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Alrighty. I got my box. It’s the SketchBox for December, I believe. So, I’ve taken off the but I haven’t actually opened it. Pretty artwork by Hannah Hill! Apparently I’ve got two of these. We’ve got a sticker! We’ve got a brush pen! No idea what kind of brush pen. It’s a kuretake brush pen. We’ve got… another Kuretake brush pen, I believe. We’ve got some brush markers that are SketchBox Signature Brush Markers. In, it looks like W7 and E8 and an E2. And a Copic Gasenfude brush pen which I had actually been wanting to try out and couldn’t find online! And, ooh! Jeez, another kuretake brush pen. Which I can’t read because it’s in Japanese. A SketchBox Signature brush marker as a Colourless Blender. Jeez! A Zig Clean Color real brush in green, I believe. By Kuretake. And a bunch of paper worms! So yeah, I don’t know what I’m going to make out of this but we will see. I’ve got a lot of brush pens. Which is cool because I like brush pens. Alrighty, so I’ve taken everything out of the package which might have been a bad idea because I can’t read Japanese. But I’ve decided to test everything out. So first is the Copic Gasenfude Brush Pen. I believe these are not refillable which kind of sucks but yeah. Oh, there’s a cat hair on it, because of course there is! So it works pretty much just like the Pentel Brush Pen. I’m assuming it’s marker proof because it’s Copic brand. But we may never know. Then there is the the big Kuretake brush pen, which is the Kuretake Brush Pen no. 8 I’ve already put the ink cartridge in and stuff. And it has a really nice flow. You can get really thin lines and really thick lines. Which is cool. I also have no idea if that one is water based. I think it said that it was water based but I could be wrong. Then there are these two. One of them is in a fine tip, and one of them is a not fine tip. A large tip, I believe. But I don’t know which one is which. I believe that this is the fine tipped one. Like that. I believe this one is the large tip one. You can get thicker lines if you press harder but they are not brush pens they are felt tipped. Then there is the Zig Clean Color Real Brush by Kuretake. It is green, Olive green. I think it’s pretty. It gets thick lines and then you can get super thin lines because it’s got such a fine point. But you can also get bigger lines which is cool! I think it’s really pretty. And this one is water based. And then there is the SketchBox Signature brush markers. And this is the brush tip. It’s got nice colour! That was E8, this one is E2. This one is W7 which is a warm grey. They feel very juicy. And the blender pen. Which, I’m not sure really blends anything. But I’m also not sure that I’m using it right. It does lighten the colour, so it seems to be full of ink. Which is good, since you can’t see it. So yeah, that is all of the things that I have obtained. Assuming that I don’t draw a picture with all of it, and film that. Because honestly this camera set up is awful. And I don’t feel like trying to draw with the camera set up like this. I would say that these are all really awesome! Obviously I will have to play around with them more to find out what they’re really capable of. But they are cool and I am happy with them! I am not sponsored. I did not get this for free, it was a Christmas present from my Step Mom, thanks Step Mom! And yeah, I will see you all whenever I do my next video!

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