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Dimash “Universal Show” — Nohe Guti Reaction – Sub (Russian, Kz, Eng, Gm, Arabic, Ch, Kr, Fp, Fr)

Dimash “Universal Show” — Nohe Guti Reaction – Sub (Russian, Kz, Eng, Gm, Arabic, Ch, Kr, Fp, Fr)

Hi friends, I’m Nohe Guti and this is another video reaction Hi friends, I’m Nohe Guti and today we will continue with
More video reactions. They left me a video in the comments of one of my
videos about this guy who has us captivated, and super
caught I think, you know who I speak Dimash Kudaibergen, it seems that he
had an interpretation in a program called Universal Show, they say that
the video is very good, let’s see that we It seems Wow, how beautiful the stage Ohhh, I’m watching them Dears !!! The song is called Screaming Ummm looks prettier there … Oops !!! These girls are trapped !!! I really like the gestures he makes with his eyebrows vocal power … BARBARA !!! And it has enough air Girls, he puts them wrong … I really liked the part of … I loved it I’m sorry … I get caught Wow, beautiful closing for the song
he always does something different, I love it Yes, I see it much more differently in this video It looks more … How will I tell them? As with more body Prettier Nooo, I have also tried to do that and … No! Doesn’t give me Ohh the girl !!! He is super serious I felt like someone else’s pain Flirty !!! … With the girl How beautiful the voice! Oops !!! Look how he looks … How cute! Oops !!! He too!!! Ahh, don’t make it difficult! She looks like me … She is equally dramatic! How nice!!! Wow !! Oops !!! How cute!!! Oh they look good Cute !!! Ayyy !!! Look at it that exploited !!!
He says: Here I take a hug! How cute!!! I felt sorry … I think they are asking him how he does to read Chinese … In the songs … the lyrics I think that’s what they say. I’m not sure Ohh !!! I love Late Autumn since you sent it to me
loved this song Beautiful melismas Oh this song makes me sad Wow, Beautiful Interpretation of truth … This song It always makes me really sad … the lyrics are super strong and hits you
quite true. Really guys thank you so much for
having sent me this video is super great I liked it, a lot to see how there are
other singers, I think she is a singer, I’m not sure if I don’t
correct or in the comments they are fascinated with him, and really
she looked so pretty, so all tender so cute, flirting to him and
taking advantage also because I hug him !!! We all saw it !!! I really liked it
really the interpretations that he did that is what i really love
of this singer that you have given me really sent that if you have me very
very captivated because it does in each interpretation, everything he does is
extremely different, I like that always is changing its scenarios are
totally different from each other because in every video I’ve already made of
the one that you sent me wow !!! everybody They are different. Makes different ornaments is that your body interpretation
also, your presence on stage it’s barbaric !!! The same can lead you to
fall in love, as if to feel a force, as, how to feel longing for him
country you are in, how to feel yearning for what you left behind, like
feel love for other countries than you never, never heard of them, or
maybe you had heard but not I had known in depth, I didn’t
you had asked yourself about their culture, about their traditions,
about how much they fought to become as they are. And the same can lead you to
feeling sad for a person who you never met, but you do the
movie in the head, really guys thank you very much for this video of
true that this video left me delighted more than delighted yet of this guy
and its way of interpretation. Many Thank you, I really loved it, I loved it,
Dimash Kudaibergen boy, don’t change, keep going being the same humble person and
great, always keep working hard on You really have us captivated, many
thank you really, a hug from the heart to I love you very much, you know, now
you know, if you liked this video, you can give them fingers up if they want to receive
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know in the comments below, of I really appreciate you very much, many
thanks for to be with me always Accompanying me, a kiss and a hug from
heart to Heart. Bye

40 Replies to “Dimash “Universal Show” — Nohe Guti Reaction – Sub (Russian, Kz, Eng, Gm, Arabic, Ch, Kr, Fp, Fr)”

  • Vitor R Nascimento says:

    Olá amiga tudo bem com você? Mais uma bela reação sua, parabéns.

  • Самсунг Самсунг says:


  • Татьяна Прокопович says:

    Спасибо милая красавица!!! Ты как всегда очаровательна!!! Любишь Димаша это видно!!! Мы тоже обожаем нашего лучшего певца всех времён и народов! Привет из России!

