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Doppietta da caccia Fausti DEA Luxury in calibro 28

Doppietta da caccia Fausti DEA Luxury in calibro 28

Dear friends hunters, the new side-by-side presented by Fausti in this 2018 finally arrived in the gun shop. The DEA Luxury series, that in my case, I wanted in 28 gauge to test it in the next hunting season. I can’t help but go and discover it with you. Elegance is already announced by its case and by every detail here it is, the typical boxlock with round body design, long side plates finely burin engraved by the master engraver with the Fausti logo shown in gold and floral themes along all the plates. It’s a shotgun that Fausti produces in 16, .20, .28 gauge and in .410. Of course each gauge has a scaled and dedicated action. The action is made from solid forged blocks that are machined out by numerically controlled machine tools. The classic, elegant and rounded trigger guard reminds the best English tradition in this case it’s a single-trigger, but at the hunter’s choice a double-trigger version is also available. Equally, hunters can choose the stock: in this case it’s an English one, but Prince of Wales or Pistol Grip stocks are also available. The wood you can see is selected, oil-finished type 4A walnut. From the heart of the rifle now let’s move on the barrels. They are available in different lengths for the various types of hunting that you prefer, in my case I asked for 65 cm barrels that are excellent for hunting with pointer dogs and I also wanted 4-star and 2-star fixed chokes but versions with interchangeable barrels and chokes are also available. Barrels are finished and hammered by hand with a particular external bluing with a deep, extremely elegant blue visual effect. They also feature a finish that makes them more lasting over time. The forend in this case is a semi-beavertail considering the small gauge which makes the grip comfortable and does not interfere with the line of sight. A splinter version is also available. Faust DEA Luxury side-by-side comes in a color case hardened version or, as in this case, in a classic old silver version. The 2.4 kg weight suggests an extremely pleasant use, ease of transport when hunting and last but not least a fast and instinctive target acquisition. It’s certainly accurate but these they are just excellent initial impressions and happy projections. Only hunting grounds will give us the answers we are looking for.

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