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Discovery of Love | 연애의 발견 EP 14 [SUB : KOR, ENG, CHN, MLY, VIE, IND]

Discovery of Love | 연애의 발견 EP 14 [SUB : KOR, ENG, CHN, MLY, VIE, IND]

I know you worked hard on our four-year anniversary, but if you don’t write back again, you’re dead. And I was too embarrassed to say it then, but let’s spend 10 years and 20 years, and many more years beyond that together. I love you. We went to Busan to watch Yeoreum’s favorite group, Brown Eyed Soul’s concert. (Episode 14) Dr. Nam, you’re staying for lunch, right? We need to talk. Hey, let’s talk here. Hey! He’s scary when his voice is low like that. – His voice was low, right? / – Yes. Why are we out here? What is it? I need to have lunch. What is it? Is it because Yeoreum didn’t come home last night? Kang Taeha. Apparently, he and Yeoreum dated. For a long time, too. For at least five years. Don’t play games. I won’t be fooled anymore. I thought about it on our way here… Hajin, it’s all in the past. It’s not like I thought Yeoreum never had a boyfriend before me. We’ve been together for a year and four months. It’s long enough to figure that out. As you said, it’s in the past, and it doesn’t matter. But it’s Kang Taeha. I told her not to tell you. It wouldn’t have helped for you to know. Had I known they’d work together for so long, I would’ve stopped her. But who knew this would happen? You should’ve stopped her from taking on that job. They have no feelings for each other, and Sol is working on that project, too. How could I stop them? You don’t know how much their shop was struggling. You know they wanted to do interior. Even if Yeoreum couldn’t tell me, you should have! Don’t you know how sensitive I was about him? What was the point in telling you? Would you have felt comfortable if I had told you? Would you have felt better than you do now? The three of you fooled me. Things are finally starting to make sense, and that upsets me more. You just watched, when you’re supposed to be my friend! Yeoreum never strayed since she met you. You know that, and I know that. What else do you need? Will you leave her now that you know Taeha is her ex? Can you break up with her? How could you say that so easily? Why are you bringing up something I don’t dare mention? You’re right, it’s not something I should say. Sorry. But don’t you know Yeoreum? She knows how she feels if nothing else. If she had any feelings for Taeha, she wouldn’t have accepted your proposal. I love you. I know. I know that Yeoreum loves me, and I know that we won’t break up easily. I feel bad that she worries about me and keeps apologizing as she works with him. But, she has a box. While walking here, so many thoughts ran through my head, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t understand. Why does she have that box? Why? What box? A box filled with pictures with Taeha, a ring, and letters. I’m going to kill that brat. And… I really don’t understand. I really can’t understand. I try so hard, but I just can’t. It’s driving me nuts. So what will you do? I need to think about it. I saw a chair earlier. The design was amazing. My lifelong wish is to make a chair that I truly like before dying. You know that, right? – Where are you going? / – To work. Hyowon and Manager Kang went to the furniture expo in Milan last year, right? Ask them for the material from the expo. The living fair and domestic furniture expos, too. Right, and the winners of domestic furniture design contests. – Get me all of them. / – What for? It’s for Yeoreum. I filtered all modern French styles from material we had. See if any are worthwhile. Yeoreum is something else. She could do it on Monday. She’s just like someone I know. Someone who insists on going to work on a weekend. Come out. Goodness. I am on my way to work. I will review it and contact you. – Where is Hajin? / – He went out with Junho. Hey. Did anything happen last night between you and Taeha? Should something have happened? We worked, and then ate. We had a drink while eating. End of story. We went to that tripe place by Deoksu Palace. You said you’re drawn to Taeha and didn’t come home. Imagine how nervous I was. What will you do if I cheat with Taeha? What if I say “Sol, I’m going to sleep with Taeha.” “I need you to be my alibi.” What will you do? Don’t do that, Yeoreum. You don’t believe that I love Hajin, do you? All you heard was that I’m drawn to Taeha. There’s only one reason I don’t do anything although I’m drawn to Taeha. It isn’t because I’m good or morally immaculate. It’s because I love Hajin. That’s why I’m with him. So if that feeling changes, will you go to Taeha? If my feelings change, of course, I will. Do you want me to stay with Hajin even if I’m in love with someone else? You horrible woman. – Do you date to be nice? / – Complicated brat. Yes, I’m extremely complicated. Keep that in mind. I said so many things, but all you heard was that I’m drawn to