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Cute Back To School Stationery Essentials Haul ✏️??#backtoyu

Cute Back To School Stationery Essentials Haul ✏️??#backtoyu

Hi, y’all! Today, I have a back-to-school
stationery essentials haul some of which I got from the mall, but not all! (laughs) Anyways, I already announced this in
my August favorites video, but I’m going to announce the
new series of the month which is hashtag #backtoyu. I am not currently in school, but I know it is back-to-school season, and I wanted this series to just
be about going back to yu, focusing on yu and yur work, working hard towards yur goals, being the best that yu could be in whatever yu do. I actually believe that when you have
good quality cute stationery, it just helps you to be more efficient with your work. It just kind of motivates you. I remember I used to love back-to-school season because I would love shopping for
new folders and binders and pens and pencils, even though like I really don’t need it. Anyways, I was on the hunt for the coolest,
most aesthetic, but practical stationery. Um… some of the stuff I haven’t even opened. I’m gonna start off with this company
that is actually from the UK. It’s called Papersmiths. I feel like I’m opening up a little candy bar. Mind you, I’m like, actually kind of sweating because it’s like, the hottest day. I’m wearing multiple layers. So, this… is… from Germany? it’s the Kaweco. Ta-daaa! Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful. Oooh. Aaah, it’s like an inky pen. Whoa. I like it! Oooh! This is a Kaweco sport pen in mint, and this was sold out for a while on some other websites and I really wanted to try it out because it looked legit. That’s the only way you could describe it. It looks like a legit pen that hopefully will last me a really long time, and then plus, I just love the packaging and the way that this is like, put together. I am digging this pen. I feel like you need a serious quality pen like this. If you really wanna get down to business. ♫ To defeat ♫ ♫ the Huns ♫ ♫ You’re the saddest bunch I ever met ♫ Next up from Papersmiths is a pencil. Now, this is a mechanical pencil because TBH
I am not the biggest fan of non-mechanical pencils. Just because I am like, the laziest sharpener ever. Oh my gosh. This is so beautiful. Oh my gosh. I forgot I got this. Holy Jesus. I have… (laughs) You just have to experience holding this pencil and you’ll know what I— (gasps) I’m literally writing the word beautiful
because this is so beautiful. I am like, mind blown by how smooth the lead is. It’s the Maruta natural pencil. It’s called Ohto, and it’s from Japan. I don’t remember even seeing this in Japan. It looks like a woody finish, but it’s so smooth. Yeah, if I could just describe this pencil
in one word it is smooth. I love this pencil, and I love this pen. In fact, I feel like this is the basics of
all you really need for back to school, or for work or whatever you’re doing that you like. The last thing when I got from Papersmiths is… Oh. The heck? This is actually not what I was
expecting when I bought this. I’ll put a picture of what I was expecting. Yeah, I thought I would come with like all the sets of colors, so just a little disappointed with this, but moving on! I also got some things from Poketo but I’ll only show you one thing which
are these iconic design color twin pens. Now, these look so beautiful. They’re actually made in Korea. If you ever go to Asia, like Japan or Korea, Stock up on stationery because they
have a lot of cute stationery. The reason why I got this one is that it comes with three, but they’re double-sided so it’s safe space, so you get a lot of color variety, especially when you’re taking notes. And these colors, they’re a little bit
different. You know what I mean? They’re not like the classic rainbow colors. There’s like a reddish color, and then on here it says “Je vas être… mlmlmlml.” Just a hunch; I believe that means “Everything is
gonna be alright.” (It’s actually “I will be your friend.”) which—that’s a cute little… little encourager to add. When you’re like, taking notes during AP chem and you’re like, “I don’t understand anything,” and the pens that are gonna remind you
that everything’s gonna be alright. I also got some things from Bando, which I bought some stuff online, but I know that they have a lot of
their products in other places like, all around everywhere, Paper Source, Barnes & Noble’s, BoxLunch. Yeah. So, I got some complimentary folders which these literally compliment you. This one says, “You’re gold, baby, solid gold.” And then this one says, “You are all the good things.” I thought I would only come with like one set, but it came with three, so I actually
gave one of them away to my friend. And then when you open it, it’s like… “And I’m not even mad about it. You are so cool.” I don’t know what I put in here; maybe I’d have some bills and one. I was actually thinking of being kind of
cheesy and having a little sappy folder. If you guys didn’t know, I have a P.O. Box
where you could send me letters if you want, because some of you guys like, ask me
or tell me I should get one and I’m like, “I have one!” I leave it in the description of my videos! And I was thinking of putting your letters in here, so whenever I’m feeling down or something, I could just open up the folder and be reminded of how amazing
