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DIY Calligraphy Pen – Man Vs Corinne Vs Pin – Pinterest Test #61

DIY Calligraphy Pen – Man Vs Corinne Vs Pin – Pinterest Test #61

Back by popular demand, Man VS…*bump noise* Are you okay?
Corinne, weakly: no You hit your head on the table? You want to try that again? It really hurts, I think I’m bleeding What’s up everybody welcome to Man VS… Corinne VS Pin You got it that time Suggested by TheMadisonMachine and
liked up by hundreds and hundreds of you The Calligraphy Pen
Rob: Made from
aluminum cans We popped over to the old Pinterest and found some instructions not very good instructions, I might add Alright, we got supplies; a can…boom A bamboo
Corinne: I guess that’s what he means
by ‘a bamboo’
Rob: I think so Scissors *snip snip snip* And self-adhesive tape
Corinne: Isn’t all tape self-adhesive? I think so, is it? Let’s get started shall we You always have to do that? Yes…it’s funny All right so I got myself
this bamboo rod over here a little too long for a pen so I’ll just snap those right in half,
like this yeah that didn’t seem to work that great
i’m gonna do mind the right way and score the bamboo first with this
lobotomy shaped saw, and then snap it very nicely like so
Rob: yeah, same sh*t I got a little splinter from that though so
Rob: awwwwh
Corinne: yeh Alright, next it says cut the tip of the bamboo like a swordfish The f*ck does a swordfish look like? I mean I did mine pretty well like I just use the scissors and slowly
shaped the tip of the bamboo and it came out looking really nice I used the hacksaw
Corinne: yeah this attempt didn’t turn out too
well attempt, attempt two though, er…sure this looks pretty good, I guess, swordfish esq…like For the next step we’re
going to need the cans So they’re filled F*ck yeah they’re filled
Corinne: we’re gonna have
to drink them? It’s only 11:30 in the morning
Rob: Woo! Cheers, to breakfast Wee-oo! I got myself my hacksaw
Corinne: Why are you using
the hacksaw? Because that’s what I had A much easier way to do this is to puncture the can with some scissors and just cut the bottom and top off The noise that you’re making right now is rage inducing and I kinda wanna hacksaw your face off Nowhere in the supplies does it say hacksaw by the way
Rob: yeah, whatever All right, then cut your can into two parts and fold one of them I really don’t think you need to do that, all you
need to do is fold the can like this and you can just cut your folded pen tip
from one of the sides of the can Oh, well I have obviously already done
this wrong, I cut it in half the wrong way Well, that’s not surprising Oh all these f*cking instructions are written by a God damn two-year-old I mean, I guess I’m going to drink another beer How convenient for you Oh God damn it Alright, Rob’s already drunk and it’s only 11:39
Rob: Woo! Feelin’ good Two beers in, taking this hacksaw, cutting
the can AHH! F*ck! Yep, was waiting for that one to happen Oh f*ck you, this f*ckin’ bullsh*t f*ckin’ project can’t f*ckin’ read a God damn instruction right bullsh*t! Do we need to go to the hospital? No, I don’t think so, I just need a f*cking Band-Aid Alright, let me get you a Band-Aid, you don’t have to be a little baby about it You’ve already cut yourself a bazillion
times on this show I finished cutting off the top and the bottom You’ve got your sh*t done over there I guess already, huh? Yeah, mines looking pretty good and I’m ready to go so I cut this into the pen shape, yeah that
looks pretty good Alright here it says to fix the metal tip on the bamboo and ‘cut slightly the end of the tip’ This pretty good kinda looks like the picture, I guess what do you got over there? I mean I think mine looks pretty fantastic too I think that this point, we’re done, right?
Corinne: Yeah!
Rob: -just try them out All right we just got to get our ink and give it a go Super black, that’s f*cking racist I want to write a little letter to my favorite person It’s actually turning out pretty good, I’m surprised at how much control over the ink I have with this, but, there
is no writing small with this thing Control? What the f*ck kind of control is there? I mean, here’s the thing, I don’t even
know how to f*cking write calligraphy in the first place I guess it’s just some swirls and some fancy
lines you got to add Corinne: Pretty much
Rob: I don’t know Mine is looking pretty good over here
Rob: This is f*cking stupid This is the ancient form of texting *both laugh* All right, i mean i guess I’m done
Corinne: I’m done too All right, what do we got? Are you ready show them off?
Rob: yeah yeah yeah, you go first okay oh, look at that! that is ni– …sh*tty. You did a real sh*tty job Let’s see yours That’s in response to you I mean, I think mine looks way better Mine is clearly more artistic I guess art is subjective… So who do you think
won this epic throwdown? It’s either me, or Corinne decide in the comments below, also if you see any more f*cked up pins out there leave those down there as well and if you want to see more of Corinne vs Man vs Pin-
Corinne: like up this video! like it up And until next time
*snip snip snip* Oh, see, you know I like that together now Corinne: *laughs*
Rob: awhoh

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