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Drawing with a Fountain Pen (Kaweco Sport) in a Moleskine Notebook

Drawing with a Fountain Pen (Kaweco Sport) in a Moleskine Notebook

And hello everybody! Today we’re gonna be drawing in this notebook with this pen. It’s a another fountain pen I got in a recent video, and it is uh called a “ka weh co” “ka vee koh” “ka veh” “ka we” uuuhm.. tsst [woman] Welcome to Moleskine. [Moleskine Robot] Your call will be transferred to the next available operator. *bloorp* [Moleskine Rep] Welcome to Moleskine. ???? Can I help you? tsst Uhh Hi. Uhm. tsst, This is, uh, my name is Peter. Uh, I just had a question. I’m using one of your sketchbooks here. A notebook. A mole- Moleskine. [Moleskine Rep] Uh huh! I just had a question about uh pronunciation. I’m I’m using a sketchbook but I’m using this uhh this I’m using this this pen here. It’s a fountain pen. I don’t know if you know about the different pens we use. uhhm I think it’s like. It’s It’s spelled K A W E C O And I don’t know if you know how to pronounce that. Like, “Ka wee koh” “Kah veh koh” “Ka vee koh” [Moleskine Rep] ???? [Moleskine Rep] I’m not aware of that. [Moleskine Rep] But [Moleskine Rep] Is that a pen, you said? Yeah, it’s a, it’s a fountain pen. I just didn’t know if you knew how to pronounce it [Moleskine Rep] It. It, yeah. Ka wee koh. [Moleskine Rep] Ka wee koh, I guess. Yeah [Moleskine Rep] It’s an English, sort of pen. [Moleskine Rep] Uh, yeah I see their fountain pens are a specific one, so I’m just checking them right now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I’ve called you guys um [Moleskine Rep] No worries! I’ve called you guys for help on pronuncing stuff before. You’ve been very helpful. uhn [Moleskine Rep] *giggle* [Moleskine Rep] *squeak* [Moleskine Rep] Okay, thanks. [Moleskine Rep] Yeah, I guess it. I guess it’s. [Moleskine Rep] It’s, It’s the kaweco. I’m checking right now, online. [Moleskine Rep] The Kaweco catalog, browse online. [Moleskine Rep] Licensed to right, Germany. [Moleskine Rep] German items, I guess [Moleskine Rep] It’s. I’m just checking on the online store. [Moleskine Rep] So yeah. Yeah. Alright, yeah. Well, I think you answered my question, well. Thank you so much for your help. [Moleskine Rep] Okay. henh
[Moleskine Rep] Thank you, sir. Yeah hope you have a-
[Moleskine Rep] Have a very nice day. Alright, you too, bye. [Moleskine Rep] hmmh hmmh [Moleskine Rep] Bye bye. *clork* Well she said it was “ka WEE koh” but uh, I feel like she knew even less about it than I did. And she’s in the industry. hehhh Oh well. Oh well, oh well. Let’s just *Pfooooo* Let’s just draw! So, regardless of the way the pen is pronounced it draws lines the same way. As our good friend, Sir William Shakespeare. would probably have said, “A rose by any other name would draw lines the same way.” That. Uhh What an eloqueent young man he was. But- But re- But SERIOUSLY. This This uh this uh There’s NOODLER ink in this pen. I think it is pronounced “Ka vey koh”. I’m gonna go with “Ka vey koh”. Someone in the comments will obviously uhm Nnnyou guys are pretty nice about correcting me. I appreciate that. Uhm, most of the time. Uh, you guys can correct me if you want. You go ahead. It’s fine. Uhm. But. Someone- Someone who was confident about themselves told me it was “ka vee koh” wait “ka vey koh” “Ka vehh koh” Oh no. Now I’m wondering again. Anways. Confidence does go a long way. It does. It’s important. Uhm, and I’m confident that I had a great time doing this drawing on a the, the, “moll eh skeen aye”. This Moleskine. This notebook which I have been talking about a lot. I mean, I I mean, I’ll probably keep talking about it until one day it’s full of drawings and I will no longer draw in it. And then I’ll do like, a flip through video. When it’s full. Not before! Uuuhh, and then I’ll no longer mess with it anymore. It’ll just sit there on the shelf, and I’ll flip through it every