  • Ast Art says:

    Привет дорогая доченька приезжай Казахстан гости мы будем рады

  • Арман Балабеков says:

    Видущие спросили у Димаша на сколько Китайский язык трудный язык ?
    Димаш сказал для носители Казахский языку очень трудный язык Китайский.
    Димаш еще сказал как он сталковался с этим когда участовал I m singer 2017-году


    Querido Nohe, a pesar de que Dimash canta una canción como Screaming de muchas maneras, todavía se ve hermosa con esta increíble voz. ¿Ves cómo los jurados están impresionados por el poder de su voz? Pensé que Dimash y la chica que cantaba eran lindos, estaba nerviosa y Dimash es tímido, pero él la miró a los ojos y se sintió intimidada. Dimash rompe corazones … pero se ve hermoso … Abrazos BRASIL

  • yohana Romero says:

    Ella realmente estaba en el paraíso escuchandolo cantar, sentirlo olerlo, perderse en su mirada… Que alegría… Amo a Dimash….

  • Maxii Escalada says:

    Dimash es lo masss ????????

  • marcela mercado says:

    Jajajajaja me haces reir, me encantan tus reacciones. Dimash es adictivo

  • Ivon Franco Pardo says:

    Siempre nos sorprende, sus interpretaciones son únicas.

  • Muhammed Irfan says:

    Please react dimash extreme vocals range

  • Ирина Рубаник says:

    Спасибо большое , Nohe !!!!
    От Димаша ,я в восторге , шикарное исполнение , он неповторим , красавчик !!! Вау браво ?????????????????????
    Nohelia ??

  • Meiram Shotai says:

    Димаш меняет МИР
    …. наступил будущее с появлением Димаш !!!
    …ДИМАШ великий певец космического масштаба !!

  • Kristina lorenc says:

    Dankeschön Hübsche ?
    für deine Reaktion?
    Dimasch ist wie immer Bezaubernd ?
    Grüße aus Deutschland ??

  • Dilcia Francisco says:

    Dimash es extraordinario, magnífico video, excelente reacción muchas gracias ???????

  • Nancy Rossi says:

    Excelente Dimash!!!! ???????

  • Sil Red says:

    Me encantó tu reacción a este vídeo. Y si la chica se le nota su admiración hacia Dimash sabes cuándo cantaron me.hizo sentir que ella le estaba cantando a su principe . se que en este mundo no hay perfección pero cada vez que miro a Dimash estoy pensando que con el la divinidad hizo su escepcion mira canta magnífico, interpreta de maravilla, es guapo, tiene porte, tiene presencia, es humilde, educado, culto, inteligente tiene mucha visón, hace deporte ama ala música, ama a su familia, ama a su país dime si no es casi perfecto jajaja ya me extendi pero que tanto no se puede decir de Dimash…. Saludos

  • Luisa Bugnolo says:

    In Italia quando uno è un bel ragazzo si dice che figo??❤️

  • BelleNewman says:

    Thank you for reacting to this one (the girl is definitely a Dear!)
    You’re right, every time Dimash sings, he manages to do something different, even if it’s the same song! You’ve heard him sing pop, rock, folk, opera and rap; now I suggest you see Dimash doing a jazz number, as people rarely – if ever – react to it. It’s from a New Year’s Gala in 2018, and he’s with two friends, Chinese singers he met when they were all on Singer 2017 together:
    (The video is by Gloria Wu and has English subtitles.)

  • Angel Blood says:

    The song is the most beautiful and sad very, permeates to tears!)))))))

  • me al al says:

    The song she sung with Dimash is "Dudarai" about a Russian girl name Maria that falls in love with a Kazakh boy and her parents don't like it because he is a Kazakh and later the boy dies in a war.

  • Ceci Fires says:

    Guau Nohe tu reacción fue transitando por diferentes emociones, sos muy transparente, me encantó!!!! Dimash es exquisito en todo sentido, es un placer mirarlo y escucharlo, me imagino los nervios de esa chica al tenerlo tan cerca, yo me muero!!!

