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– Hi art friends. – [Stephanie] Hi art friends. – Where are you? – [Stephanie] I’m behind the camera. – Today guys we’ve got
something super exciting that I’ve never seen before. Look at these. – [Stephanie] So these are
some inks that Adam found. – But they’re not just ink right? These inks smell of things. – [Stephanie] Yeah and
we purposefully haven’t smelt them yet because
we wanted to smell them on camera for the first time. – We’ve got rose, so hopefully
it smells like a flower. We’ve got lavender, so hopefully it smells like lavender. And chocolate, which I’m
personally very excited about. – [Stephanie] There’s also
three others in the series, apple, orange, and I forgot
what the other one was. – It’s like a mystery one. – [Stephanie] Mystery scent. – No there are six in total guys but we only got three because they can be kind of expensive. One of the main selling points for Steph is that they come in such
cute little bottles guys. – [Stephanie] And boxes, I love ink boxes. – We’re chucking the boxes away. Yeah this is what they look like but I’m just super exciting
to get sniffing them. Which one do you wanna smell first? – [Stephanie] I wanna
save this one for last ’cause I feel like chocolate
is the most quirky one. – The chocolate one okay. So it’s between lavender and rose, which one we going for first? – [Stephanie] Let’s have
a sniff of lavender. Adam picked lavender by the way. I picked rose and then we picked chocolate ’cause we felt that was
the quirkiest scent. – Oh wow, no way. – [Stephanie] Does it smell like perfume? – It literally smells like here, let me grab the camera. Okay sniff it. – Oh wow. – [Adam] Doesn’t that smell like amazing? – That’s really, really good. Wow, I’m so happy that I
found an adult art supply that has a scent to it. It’s normally like kids
Crayola pens and stuff. – [Adam] Felt tips ain’t
gonna cut it no more. – Oh I’m so happy. – [Adam] Doesn’t that smell amazing? – I totally have to buy
the whole set of these now. – [Adam] We should have mentioned guys that it’s made by Herbin. I think it’s a French
brand but yeah, Herbin. – I really like that the
bottle’s quite wide and flat ’cause I’ve had some inks before that are kind of tall and narrow and they’re quite easy to knock over. – [Adam] Yeah, yeah that’s true. – Ink bottles are something
that you wanna find that are sturdy. – [Adam] Yeah and it smells amazing. So we’re going for rose next. – Rose now yeah. – [Adam] Okay you smell this one first. – The colour looks so pretty. – [Adam] Doesn’t it look great? – That smells so nice. It smells like Turkish Delight. – [Adam] Oh I hate Turkish Delight though. – I wanna eat this. – [Adam] No, just down it. You recon this smells
like Turkish Delight? – [Stephanie] Yeah, have a sniff. – I don’t like Turkish Delight though. Oh it does smell like
it as well, it’s crazy. – [Stephanie] So we are
gonna be drawing pictures with these eventually guys. – This isn’t just like the smell test where we’re like oh the aroma is good. Okay, let’s do chocolate. – [Stephanie] Oh I’m really
excited about this one. – The main event chocolate,
do you think it’ll smell, okay guys do you think it
will smell like chocolate? The other two have been
pretty good so far. – [Stephanie] Based on the other two, but I’ve never smelled something
scented like chocolate. – That’s crazy. – [Stephanie] Does it
actually smell like chocolate? – Oh God, seriously if you see these and you can afford it, buy
them ’cause they smell amazing. – [Stephanie] Or maybe in the shop you might be able to open
them up and have a test. – I do not regret getting
these guys, that is you will wanna eat that. Let me just grab you, seriously
you’re gonna love that. – Am I gonna draw
everything in this colour? – [Adam] I’m scared you’re
gonna drink it, sniff it. – Oh wow. – [Adam] Doesn’t that smell, that’s just, how is that even possible? – You know it smells like those little chocolate microwave puddings. – [Adam] You had one of those yesterday. – I wanna pour this on a cake. It smells like chocolate sauce, that’s the best way that I can put it. – [Adam] So already