Taeha. You freaked out about my sleeping at my mom’s studio. Where did you go? What? We were on a date. Hajin, go wash your hands. The soup looks good. Manager Kang and Hyowon aren’t answering their phones. Who would answer a work call on the weekend? Anyway, this is all I found in the documents room. They’re the winning designs. I told you we should digitize and share them. Did you know Yeoreum was selected by the IFDA? Being selected by an international competition is huge. Didn’t you check when you recommended them? I thought they were extraordinary for a small shop. I didn’t know she was that impressive. If she was that good six years ago, she could’ve pursued art furniture. Why didn’t she? Her father passed away right after she was selected. We broke up, and she quit her job. It’s a waste of talent to leave her like this. Did you get along when you were together? Looking at you guys now, I feel like you two were no joke. I don’t know. A strange couple? We fought a lot. We were both greedy and impatient. But strangely, we were compatible. I want kimchi. Why aren’t you putting it on my spoon today? You feed yourself. Good, Dr. Nam. Don’t be too good to her. Yeoreum, please. Hi, Taeha. Thank you for sending me the material right away, but I don’t like any of the stuff you sent me. What don’t you like about them… Sir? I sent everything fitting the concept from what I had. Did you look through them closely, Sir? You plan to just copy something. The material you sent isn’t even up to par. Don’t send me what you have gathered. Find something new. Be prepared for a long meeting on Monday. Plan to finish the design here. How can I design there? Are you pulling rank again? If that’s what you think, sure. Hello? Hey! What is it? He’s always so tough. He was like that with the wine bar, too. If stage one of the wine bar went so well can’t he be more lenient with this one? What did he say? Let’s eat. Let’s eat, and then go. I did love you. And I’ve missed you. I wanted to see you. Don’t make me laugh. You should’ve said that when the girl wanted to hear it. I know I was wrong, so why don’t you give me another chance? My phone got switched with the guy’s from the hotel. I met him to swap phones, and I ended up sleeping at his place. 2003, Brown Eyed Soul’s first album, fourth track. – Did you used to like that song? / – For a while. Hajin. I need to use the restroom. Hajin is acting strange today. Something happened. Let’s not watch the show tonight. I want to go home. What about you? Sure. If that’s what you want, let’s do that. Yeoreum. Come here. Soak your feet for 10 minutes. Come sit here. – Did you know my feet hurt? / – Of course I did. You walked around for five hours in heels. You weren’t talking and was punishing me. If you punish me, I should be punished. What could I do? Why did you just take it? That’s not how you are. Why didn’t you say anything although your feet hurt? You care only about yourself. Any other time, you would’ve manipulated the situation to benefit you. You can even fake crying in front of me. Other foot. Stay still. Tell me why you’re doing this. I’m going to. I saw the box in your room. The box under your bed. I saw some of the contents in it. I wanted to see more, but I resisted. I considered taking this to my grave, but I can’t. You two are way too close. It’s over already, so why didn’t you throw it out? You should’ve either burned it or thrown it out. Say something. My patience has hit its limit. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Hajin. I’m sorry. Do you know how many times you’ve apologized since you met Taeha? Is that apology the present tense or the past tense? I don’t know what’s in that box. I didn’t open it. I forgot about it. I meant to burn it, but I forgot about it. That’s all, Hajin. I’m sorry. Don’t ever say that again. Don’t apologize for what has happened in the past, and don’t do anything you’ll need to apologize for. If you want some time away from me, that’s fine. Don’t talk like that. You should say, “Let’s be together even if we fight.” Okay. I will. Let’s be together, even if we fight. Like today. – Does it hurt a lot? / – I’m fine. Hajin. Once this project is over, I’ll stop working with him. Okay, please do. Hello. Hello. We put this here when we need to work overtime. But I don’t think you will have time to sleep. