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Day 28: Handwriting – Come usare Speak English Magically

Parla l’inglese magicamente – Speak English
Magically Hello and thank you very much for being here
watching this video while I am working again… Working? I am enjoying my time with the course Speak
English Magically. And today I am going to apply the optional
step, called handwriting. As you may know by now this step helps me
reinforce the learning much more, because I am involved in writing with my own hands
and I can apply it in two different ways. I can listen to the audio and press pause
as much as I need it or I can simply copy down the text that I can find in the book. And… there’s a little part (on which) I want to apply
this technique and it’s the part in which there’s that story of the healer. Can you remember it? If you don”t remember it, it’s time for you
to listen and to read the story and perhaps write it down with me. I’ll see you soon, bye. A lot of people were worried because when he was a child, even at four years old – even at four years old, the healer didn’t talk – the healer didn’t talk, yet he had a sister, two years younger – yet he had a sister, two years younger, who could – who could already speak – already speak. Many people got distressed about this – Many
people got distressed about this, but his mother said confidently – but his mother said
confidently: “When the time comes – When the time comes, he will talk – he will talk!” And he did – And he did! This story is an adaptation of one of the teaching tales by Milton Erickson. Speak English Magically and Awaken your English,
written by Antonio Libertino

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