guys from a smell point these are amazing. I honestly didn’t think
they would smell this good. This isn’t sponsored or anything, we’re just genuinely impressed
with how good they smell. – [Stephanie] Here’s a
pretty little close up of all these little ink bottles. That is the cutest thing. Just as like a comparison
I’ve brought in my Winsor and Newton black
ink which I’ll probably use in the drawing too, it’s not scented. Otherwise it’d smell like spiders and that would be terrifying. (laughter) Bigger than the little
Winsor and Newton bottle. – [Adam] Yeah turn to the amount you get, they’re pretty generous. – [Stephanie] Yeah these
ones are 30 millilitre. And the Winsor and
Newton ink for comparison these ones are 14 millilitre. – [Adam] Oh so more than twice the amount. One thing that we always
forget to mention guys, the paper we’re using is this stuff. You may have seen us use it before. It’s Canson Watercolour Aquarelle I think. Just a quick one if you
guys remember we did the flower shop lady in watercolour. We used that paper, turned
out pretty good I think. – And we also used it on these drawings. – [Adam] Oh wow, that’s really handy. Those ones too. – I did that one and Adam did that one. Okay I’ve sketched out an
idea for what I’m gonna ink. I got the inspiration for all
these little flowers and stuff from the actual ink boxes. See there’s all kinds of pretty
little flowers and stuff. – [Adam] Oh cool. – [Stephanie] On these. Here’s a close of the design on this one. – [Adam] I didn’t even realise there’s lots of little plant bits on them. That’s so cool. – [Stephanie] Even the chocolate one has a really cute little pattern on it. – [Adam] I was too busy
shoving these inks up my nose. – [Stephanie] Adam’s still
sketching his at the moment. – [Adam] I’ve gotta catch up oh my gosh. – [Stephanie] So he’s
also doing like a lady with some flowers around them. – When we stop talking and we
initially sketch something, we don’t tell each other what we do and this time around it’s eerily the same. – [Stephanie] We seem to think either practically exactly the
same or so polar opposite that I have no idea what’s
going through your head. – It’s like whoa. I’m gonna go for something like that. – [Stephanie] I really
like the hands in yours, that’s very cute. And this one’s mine. I tried to go from like
quite a few braids. This is like my favourite
thing to draw with. The great thing about using this is that obviously you’ve got
an entire pot of ink here and it’s not like a pen
that’s gonna run out on you anytime soon ’cause this stuff lasts ages. – [Adam] If you want a
watercolory ink and pro tip, don’t use a big bucket on the bed. – [Stephanie] I’m gonna be brave and I’m gonna go straight
in with one of the braids of the hair. I’m gonna try to put
some water down first. – [Adam] In the hair. – [Stephanie] This is
gonna smell so interesting while we’re working on this. – [Adam] If we use all of them, I wonder what it’ll end up smelling like. There it goes. Oh yeah there it goes. – [Stephanie] I’m gonna put a heavier lot of this at the top. There we go. – [Adam] Well look at that,
it’s made like a tail. Inking stuff always fascinates me. Whenever I see it on like YouTube videos I’m always like, oh. You know if we had some salt, I seen a video where somebody threw some salt on it and it made a cool effect. – Oh yeah. – [Adam] I might go and get some table salt for me and salt it. Decisions, decisions. I’m gonna go with this one. – [Stephanie] I know it’s probably not the most professional tip
but some advice that I have is to keep some toilet roll handy and then you can dab at the colour and get a bit of a
gradient in some places. – [Adam] I’m gonna try it ’cause I’m sure as you guys know and
as Steph knows as well, watercolours and inks is something
I very, very rarely touch. Oh it’s looks like she’s been
like whacked in the head. Colour avalanche. – [Stephanie] It’s quite a
really interesting pattern in how it’s sat there. – [Adam] It’s a shame I’m gonna