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Look through the rough designs I drew over the weekend. – You’re barely skimming. / – You copied these. I’ve seen you do this before. When you started at the company, your seniors picked on you and you’d just mechanically draw anything. This is the same. These furniture pieces will go in the townhouse. It’s obvious we’ll use softwood and use pre-cut wood anyway. Who said that? To reduce the cost… Who said to worry about the cost? It’s the same as the wine bar. Look at the contract. Even if we take a loss, we will pay for the material. You just produce the best possible furniture. Why do you want to take a loss? You’re a true salesperson now. That’s why your furniture is the way it is. You liked what we did for the wine bar. Did that come from you from the start? Did you perform your best from the start? You only advance when I push you. I never asked you to use softwood to reduce the cost, and I never asked you to be a salesperson. Your furniture is just a merchant’s furniture. I thought you’d be making pieces that I’d recognize as Han Yeoreum’s creations as soon as I see it. What’s the point in taking 100 photos of chairs when what you make are cost-driven items? Do it again. I finished the bed design. Would you take a look? Why should I? You should make the best you possibly can. – Please have some. / – Thank you. Yeoreum, please. Hey, Taeha. What is it? Talk. I’m so sleepy. I slept for only two hours. What is it? Talk. Hello? It’s me, Yeoreum. Hi, Hajin. What time is it? 11. Are you very busy? Yes, it’s been hectic. If you were sleeping, go back to sleep. No, I still have stuff to finish up. I couldn’t say “I love you.” If love has a process, what stage are we at now? Is today just one of many days we will spend together? If we can get past this, will it pass? I love you. I love you, too. Get back to work. Okay. Good night. For the first time, I said “I love you” to Yeoreum without meaning it. Do other couples have days like this? I wonder if they say “I love you” even when they don’t mean it. How many more days like this will we have? I wonder if Yeoreum is thinking the same thing. Let’s go out and get a quick breakfast. Here’s the anesthesia. It will sting a little. Two club sandwiches, please. – No olives in one of them. / – Okay. – Right? / – Yes. Enjoy. That was so quick. Here’s the one without olives. Can you finish by tomorrow? Yes. I’ll try to finish by midnight. I want to go home and sleep in my bed. I don’t even know what day it is. Do you want breakfast? It’s your birthday. It is. So I should be with people that I like. While we were apart, I always noticed when this day came and thought, “It’s Taeha’s birthday.” Why aren’t you eating? Right. Are you okay? Yes. You don’t seem happy. It was so simple. It was so easy to get rid of. I don’t know why I kept it for 20 years. You saw from Taegyeong’s surgery, right? It was simpler than his, so you can leave today. But you may be dizzy from the anesthesia, so rest more and go when you’re ready. I will. And stop by frequently so we can check it. I will. Did you look into studying abroad? I took the TOEFL early this year, so I can go sooner than I expected. Did you score well? Of course. You must be dizzy. Sleep some more. Okay. Yeoreum, come have some birthday cake. Okay. We should have a birthday every day. Hold on, please. Okay, start. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Happy birthday to you Manager Yoon. Yes? It’s time to finish up now, isn’t it? Yes. I think it’ll be done by early tomorrow morning. Do you not know President Kang’s birthday? You know he doesn’t care for things like that. His identification says it’s in the winter, but he won’t tell us the date. This school is good, too, but isn’t this one better? That school is… The cost of living will be higher, but that’s fine. Oh, take this. I’d rather you not work before leaving for school. And study in peace when you’re out there. May I keep in touch while I’m there? Do you think you’ll be lonely there? No. No, I’m fine. I do fine on my own. I just wondered if I could e-mail you at times. I won’t call. You may be curious as to how I’m doing. And you’re helping me so much, wouldn’t you want to see my report card? Sure. E-mail me. I will want to know how you’re doing. – Are you okay? / – Yes. I’ve been having headaches lately. It’s nothing serious. Do you want me to send you an audio file? I recorded the sound of bugs in fall back home. I listen to it whenever I feel down. Should I send it to you? Sure. I’ll try listening to it. Tonight is finally the deadline. I shall finish by 10. I changed the chair as you asked… The leg of the vanity changed, too. – Yes. / – This is much better. Before manufacturing begins, think about doing an overall adjustment. I was thinking of it. And this is the information on international competitions and living fairs. I’ll have Manager Yoon drop them off, so take a look. I wish you’d try something different from what you do now. It bothers me that you gave up on your dream of making art furniture. Your dad… After your dad passed away, everything stopped. Your dreams remained as dreams. Why are you doing this to me? When we were together, I wish I was nicer to you. I wish I understood you more and loved you more. I’m sorry. I can’t do much for you anymore. Right, the cupboard. I couldn’t tell from the blueprint. Where do they go? Yeoreum? The kitchen cabinets. We want to create hidden space under the stairs. I took a few pictures. Hold on. I can’t sing “Happy Birthday”, but happy birthday, Taeha. Come on. Blow out the candle. