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Dima per spinatura su legno KWB LIDL. Kit spinatura per mobili. Jig per spine come si usa. Parkside

Dima per spinatura su legno KWB LIDL. Kit spinatura per mobili. Jig per spine come si usa. Parkside

good morning guys. I’m riccardo.
welcome back to my YouTube channel and my little lab. I alternate …
a little sti in the garage and some only in the laboratory. today I will talk about
this kit for pinning, for wood. they call it “set of calipers for
dowels and drill bits “is a jig which allows us to insert the plugs into the
wood, and therefore have the possibility of make joints that are
solid, which are perfectly straight and that allow us to fix the pieces well
Between them. it is a simple object. it costs only 7.99 euros. was released on the 28th
November to the lidl. from so many of you they asked if I could do one
review. well, today I’ll show you how it works. I have already tested it. is
really useful, practical and very simple to use. there is only to understand well
operation. so I’ll show you use. let’s join some pieces of wood,
after which we draw the conclusions. in my opinion, however, it is a product that is worth.
also because it costs so little, only 7.99 euros, which sincerely for
what he showed he could do, worth buying. so if not
you can find it just this you can order it also online. in fact the brand is kwb.
anyway it gave me a sense of solidity, although plastic and looks good.
let’s see it. we have directly to the facts. no more talk and see how it is
leads. let’s see the inside of the
package. inside there is a instruction booklet, which there are
explained the uses with the illustrations. then our jig. a
further part that composes it. the drill bits. an allen, which
will serve to tighten the stops that you put on the tips.
these are the stops. are given in supplied with three drill bits, 6 8 e
10 mm. the same for these rings spacers, of the same size. more
three packs, with 6 8 e plugs 10 mm, to be able to use it precisely, with
what we have supplied. if we we have in the laboratory
other thorns, or need for use different tips, we have the
possibility to choose through this metal part with these holes. is
can raise it and slide it, in so as to have the measure we need
more. let’s see how to use it. we decide to
use 8 mm plugs, then let’s take the 8 mm drill bit.
the spacer ring that we will need to decide the depth of the hole. we have to make sure that adding the depth of the hole made on one e
on the other piece, to be joined, we will have to get at least the length of the plug.
then it fits into the caliber, choosing the 8 hole, in this way.
then the tip is passed. using the Allen screw we tighten the ring. so I set 2 cm … little more than
2 centimeters deep. now we’ll have to make the holes. and then … let’s try to
join these two pieces together. we will have to unite them this way. in T.
let’s proceed drilling, obviously with the deeper part, first this part.
so we decide where to do the hole. we will put two thorns here and there
a ua. after which, we can practice the hole with our spine.
how you do it? it must be unscrewed this knob, which will free this part.
after that, we will have to insert on the part low, through this kind of t-track,
this accessory that allows us to give the distance.
looking good on the side, we note that at 0, there is
this notch. so here there is also one millimeter guide. measuring this
wood, we know it is 28 mm. so we will have to position
our sign in the middle at 14 mm. we position, in correspondence of the notch, this protrusion that we have on the our jig. so we know that in
this way we are perfectly aligned and we can drill the hole. the
hole will come exactly in the center. we insert the drill bit, we touch
wood, let’s go back a little and we start at maximum speed.
after that, we can make first hole. practiced. now we align with the
second line. ok, same procedure. I insert, touch the
wood, I go back a little. ok. now we need to make holes in this other wood.
therefore, once found the center of the table with a line, or we can
always use the millimeter guide and position it correctly,
let’s move our beat forward. the important thing, however, is that the tip of
drill never exceeds the thickness of the wood. therefore, in doubt, we can also
use the same to decide what depth put it. so in this
way narrows. ok let’s do i now holes so as to unite the two tables,
in the correct way. then to do match these two holes, we must
use this accessory. this it should be positioned according to the type of
hole, on the lower part or on the part high, because it is possible to make extra holes
ways, so it is perfectly adaptable to our needs.
after which we can match it in this so, put them aligned and make sure
that the holes conbacino with this ledge on the base. this
ledge, it will go exactly inside of the hole we practiced, giving the
