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Dr. Nimir Elbashir interview on Qatar TV in Arabic with English Subtitles

Dr. Nimir Elbashir interview on Qatar TV in Arabic with English Subtitles

Dear viewers, we welcome you again to our show “Fi Al Duha” In which we always focus on the important issues and topics, in the State of Qatar And most of the important subjects are the ones related to development, urbanization, and competencies In general, chemical engineering discipline is an essential domain Since it is one of the industrial fields supervised by chemical engineers. Despite the difficulty of this field Many Qatari students succeeded to obtain master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M at Qatar Which is one of the strongest universities We are glad to welcome Professor Nimir Elbashir to tell us more about the Chemical Engineering Program Good morning Dr. Nimir Good morning, Ms. Shouq Thank you for having me on your show and I am glad To share the information about Texas A&M at Qatar and its Chemical Engineering Program. We are very glad to have you with us today So would you tell us more about this department And the master’s degree program at Texas A&M University at Qatar First, Texas A&M University is one of the top universities, and one of the biggest universities in the United States The main campus is in the state of Texas in the United States In 2003 an agreement was reached between Texas A&M University and Qatar Foundation For Science and Development to establish a comprehensive engineering program Identical to the engineering program at the parent university in College Station, Texas The engineering program comprises several disciplines Including chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering Texas A&M University at Qatar succeeded to graduate its first class of engineers and the majority of the students were based in Qatar in 2007-2008 And they are currently leaders in industry in Qatar In 2009-2010 the university started to consider the master’s program and graduate studies And undertook a comprehensive survey of industrial, research, academic and scientific institutions And government agencies in Qatar to determine the appropriate specialization to start the master’s program And for this purpose chemical engineering was selected for its strong connection To Qatar’s development and economy and I will talk further about this through the show The first graduate class in chemical engineering was in 2011 The students in this class exceeded 90, 50 of them graduated Some of them currently playing important roles in Qatar industry And large part of them proceeded to the doctoral studies So we could tell that, since the start of the program The number of students applying for the program is increasing Which reflects the students’ understanding of the concept of chemical engineering And there is no doubt that the number of students who joined the master’s program is not small And as you already mentioned The Chemical Engineering Program is essential in the industry in Qatar Since Qatar owns huge industry in petroleum sector So it is actually great to have these disciplines which focus on this sector Additionally the university is supporting research Would you tell us more About the most important current research that will definitely have huge impact in the future This is an important question As you know the economy in Qatar is based on the natural gas And Qatar’s success in this field Has surpassed the successes of major countries such as Russia and the United States Although Qatar is ranked as the third country globally with the highest reserve of natural gas It is the second largest exporter of natural gas These facts are the foundations that built the strategic plans of Texas A&M at Qatar To support Qatar’s sustainability to achieve its National Vision 2030 Through qualifying the people who will lead the work in Qatar This will guarantee the continuity of success, especially in the natural gas sector Which is a very sensitive sector and links many fields of engineering sciences Such as mechanical, electrical, civil and petroleum engineering As well as basic sciences, such as chemistry and physics The main objective in chemical engineering is to transform the raw material into a useful product In the case of Qatar we have natural gas that we have succeeded in utilizing in many fields By transforming it into high-quality and clean fuel, or different chemical materials, or into liquefied gas The State of Qatar has become the premier country in liquefied gas And all these successes are related to research or training and field application The students of Texas A&M at Qatar are very lucky to participate in the State’s projects Which are very important to all the world The natural gas sector is not as easy as petroleum’s, since it has had limited uses until now And we have succeeded at Texas A&M at Qatar to choose subjects relative to the visions of Qatar In the fields of energy, water, environment and safety in the industry We have also succeeded in attracting many highly qualified professors from around the world and they also come from the main campus in Texas And we are able to conduct important research for the students and the State of Qatar in all fields in undergraduate and graduate studies Such as the ones related to the conservation of the environment and water resources for the future needs of Qatar As well as research on safety in production and many other fields. Indeed, the state of Qatar has been achieving success in many fields day after day And this all due to the great efforts in each field to boost Qatar and its economy Regarding the students, there is theoretical and practical fields In the practical field You arrange tours to introduce students to different workplaces Which could be their future workplaces and they are introduced to the most important advancements How do these tours help students to enter the work fields in future At Texas A&M at Qatar we considered one of the essential issues Which is linking our research and laboratories to support the industry in Qatar We were lucky to have strong