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Taeha Happy birthday to you – I’m blowing them out. / – Okay. – Ta-da. / – What is it? My gift. They’re coupons since I have no money. You have a job now. Let’s stop this now. Sleeping in coupon. Being late coupon. – Stop nagging coupon. A kiss coupon. / – Yes. A hot night coupon. Wow. There’s a blank coupon, too. Think about what you want. Thanks. Tell me your wish for the upcoming year. – A wish? / – Yes. I wish I could see Yeoreum often for the remainder of the year. I want to make a lot of money so that I can open a studio for Yeoreum. I hope Yeoreum wins the international design competition that she’s been working on. Okay, I will win that competition. – You have to. / – Okay. – You must. / – Okay. I can’t do anything else, but I can do this. Your wish for the year. I wish I could be Han Yeoreum. I want to be Han Yeoreum. I wish I could be you. I want to know why you waited for me and why you cried at Nami Island. I want to know why you cried outside Deoksu Palace. And I want to know why my pictures are in that camera. Because you will never tell me. That’s why I want to be Han Yeoreum and find out what you feel. So? If you find out how I feel, what will you do? If it is what I think it is, I’ll take your hand and take it to the end. As far as we can go. I still like you. I still want you, and I don’t want to give you to someone else. Stay with me today. You just have to take one step toward me. I can’t go to you. My dad alone is a reason why. If I do that to you… Don’t confuse me again. I wish I could just follow Taeha’s lead and go to another world. I don’t think my heart will change anymore. Why are you like this? Why are you crying? Why are you being like this? You can drive, right? Go home. Let’s talk, Kang Taeha. Let’s stop seeing each other. – Yeoreum will quit… / – Why are you deciding that? Didn’t you say you didn’t want to tie her down? I didn’t want to, but I have no choice anymore. She’s quitting, so deal with it. You’re insecure about her, aren’t you? You’re not good enough for Yeoreum. What do you know? You love Yeoreum, but Yeoreum loves herself. You’re happy just having her by your side, right? But for her, it’s not enough to just have you by her side. She won’t be happy just by having someone by her side. You don’t know what Yeoreum wants, what her dreams are, or what she’s giving up for you. You don’t know anything. That’s why you’re not good enough. Goodness! How? Okay. Weren’t you with Hajin? Why did you cause so much trouble? They fight every time they come. Every time. Name, Kang Taeha. Age, 34. Occupation? What about you, Mr. Nam Hajin? He’s the president of a construction company, and he’s a plastic surgeon. They’re perfectly normal, but they act like brutes. Life is too easy for them! Are you a president of a construction company? Are you really a plastic surgeon? – Goodness. / – What’s the big deal about love? Every time they drink, they start growling. Don’t ever come back to my bar. Is that woman the only girl in the world? Why did you fight? It was mutual assault, so there must’ve been a reason. Whatever. He threw the first punch. And he broke my bar. He got hurt because of him. That’s basically it. A doctor hits people, and a president of a construction company breaks my bar. Get your heads on straight! What’s love? What’s the big deal with love? It’s hard enough just to survive! Hey, lady! Keep it down already! I’m fine. You’re driving me nuts. This is a bad year for me. It’s my second time at a police station. Let’s be careful over the next two months. Tell me why you were crying. It’s the second time. I won’t just let it slide this time. Explain yourself. Explain so that I can understand. And stop that job immediately. We grew apart naturally. Is there such an ending? Are there really people who break up like that? If that ending exists in this world, that’s what I want, too. What are you doing? Stop right there! Don’t do this, please? Let’s stop. – Stop what? / – Let’s stop fighting like this. It’s so obvious, we’ll end up breaking up like this. How do you know? We may grow closer! I know. We’ll both reach rock bottom, and it’ll end. We’re already there. Don’t you see that? Do you think this is rock bottom? Is this all there is? I can go lower. I don’t care! How much lower must we go? How much more do you want to get hurt? Do you think I’d like that? How much more do you want to hate me? It’s so clear. Why do you want to go there? Are you an expert on relationships? Who taught you about relationships? I learned from Taeha. Are you happy now? We’ve hit rock bottom. We can’t go any lower. Hey, Yeoreum. You horrible woman. I know, Junho is right. I’m a horrible woman. I’m an evil woman. But other than Taeha and Hajin, who else has the right to say that I’m horrible?

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