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Do We Need Cursive Handwriting in the 21st Century?

Mrs. Sykes: Alright class Today we are going to learn how to write
our letters in cursive. Mike: Shouldn’t we be learning keyboarding
skills instead? Mrs. Sykes: No. Cursive is faster. It develops fine motor skills, and this is how it has been done for
generations and we don’t want to upset the status quo. Mike: Isn’t typing faster than handwriting? Mrs. Sykes: Mike, you must know cursive to be
competitive in the job market. Mike: Mrs. Sykes, My father owns a manufacturing business
Not once did i ever see a bill sent to a client or a memo to an employee that was
written in cursive. Mrs. Sykes: Then suppose you were stranded on an
island with no computers and no cell phone. How would you communicate if you don’t
know how to write your letters? Mike: We still learn how to write our letters
and there is no rule in our society that says to be an effective communicator your
letters must be written in cursive. And if I’m stranded on an island I think
the most important thing I should know is how to focus my ideas and write
fluently rather than worry about which way I stylize my letters. Mrs. Sykes: Holding on to outdated practices make
some people feel good. And you need to know how to write in cursive handwriting
to sign your name and write thank-you notes. Mike: A simple ‘X’ is a legal signature as is
a rubber stamp. And as for thank you cards, that simply etiquette and
etiquette changes from place to place and time to time. Mrs. Sykes: Aren’t you the smart one. Mike: I just understand that the way we
communicate is fluid and changes over time. What does cursive accomplish that can’t
already be done by other, more modern, means? Mrs. Sykes: Mike. Please stop with your independent thought. If you continue to challenge my
curriculum then I’ll consider you disruptive to my class and give you a detention. Mike: Fine. But I want you to show me just one job
application that asks me if I know how to write in cursive. You won’t find it, but you’ll find plenty
that ask for my typing speed.

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