  • Lucy Reyes says:

    Hola Nohe, se ve Dimash mas sexy y maduro, hooo my Good, como dicen en el video. ???

  • Rosa Diaz says:

    Mi niña hermosa, Dimash siempre se roba el show, aquí la joven definitivamente le admira y no podía creer Adonde estaba parada, imagínate que admires a un cantante como Dimash y así derrepente el acepté cantar contigo, bueno yo no lo hubiese soltado de ese abrazo, me hubieran tenido que arrancar de ahí mínimo la seguridad ???Dimash es un sueño hecho hombre, se ve tan sencillo y tranquilo. Lógico , alagado de que una chica tan linda y con tan bella voz pues le admiré. Había otros mienbros del jurado que también estaban fascinados con él. Que te puedo decir, el tiene toda una maquinaria trabajando con el, mucha gente joven y talentosa, hacen que sus espectáculos sean únicos. Bueno bella video reacción, inevitable llorar con esta última canción, a mi me llega al Alma ylas lágrimas para mi son como un bálsamo limpiador. Desde que conozco escucho y veo a Dimash me pregunto. Muchacho que me haz hecho que solo oír tu voz me transporta y tranquiliza mi ser. Chao Nohelia por cierto estás más bella hoy ? dame el secreto. Eres una gran chica y te deseo lo mejor del ?desde Panamá ?? con cariño??

  • Erlan Tokmurzin says:

    Nohelia sorry, wrote the wrong link))
    This Amazing

  • Ilona Grochalska says:

    Beautiful reaction, Nohelia. Thank you. There is one more song from the Universal Show: Just Let It Be – please react to it.

  • rafael estepa says:

    Alucinante como siempre nohe, y tú bellísima contándolo con tanta verdad,saludos desde sevilla

  • K.S.B. says:

    Great reaction! Thank you! Dimash amazing!!!!!???

  • Claudia Galiano says:

    Nohelia, sales en un video de compilación de reacciones del tema Daybreak de Dimash del canal Echo Peterburga ???????????????

  • Destercq Sylvia says:

    Magnifique dimash love?love?love?j'adorrrrr le meheurrrrr?????????

  • Fotiniya Popova says: Димаш в Нью-Йорк!

  • Andrea Peguero says:

    yo se q si lo tuviera cerca me quedaria asi???

  • Nealekc 2019 says:

    Прошу вас посмотреть – возможно будете удивлены.
    Алиса Супронова ,19 лет, Санкт-Петербург, Россия – новая восходящая звезда.
    Баллада «Моя струна» Есть английские субтитры
    Песня о маме на чеченском языке Нана (Nana)
    Алиса Супронова/Alisa Supronova – Someone like you (Adele)
    Алиса Супронова – Кукушка (Виктор Цой)| Alisa Supronova – Cuckoo (Viktor Tsoy)
    Алиса Супронова – «Необыкновенные глаза»

  • amal elhage says:

    you are so cute thank you

  • Nelly Lopez says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????stupendo, magestuoso, un mito, extraordinary.. Dimash bravoooo

  • Bayarsaikhan Batsukh says:

    Lovely Dimash and the lovely girl with lovely reaction

  • Rachell Cortez says:

    Jeje me encanto tu reaccion el es un cantante maravilloso siempre nos sorprende y nos hace mas adictos a el y a su voz angelical, dichosa ella q lo tubo frente a frente cera q Dimash ya habra visto esa parte en la q casy se derrite x el ???

  • françoise REINHARDT says:

    hello Nohelia! nous avons passé un très bon moment ensemble en regardant cette vidéo.
    Effectivement, Dimash depuis quelque temps a changé; il paraît plus mûr, plus âgé. Il avance dans la vie et dans sa carrière de la plus belle des manières. 'Peut être est ce dû à sa coiffure en arrière qui le fait paraître moins gamin? mais toujours aussi "craquant" !

  • Saro Vitale says:

  • Marina Kardash says:

    Спасибо большое за Вашу искреннюю реакцию! Вчера в эфир Китая вышло телешоу с участием Димаша. Там певцы в масках поют. а их угадывают. Это песня , которую пел ДимашОчень бы хотелось реакцию на это выступление. оно меня очень поразило от начала до конца.

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