy! marHaba thanks for watching this video I hope you’ve
learned something I am Arabic Mike, Mike Arabic you can find my channel just down there and you can subscribe – leave me a comment,
say hi and – check out my other stuff as well! great to see you, ma3 as-salaama that means goodbybe – cheers guys

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