now and then. On my own time. Y’know. Just to.. It’s like a little walk down memory lane. Each little drawing. Each time I look at a drawing I did in the past. Especially if it’s in a sketchbook, in a notebook like that. I remember. It kinda takes me back. It’s like a little wormhole of memories. Of where I was in that point in my life. It’s pretty cool. I like, I like sketchbooks and note- sketchbooks for that reason. You have like a whole little, Little booklet of memories. It’s weird. Music can kinda be the same way. Especially if it’s music you listen to, Y’know, back in your teen years or something. You remember. Uh Y’know like maybe the stuff you did. Uh, like, the first time you were, like, listening to that one album over and over again or something. Y’know, so, like, like, There’s one album I remember when I, I listened to over and over again. If I listen to that album I just remember playing RUNESCAPE for one summer ove- hehnnh For one summer like twelve hours a day or more. SIXTEEN hours a day for, for three months, after seventh grade. Boy, those glorious teenage years. Definitely made Made the best of those didn’t I? Uh Anyways. Y’know. Wh- What is- What is life? Anyways. This drawing is great. I enJOYed this Kaweco pen. Uh, this one doesn’t have a flex nib, unlike The uh, what is that other one called The Noodler Huron Ahab or something? Had a fancy name. Something to do with whaling. Um That one had a flex nib and then some people were like, “Peter! It had a flex nib! And you di- You didn’t even push DOWN and FLEX the nib” Uh First of all. If you want the nip- The NEB- The nib flexed so bad. You buy it a- and you flex it. Alright. I’ll do what I want with my nibs. I’ll I’ll flex ’em or not. Okay? You Y- Alright Don’t be tellin’ me to flex my nibs if I don’t wanna flex my nibs. Alright? They’re fine Alright. And anyways this one. It it I guess it’s This one is MORE for drawing maybe just because it dr- the lines are more uniform. But some people, some people really enjoy y’know flex nibs for drawing. Uh, just because you can push down a little harder and, get more different lines with one pen. Y’know? It’s all about what you want. What you’re going for. Yo- You can do whatever you want. It’s cool. Alright it’s fine. *sigh* I, I don’t know. I don’t know. I, I enjoy them both. Like the, the flex nib one, when I’m drawing with that I find myself getting a lot looser. Wilder. Just kinda scribbling and nd a I don’t know it get’s crazy quick. It DOES. It does. I’ve got like one one drawing I was scribbling away with there and I i just f- i just felt like i was going nuts with it and I was going nuts with it. Alright. Uh, that’ll pro- I’ll probably post that one on instagram later. I mean if you’re- I always get kind of.. When I say I’m gonna do something later in one of these videos, and then I think about how someone could be watching one of these videos in like, a million years. Or. Y’know, it’s not that long if it’s like DOG years or something, but, but then I think, “So it could be way in the past for you.” Anyways. Yo. Shoutout if you’re watching this in uhhh next September. Could be you. That could be you. Sometime. One day. Alright. Yo, well, uh, thanks for watching everybody. Uh it’s just uh. This is just a quick quick little video. Uhm I don’t have much to say. Just I, I drew with- I drew with a pen, and then I added just a little- I, I, I added a I made a little diagram. Just, I like my pointless little, little diagrams. and then I added a little bit of color. Addedalilbitta color with three Prismacolor pencils. Just a dash. Just a smidgen. Just kinda sprinkled it in there. Just a pinch. Alright. Alright, see ya later everybody. Hope you have a good day. Or no matter what month you’re watching this in, No matter how long into the future you are from right now. It hurts to think about. Alright. Alright, goodbye. *whispers* Goodbye.

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