have to destroy it though. – [Stephanie] You don’t have
to, you can leave that there. I knew you were gonna do that. – [Adam] More water needed. I’m making such a mess
of this pour lady’s hair. – [Stephanie] Oh the favourite bit. – [Adam] Right, I had an idea guys. I’m gonna use some ink in one of these. And I wanna see if it mixes. I probably should have experimented doing all this stuff off camera. – [Stephanie] Probably. You only need like one little drop drop. – [Adam] One little drop. I’m gonna try and tilt it down. Oh. This isn’t turning out
how I thought it would. Don’t understand how watercolour works. – [Stephanie] It’s not watercolour. – Don’t worry, I’m gonna salt it. (laughter) I seen this in the video it’s gonna help. It’s not doing anything. – [Stephanie] It is, it is. You can see more on camera. (laughter) – [Adam] Don’t show me
it on camera ever again. – [Stephanie] Anyway while
he’s attacking his drawing. – [Adam] What happened, in
the video it worked so well. Feels so good to be filming someone who actually knows what they’re doing. – [Stephanie] I don’t know what I’m doing. – [Adam] I mean now you’re
actually using the inks a little bit, what do you think of them? – [Stephanie] I really like
the smell of working on them. – [Adam] Yeah I mean it’s
a stressful work area right now but it smells amazing. The lavender’s really chilling me out. – [Stephanie] It’s rare
that you get the opportunity to work on a drawing where it smells like the subject of your picture. Just ’cause it smells like
a meadow in here right now. – [Adam] It does smell
really good in here guys. – [Stephanie] Are you
doing the eyes already? – [Adam] Go away. I don’t want you to see
me butchering her eyes. Every time we do a watercolour or ink. – [Stephanie] It’s not watercolour. – [Adam] Inky video, I always do a terrible job. Whoa. – [Stephanie] Well that’s something. – That’s the look of someone that does that to their hair. I put salt in my hair
just for you darling. – [Stephanie] I appreciate
that Adam joins in with any art video even if he’s like I have no idea what I’m doing. – I’m like that _ that’s
in the science lab. – [Stephanie] Your
paintbrush is in the way and it’s focused on the paintbrush. – Stop hitting me. (laughter) – [Stephanie] I’m not hitting you. The camera’s just poking him in the head. – Stupid camera, can’t you
see I’m doing a terrible job? Salt all over the drawing board. I think I’ve made a terrible mistake. We can fix this. – [Stephanie] Don’t blow on it. – I’m blowing the salt off it. It’s a very savoury drawing right now. – [Stephanie] I might
not even go in this with Indian ink ’cause I’m- – [Adam] Oh you’re lining
it with the actual ink. – [Stephanie] Getting some
very abstract looking braids. – [Adam] I think that
looks really cool though. So far it’s looking like this guys. – [Stephanie] Is it going to plan? – [Adam] I wouldn’t quite
say it was going to plan. It’s getting there. You know you were saying the other day, well in the last Doodle
Date, I had a steady hand. I think you’re doing
pretty well with these. – You have a very steady
hand with nail polish. – [Adam] Well that’s a life
skill that I’m never gonna use. – You need to just become
a nail polish artist. – [Adam] For every like I get, that’s one year I’ll postpone becoming a nail artist. See this I can deal with. This is a lot nicer. And then these we’re kind of- – [Stephanie] Do you feel like you have more control with that? – [Adam] Oh with this easily yeah. – [Stephanie] Adam was
the one who taught me how to use an ink dip pen. – Yeah, believe it or not. – [Stephanie] Because
he used to be into like not so much drawing with them but he used to into like calligraphy. – Yeah wow, that’s going, that’s like when we very first met. You guys probably have no, this pen sucks. It’s really strange. The inks not flowing down it. It’s so strange. Melissa can’t get that one to work either. This is what I use for like all my art. What have you done? – I don’t wanna talk about it. – [Stephanie] Come on. – Well I was having lots of fun. – [Stephanie] Show the class. – Do you want to share