correct position at jig. then, approaching it this way,
we will have the corresponding position exact, where the hole is located
previous one. that is, in correspondence with the hole that we must practice. let’s do this
test. they are perfectly aligned. there part of below matches the first
hole. I can drill the hole here. I practice the second. these two holes will now fit together with
the other two, to perfection. let’s try to insert the plugs. perfectly. now let’s make a union here, on
lateral. so we have to get this result.
to do this, we practice the holes. is already set to 14 mm. now, we need to match these
holes, so as to get this union. then we leave at 14 mm, because it fits together
exactly with half of this e will be positioned perfectly.
after that, after we have the distance correct, we position the piece we are
will act as a guide and therefore will give us the reference for where to make holes. now,
this piece goes into the hole practiced previously. so we would have
the security that this hole that we will practice, will be aligned to the hole already
existing. one. we align that too. perfectly. for greater depths,
we would not be able to use this beat, to reach for example
this line. so we should remove it, practice the sign first where we have it
intend to make holes and fix the table
following this reference. always with the accessory that enters the hole
practiced, we will have to move and do the holes precisely following the reference
practiced with a pencil. so let’s match the hole
perfectly in the center. therefore, it really works
very simple and affordable for everyone because it has more references. these
side, which match with the eventual line. this ledge that matches
the signs we have done, plus this accessory, which put on the part
front fits exactly with the hole drilled. in fact, by entering one
plug in this way, it goes perfectly in the hole we practiced before. in
according to our needs, we can mount this down
or upwards. practical. and then guys … we saw then the
elementary functioning of this caliber. this pinning machine, to be able to
join the pieces together. is an object simple. it’s in plastic, it costs
only 8 euros … so we don’t imagine to have an object in your hands
professional. I’m a hobbyist … mine videos are aimed at hobbyists, then
to the makers. because the makers are the hobbyists, who in their own laboratories, in the
under the stairs, in your garage, yes enjoy doing something. though
lately, the maker more understood as lo youtuber that is very short, that does
miracles with wood, with metal … No! the maker is you, you are looking at me.
because we are two fans of DIY you, we do something. TO MAKE, then
maker. therefore, this object there will allow, possibly in your life, to
enter 200 or 300 plugs … no more. then, maybe it will start to get damaged. but we
We will insert 300 plugs, if possible in ten years. then it pays off. who
instead he is a professional, he needs to use equipment that is
professional and therefore obviously, a such object
will discredit him. it is understandable, why not it is by no means a professional object, therefore
the professional turns up his nose. it is understandable, but the professional must
understand, that watching these videos, facts from us hobbyists, you won’t find it practically
almost never, professional objects. then there is also someone who makes videos of
professional objects, dedicated to professionals. it is right, so be it because
they are nice to see. but they are not definitely intended for hobbyists. a
hobbyist will never spend 150 euros for one spinner, to build the kennel
of the dog or the doll’s house of his own daughter. it seems to me a little bit
excessive. having said that, I just have to greet you and thank you for having seen
this video to the end. I hope to to have been useful, even if there
explanation was very simple. I have showed only two junctions,
because they are the ones that most commonly, a hobbyist may have occasion to perform in
home, realizing its own projects. sorry if I repeat myself, but
lately there have been comments from professionals, who have remained one
Pochettino disappointed with the quality of what I have
reviewed because they were intended to the hobbyists. guys, I said it a little while ago, so it’s useless
repeat. so, I hope there is it was useful, that it helped you to understand how
it works and how it is used. has this part which can be overturned and inserted into
upper part or lower part and for which reason. if you find it still buy it,
because it is cheap. or you order it on the internet, e
definitely with the online shop, you will find in different retailers and different
points of sale where to buy it. stop… I greet you, I invite you to like it
video, to subscribe to the channel … e see you in the next videos, ciao ea

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