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Daughter filled with pride as mom reads to class in Arabic | Humankind

Daughter filled with pride as mom reads to class in Arabic | Humankind

you we always sit on the rug and it’s the
person for myself that I saw somebody read in Arabic from the back to the front
and from right to left and so the kids were really fascinated with that um and
she did stop and kind of she would say all you know and point to the animals
and um the story was about an animal who wanted to play soccer but he couldn’t
and you know he kept trying and I will tell you even the children that did not
know arabic they understood the story because stories are universal this parent had asked me in broken
English if she could come read who didn’t know how to read English does she
wanted to do like a color sheet and I said but do you know how to read in
Arabic and she said well of course I said well then please come read in your
home language and share those literacy skills with my classroom and at first she
was like and I said of course that’s reading oh my gosh did you see her face her face
was the best part of it I think she giggled the whole day what a great
moment for growth mindset for a child who’s learning English at five years and
her parent I don’t know how old she is but her mom who’s learning English also
what a proud moment and what a great lesson that mom taught her daughter
growth mindset I don’t know it yet but I’m trying and getting out of your
comfort zone that’s huge everybody did one act of kindness every
day the world would be such a beautiful place and not only that it makes you
feel better inside – so that’s my watch everybody – listen to everybody’s story
share your stories and be kind you you

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  • Nikki Revell says:

    Who else loves USA Today…looking for my next 5 subscribers to get my first 50..go ahead and make my day

  • The Write In President says:

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  • [ Bravo-Alpha•7•3•2•] says:

    So shes reading to kids in a language they dont understand?? Lol..but why??? You fkn people really don't value or respect American values and customs…do ya???

  • Nairod says:

    Meanwhile muslim countries still practice female genitalia mutilation, public executions, discriminate against homosexuals, and don't have gender equality… We should be proud this primitive culture is finding its way to every corner of the planet. We Must be proud… otherwise you are a bigot.

  • Stell Tame says:

    Welcome to the New World Order, you fell for the promise of a perfect world you fool, get in line and do as you are told, you have NO rights. Don't like it, we need to maintain population at 500million…. bye.

  • Melvin LeMay says:

    Love it.

  • Melvin LeMay says:

    We all need to come together, not divide

  • Webkinzgirl240 says:

    That’s Amazing!!! 🙂

  • Buell04 Uribe says:

    Respect 👍

  • Buell04 Uribe says:

    That's how we educate American
    Respect 👍

  • MrsJonesie says:


  • MrsJonesie says:

    I have friends that grew up in a US mlitary family traveling all over this world learning the native languages. One of them knows 9 languages fluently. Don't limit your children by your own limited & in some cases ethnically challenged minds. They will be more well rounded & capable in their future. Maybe they too will serve in the military & will be more able to serve our country because of it.

  • Josuke Higashikata says:

    I don't get it?

  • Caprice123 says:

    The intention is golden but I’m not sure if such a language confused the children. I know it would bewilder me a bit. What was the purpose? Children are smart and know immediately if another child comes from another country. Surely, integration should mean communicating with each other in the same language. Some teachers are not so smart.

  • jackie pollard says:

    Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

  • swardinc says:

    hmm they new the story even if they did not understand it? Still interesting myself watch anime/show/movie in a different language and it takes me a while to get it but that ok

  • irondude says:

    They'll understand from the pictures, the language on the other hand, will come to them when they petition the government to make it mandatory to be taught, as it is written in the ancient book of Allah

  • Msrobelyn Lariosa says:

    Amazing thanks

  • Valerie S says:

    Love this!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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