what you have everybody? I smudged it. I was working on the face so much I didn’t realise what
my left hand was doing. And it was going all the way through this. And I was like oh no,
but I can fix this guys. I can fix this. Don’t focus on it. – [Stephanie] I’m just
trying to show people, it’s not that big of a deal really. I think you better go over it with like a white gel pen. – [Adam] Yeah, that’s
what I’m gonna try and do. I’m gonna try and clean it up. Still having fun. – [Stephanie] Okay so
I’ve got the lavender and I’ve got my dip pen over here. And I am very nervous ’cause I’m about to go into do the eye. – [Adam] Oh wow, okay. – [Stephanie] I have to be
careful not to touch anything that might be wet. – [Adam] As I just learned. – [Stephanie] I don’t normally
line with coloured ink ’cause I’ve only tried it once. – [Adam] That looks really cute. – [Stephanie] There definitely must be a lot of brown still in this. But I don’t mind, it’s mixed
to an interesting colour. – [Adam] The concentration,
it’s like silent. I think you’ve done such a beautiful job. I’m so glad because mine’s just like a train wreck over there. – [Stephanie] It’s not a train wreck. It definitely doesn’t stay on the nip for as long as like an Indian ink does. – [Adam] Does it have like a different consistency then do you think? – Yeah it’s a bit wateryer, but Indian ink is non _ kind of, I guess
’cause it’s a waterproof ink. – [Adam] This like such a spring time picture that you’ve done. – I guess we’re slowing
approaching spring aren’t we? When does spring officially start? – [Adam] I’m not gonna
know, I’m not gonna say. – You’re not gonna say? – [Adam] People in the
comments will correct me. – They can’t correct you
if you don’t say anything. – [Adam] I’ll tell you what guys, if you know when spring
starts, give us a comment. Comment down below if you
know when spring starts. – I always thought it was in March. – [Adam] Maybe. – [Stephanie] Oh you said May. – [Adam] Maybe. – [Stephanie] Oh right. – [Adam] Maybe. It’s definitely not May. – [Stephanie] So a few
things are making me laugh about this scene. – Stop laughing at my art. – [Stephanie] One is
that Adam’s actually so upset about this that he’s actually bothered to go find the white Posca pen to try and cover up his- – [Adam] Not doing anything. I just want it to look
pretty for you guys. – [Stephanie] Other one is that our water is like 100% brown. – [Adam] It looks like diarrhoea water. – [Stephanie] It doesn’t
look as brown on camera as it does in person. – [Adam] It’s pretty brown. – [Stephanie] I like how
we got his massive tub and you only filled it
you this much as well. – I didn’t think we were
gonna need this much water. – [Stephanie] It helps keep
your colours less muddy if you fill up lots of water. – I think I’m pretty much
of a lost cause for that. – [Stephanie] Oh you’re just
being too hard on yourself. – [Adam] I love the gradient on the coat that you’ve managed today. – [Stephanie] I’m very
dangerously trying to ink this ’cause there’s lots of wet ink everywhere. – [Adam] I see you’re doing,
oh you’re doing the face. – [Stephanie] Just wanna
outline a few bits. – [Adam] Yeah ’cause the coat is I guess. – [Stephanie] Just to help
some bits and pieces pop. I’m not gonna give it
a solid outline though. – [Adam] Just like random bits. That looks good. – Feel free to subscribe if you wanna see Adam feel self conscious
in more art videos. (laughter) – [Adam] That’s not cool. Thumbs up for being comforted. We’ll also link you guys
a previous inking video we did using Winsor and Newton. That was like a real long time ago. – Yeah I forgot to use that little Winsor and Newton ink,
but there is a video of using inking bats with those. – [Adam] If you’re curious how those work, check that video out guys. – But thank you so much for watching. – [Adam] And we’ll see you next week for another Doodle Date. – Doodle Date. – [Adam] Bye guys.
– Bye.

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