connections with the companies in Qatar And we have established state-of-art laboratories and research facilities Qatar Research Fund has strongly supported us in this field Providing an opportunity for practical training for students even at the undergraduate level We have also achieved success in computer theoretical field Our research program is a combination of theory and practices and it aims to train the student From once they enter university till they graduate and even in graduate studies where students’ focus will be on research At Texas A&M at Qatar we have a master’s in science and it focuses on research Which requires the completion of 32 credits and includes courses and research And our Master’s of Chemical Engineering program, the main aim is to qualify students to work in the production industry. As the industry has limited time They focus on getting jobs related to their fields and train their employees so the master’s adds value to them To improve the research experience we are utilizing our laboratories, which are some of the best in the world Since freshman year we try to provide our students with practical work to specialize in their bachelor’s of science degree. We also provide them with opportunities to do research. We send the students to international conferences in which they receive awards and they represent us all around the world The experience they gain aids them in getting a job in Qatar since our students are very unique The opportunities they gain in Qatar are even better than those in the main campus in regards to excellence in the available laboratories And the excellence in the industrial sector for engineering students. As the industrial sector employs them after graduation Through your talk, we find that Texas A&M at Qatar has a lot of initiatives Would you tell us more about the Dhia initiative between Maersk and Texas A&M at Qatar The Dhia initiative is one of the partnerships to support engineering education And raise awareness in Qatar for the middle and high schools ORYX GTL has also helped in creating a program of excellence That helps to deliver information to parents and middle school students In Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, known as STEM This program helped in increasing the number of students Wishing to study science and engineering in Qatar These contributions from industry have helped us in reaching out to society And to our students to clarify the opportunities they have after graduation This is very unique in the world We thank all the companies that helped us in achieving this success We thank all the companies which have long-term goals that focus on the future Through these tours that will help students to identify the various fields of engineering Would you address the parents to encourage their children to study such disciplines in future Especially that some students or their parents might find the chemical engineering quite difficult Chemical engineering is a distinguished and unique field And full of opportunities It doesn’t only relate to the gas and petroleum industry It also relates to other industry: pharmaceutical, environment, and alternative energy The chemical engineering student has a huge opportunity to move within several different areas Because the opportunities they have are not available in other field of engineering Throughout my life I moved between different areas And I feel that the chemical engineering sciences were sufficient to achieve my success in these areas I would like also to tell all the parents that your children now have great opportunities in Qatar And you should get their attention starting in elementary school We are here to help you in achieving that through the summer programs that we are providing in the university We are also supporting the elementary and high school students who are interested in research And we offer them the opportunity to participate in those research projects And we welcome parents to learn about the various engineering fields offered at Texas A&M at Qatar. We also invite the parents to learn about the engineering programs offered at Texas A&M at Qatar We are very grateful for this development and concern In students starting from middle school until their graduation from college Would you address the current college student My message to those students: You have very unique opportunities to success in the research field The university has opened these opportunities for you to interact with the world Most of the research that students work on are global research That will help in solving different issues around the world For example, in Texas A&M at Qatar we have established a separate research center for gas and petroleum uses And it is the only one of its kind led by a branch campus of the university to be in the State of Qatar I currently manage this center, which provided an opportunity for students To communicate all over the world and participate in international conferences This ensures their success in their work and research because Qatar needs development That depends on the future technology to find the best solutions for the current problems These advancements are linked to how we find all the solutions to all the problems and how we get the best efficiency in our production Many institutions in Qatar are helping in training young Qataris such as Qatar Foundation for Science and Development and Qatar National Research Fund And providing all the resources we may need for this training. Students should take advantage of these opportunities Which are rare to find even in the largest universities around the world In terms of number of students per classroom, and the potentials and scientific laboratories available to them We wish you all the best And as HH the Emir said: “Qatar deserves the best from its citizens” And we are sure that they will do the best efforts for the best of Qatar Professor Nimir Elbashir thank you for being with us in “Fi Al Duha” Thank you for hosting me on your show And for the viewers, and if they have any questions, I hope they will contact us

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