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DVC Basics – 2D Shapes

DVC Basics – 2D Shapes

So this basics video is on 2D shapes. First up is the square, pretty simple just practice eyeballing it and get the exact same measurements on the side as the height, and that’s a square. And next we’ll draw a square again but we’ll mark out a center point as our apex of the triangle. Using that as a guide we can create a perfect triangle in the square. So all we need to do for triangles is go to the sides from the halfway point and draw it in. Now next with a circle we’ll have a few more points, as you can see we got four points there. So we will draw a cross, both across the corners and across the sides like that. So once we have all eight points we can use those to draw a circle. So do a quarter at a time, doing each quarter separately and should all stitch together to make one circle. Practice this as doing circles and curves can get quite hard at times. But the more you practice, the more likely you’ll have that set into your muscle memory. And so next in our last square we are going to draw a hexagon. So on the vertical axis we are going to divide it into three and on the horizontal we’ll divide it in half. That way we’ll have six points around the square to match up. And after that just use your heavier lines to darken the outline. And there you have it, we have a hexagon.

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