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Diriyah nights in Ramadan Kareem at Riyadh | Al Bujairi Park Layaly Diriyah | ( 2019 ) رمضان كريم

Diriyah nights in Ramadan Kareem at Riyadh | Al Bujairi Park Layaly Diriyah |  ( 2019 ) رمضان كريم

Hello friends! today i come to a new place actually they are celebrating ramadan kareem in this place so actually this place is Diriyah so i am going to take you a cultural journey to experience the ramadan kareem actually they are showing alot of activities for the kids and for the families i will show you the how the people of saudi arabia celebrating ramadan kareem in riyadh so let’s go and enjoy the experience i found a stall where they are selling saudi traditional dish which saudi’s used to eat in there sahoor time what’s this ? margoom laham margoom laham can you open it again ? it’s dark can’t see nothing is showing what’s this called ? it’s name is what ? margoom laham ok again ? margook laham vegetable with meat ohhk thank you so much it’s free or it’s price ? like how ? it’s free or it’s price ? i mean you have to pay something it’s price ask cashier how much 😀 Yalla! Yalla! i came across a saudi traditional perfume shop where they are selling different kind of perfumes like Oud bakhoor and many more [ arabic song ] brother try to sing with us sing with us! OK just say hima hima? elma elma ok the other part lebnah lebnah ok hima – lebnah try to sing with us Yalla! Yalla! just say hima hima – lebnah we can do it no problem Yalla say hima hima the other part lebnah hima labneh just say hima hima just say hima elma hima the other part lebnah i will say? hima elma hima elma hima elma hima elma hima elma labneh elma lebnah henna labneh henna labneh henna elma there are vareity of food trucks are available so you have plenty of option for food say hello! how’s everything? what you are selling here ? i don’t know english OK – i am sorry – OK ohhh wooow i found gigantic bakhoor burners actually they are putting bakhoor oud on this burner and they are using this burner for fragrance assalamualaikum they are doing calligraphy? you understand english? no speak english what he is doing? assalamualaikum what you are doing? calligraphy? you don’t know english? khatat means calligraphy in english [ speaking arabic ] it’s ok if you speak arabic it’s ok to me no problem it me it’s ok a lady is painting different sketches this man is doing islamic calligraphy if tell your name to him so he will write the name in islamic calligraphy what is that symbol ? this symbol tasbeeh is this tasbeeh ? Yes thank you so much i found a saudi traditional shoes shop so have a look assalamualaikum what is this ? it’s a cafe what is this ? it’s a miswak cutter you have to put miswak on it this one is the miswak cutter OK so you can insert two miswakes on it and all comes with package and everything thankyou thankyou thankyou they installed a gigantic lantern which is a traditional symbol of ramadan it’s a Najd Village which is a pioneer in the field of traditional cuisine and Najd Village is rich with the history and heritage and also the offered delicious traditional Najd meals it’s a good place to visit and you can find some saudi’s traditional items there so stay connected to my channel

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