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Do I really need another tool for this?

Do I really need another tool for this?

hi everyone welcome it to Hedgehog
Hollow hit-or-miss is all about the new foil quilt also we talked about the
foil quilt before when we had all of the kits that sit in your Cricut silhouette
scan and cut or your ecaps machine and we went through that the different nibs
we went through the different tips we talked about the USB and you can check
one of that out on the town in fact I’ll try to link that playlist in the top
right if not you could just search coil Pelt on the channel and those videos
will all come up for you but here I bought myself a couple of new things as
I say I bought these myself so it’s completely my honest opinions as always
even if I’m given something I’ll always tell you what I really think of it so I
don’t want you investing something and then thinking hmmm didn’t really want
that in my craft trip so I bought the new magnetic mat from foil quill that
comes with these strip magnets so you don’t need the washi tape anymore
although when you buy it the manual pens it does come with a roll of washi tape
and some foils in it and we’re going to be using those foils today so I’m gonna
pull out some of that and you can get a gazillion different colors of foils and
everything will add some links for you if you want to go check out those things
but it’s nice that it just comes with those starter items and it also comes
with these magnets this mat you can use in your cutting machine only for the
foil cool don’t cut on it you’ll put big scrapes in it but it works really well
it means we don’t have to do all that washi tape and things that we were doing
before so I’m gonna take just a piece of regular Navy cardstock it does tell you
the instructions how to do this if you want to I’m just going to pop it down
with one magnet to start with and then I’m gonna start my foil so I’m going to show you a little bit of
a different way if you’re artistically challenged maybe a little bit like I am
then this is a really great hat for you to be able to use these products without
having to be artistic or have great handwriting or any of those things so
we’re gonna unwind our foil here and you can reuse pieces of foil even more so
when you’re doing it of course by hand then when you’re doing it with the
machine because you can guide exactly where you’re gonna go I’m gonna make
sure my magnets are inside of my cardstock so I know where they are and
then I’m just popping them down you see how easy this is compared to the washi
tape technique we did before and then I’m gonna grab a stamp and I’m gonna use
this particular which is from our December Hedgehog hollow box so this is
ones that I designed and what I do is I’m gonna just stamp out an image for
you and I’m gonna be using an archival ink for this so you can use something
that’s gonna work on non-porous surfaces if you like stays on you can go with
that but for me I really like the archival inks from Ranger so I’m going
to be using those and then it’s going to and this is really just a demo just show
you what you can do so I’m gonna just stamp these down a little bit careful
because they will start to slip on you are you so mind stiff a little bit so
firm hand or of course you could pre stamp using your Misti if you wanted to
I’ve already heated up my foil quail I’ve just got it plugged into a USB
underneath my desk you want to heat it up for about five minutes
this is the medium tip there is a fine tip a bold tip and there’s a calligraphy
tip so you can get tons of different tips and there’s new ones coming out
we’ll have videos on those as well but I want you to cover these ones off first
of all and then it is really really simple the piece of cardboard I should
mention comes in the packaging and I just really like the stability adds and
it means I can turn it round but you don’t have to use that if you don’t want
to and then all you’re gonna do is trace over your stamp like so so this means
that rather than having embossing powder and things you could do this and then
foil it you can use different tips you could add texture you could do coloring
with different foils there’s all sorts of different things you can do I’m gonna
add these little swirls underneath and then I’m gonna do the same with this one
now if you wait of course for your ink to be dry you won’t smudge it and if
you’re a righty you won’t smudge it either but there’s some squirrels under
there and then you can lift this off like so and then you are everything I
just drew with my stunk it’s now embossed actually you know it’s actually
in the cardstock and it’s pretty massa it’s not raised like you would expect
with embossing powder it’s actually just there like that and of course you can
see exactly what you’re doing because it comes out on the top there but another
option I wanted to show you to stretch your supplies even further was I’m gonna
take another piece of foil and you can trim it with scissors cut it with a
guillotine it comes in big sheet small sheet unit samplers you know whatever
works best for you because I know that sometimes when I’m trying things out I
won’t buy a full thing I’ll just buy a sample and then you know see how I get
on so I’m gonna pop this down and I’m gonna grab a stencil and what I was
thinking was it’s great you can either trace your stencils or you can do
special things so this is one of my stencils again this comes out that
December box and it’s a two piece stencil you can choose which piece you
want to use or both pieces but it’s a soup of course done so I’m going to show
you how I envision that this would work really really well so again I’m just
popping everything down making sure there’s a little bit of tension under my
foil too so just pull this one down and I doing this on some Neenah Kraft
cardstock that down and then I’m gonna take my foil quill again of course it’s
left or right hand it goes contour just like a pen and I’m just gonna trace the
edge of my stencil and say you’ve got different nib so if you have a really
fine stencil we had a stencil back in November
that was all circles and it works really well with the fine pen and so it’s nice
that you can get a 3-pack or you can buy them individually as I say I bought
these so these my own money that I paid for these with I’m gonna go down I’m
trying to do a super quick outline I probably would take more time if I was
doing this for a project but I wanted to show you because there’s lots to choose
two heart stencils out of this you could do it with different foils you could
color it in with the foil you could use the calligraphy tip lots of different
options they really like this matte to work on to just holding some of the
finer details in place pixie spray of course would work great
too and this is heat activated not pressure activated foil so you can go
outside the lines with pressure and it’s okay and I made a few mistakes but okay
so I have a pretty good outline there and then I can reuse this piece of foil
you know I’ve got all of this foil left for look I have my whole oil outline on
here and the way this stencil works is you can then put this over the top so
you could now ink or you could foil in a different color and you would have this
pattern within a beautiful foil quilt outline which I think would look
absolutely gorgeous or as I say you could foil quill all these different
outlines as well so I really really like the free style machines and I think I
can use my stamps my stencils if you’re a great freehand or go for it if you
love to do calligraphy and brush lettering you’ve got tips for that as
well so there are some other tips coming out not with the foil side of it they do
completely different things we’ll have reviews of those going on on the channel
very soon if you have any questions drop them in the currents below otherwise
we’ll add links down there for you too plus we do have some of the December
boxes left so I’ll add those links in the bottom for you too don’t
to hit subscribe ring the bell and all of those fun things because every day we
have a tip trick tutorial or maybe it’s something a little bit different and
I’ll see you again tomorrow happy crafting everyone bye

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