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DON’T FORGET in Levantine Arabic | Imperative Verb

DON’T FORGET in Levantine Arabic | Imperative Verb

Hi everyone, and welcome to a new lesson Today we will learn how to say (don’t forget) in Arabic in the levantine dialect. Let’s get started The verb To forget In order to use the verb in the command form I will use the second person pronouns I’ve got: You singular masculine You for the singular feminine And you plural We’ll start with you in singular masculine We use (ma) for negation We can also use (la) For the singular feminine same thing, we can use (la) For the plural: Now we have the following: For example We have (don’t forget) followed by a verb (to ring) The verb (to ring) in the present tense without (baa-) Another example Here we have a noun after the verb So verb to forget can be followed by a verb or a noun If we want to say don’t forget something Here we have a pronoun after the verb The pronoun is a suffix Here we’re addressing a man Here we’re addressing a woman Also here the verb has a pronoun suffix I’m addressing a woman and the verb also has a feminine suffix I’m addressing the plural Here we’re addressing two or more people And now it’s your turn leave me a comment, fill in the blank in this sentence So that it means We’ve reached the end of our lesson today Thank you very much for watching I hope you liked the lesson Don’t forget to subscribe, and to like the video I’ll see you next time, inshalla Bye

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