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Domineering and Dominating from Handwriting Analysis Graphology

Domineering and Dominating from Handwriting Analysis Graphology

Domineering, Dominating and Handwriting. I’m Fiona MacKay Young and in this video we’re going to look at the traits of domineering and dominating. And how they show in your handwriting. If you want to be more dominating, more taking charge, then you can add it. But you probably don’t want to be more domineering, so if you have that, I’ll show you how to remove it. So coming right up Domineering and Dominating and Handwriting.

10 Replies to “Domineering and Dominating from Handwriting Analysis Graphology”

  • Luk Joshia says:

    hay Mom,.your videos are interesting. 95% of your explanations are correct. God bless You Mom

  • Snigdha Majumder says:

    nice video

  • Rabiul Alam says:

    Liked, subscribed. could u please give signature analysis. Thank you

  • Vijay Jadhav says:

    Hiiiii….please tell is what changes one should bring about in handwritting to change personality from introvert to extrovert and outgoing….

  • Sidaarth Sharma says:

    How Kim Jong , Donald Trump's and Narendra Modi different from each other ?

  • Deboprotim Sarkar says:

    mam, your another video shows if t cross bars upward the right then it is called optimism…..which one better this one or t cross bar upward the right……..mam, please tell me…….

  • rob page says:

    Does changing one's handwriting ACTUALLY change their inner, NORMAL personality traits (that they have developed through their entire life experiences), or will attempting this merely MASK their true personality ?

  • rob page says:

    May I ask if you were trained by the International Graphoanalysis Society or a number of hardcore GRAPHOLOGY authors ? Which courses would you recommend for the novice ? I enjoy your videos..Thanks..


    Dear Madam,

    I'm appearing for the top most of examination (UPSC) of my country (India) and in that examination so much emphasis is given to handwriting and they analyse our handwriting to know about our personality. I watch your videos on a regular basis and they helped me a lot in making some necessary changes to my handwriting. But I'm still worried, so if you could kindly take a look at my handwriting and give the feedback it would be of great help to me. I'm gonna leave my mail address at the bottom, if you could kindly mail me on that address I'll submit the copies of my handwriting for your analysis.

    Yours sincerely,
    Email : [email protected]

  • Maria Makinen says:

    A pretentious hand-writing will not alter our mindset.

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