you guys are and how blessed I am. Hashtag #loveyu. I don’t know,
maybe that’s like another DIY video for #loveyu. I also got this notebook, and I was so intrigued by this notebook, because… okay, first of all, it’s like red, or, it’s like a coral-y red, and in the back it says, “hay.” It just literally says “hay” with an A. Like, who thought of doing that? What were they thinking? And it’s lined with gold. The red and the gold, and wait for it. BAM! Did you catch that? BAM! It is red paper! It’s red paper! I don’t know why I’m so intrigued by that, but red is just such a passionate color that whatever I decide to use this notebook for, I feel like it needs to be something passionate. I don’t know what it’ll be yet. I’m gonna figure it out. Maybe I should write some like,
passionate love song lyrics in here. I’m excited to kind of like, spruce it up,
put some stickers, doodle or something. Maybe I should write in here when I’m like,
super angry or super excited about things. If I ever murder someon—I don’t even know. Meh! I don’t even know. Let’s—let’s move on. Also from Bando, this is a set of seven gel pens, and gel pens are like my childhood. It says “Gel Yeah.” Gel yeah! Ooooh, I’m so excited to like, take notes with these. Like I said, I’m not in school, so, I don’t really take notes, but I have been like, journaling with my cuties. This just makes life so much more fun and life is too short to not have fun gel pens. I love all these colors! There is a blue, yellow, pink, the Christmassy colors, and then there’s the classic metallic gold and silver. I’m really excited actually to use these metallic colors in my passionate notebook that I have, or I could like, do cool sketches in that notebook. I’m really excited for that Hay notebook. And lastly from Bando, I got some washi tape. I don’t really know the purpose of washi tape, to be H. What is the purpose of washi tape? It’s just like colorful tape, right? And you could write on it. I decided that I would just get the full-on rainbow set. Go ham to start my collection. And there’s also really cool holographic
ones that I wanna get next time. and off of Etsy, I bought one of these
acrylic washi tape holders, so I’m gonna put this in here; maybe leave it on my desk or something, and whenever I need a way to organize my stuff. I feel like this would be really good
for bullet journaling, if you bullet journal. Comment down below like, how can I use up my washi tape. This was definitely impulsive. And this too, like, this going together. And then, I went to this really awesome
hipster store called Walmart, and I got this set of limited edition electro-pop Sharpie pens. These colors were actually “limited edition.” I was like, “Okay. I’m getting those.” I think my boyfriend actually got these for me. Yeah, he did. Shoutout to the BF. I love these colors because they aren’t too typical; they have like an extra on neon pop, meaning I believe that means it’s like, a little touch of neon. So I have these two which, like,
if anything, I could just bring these two. Red, blue, and black are like the classic colors you need, But this isn’t like a normal red and blue. Like I said, it has like, a pop of neon. I love how inky these are, and how smooth
they are, and how sharp they are. I honestly love these pens. The only problem is that it’s see-through. So if you’re taking notes, you have to be careful because it will bleed through the other side of the paper which kind of sucks. And there’s a sky blue, pink, and electric pop purple! Yeah! I love these! Also, I was at the toy store, and I saw this at the checkout and I just had to get this because this threw me back so hardcore. So, these are these scented putty
erasers from Hello Kitty. When I was little, I would go to a tutor, and whenever we did well with the test, or whenever we completed our
assignments, you would gain points, and with those points—there was like this whole glass wall. It’s kind of like Chuck E. Cheese’s, where you turn in your tickets, and then you get a prize? It was kind like that, but you would gain points by doing well at the tutor, and then, you could choose what prize you wanted, and all I would want were these scented putty erasers. So, I grew this collection of scented putty erasers and I had one in like, every single scent. And I specifically remember I had this one, the peach and yogurt one, and I don’t even know what happened to any of them. I threw all of them away, sadly, but I remember I had this peach and yogurt one. And this just brought back so many childhood memories ’cause I would like actually bring
this to class and like, show it off. But if you’ve never heard at these, gurl. It’s not really practical, but it is fun. This right here smells like elementary school. If I could just have a candle made to smell like this— it doesn’t even smell good. It just smells like throwback. It stretches like so. Basically like eraser slime. (gasps) Should I make a video on how to make this DIY? Because I wanna learn. Oh my gosh, you would never get bored in class ever again. This is so cute. Hello Kitty is like, carrying a peach and a little cup of yogurt. I also went to BoxLunch, which is like, my new favorite store just because they carry so many cool Funko Pops, too. Anyways —oh! By the way, shameless self-promo, I randomly… literally, 3 a.m. at night, where all the weird stuff happens to me, I created a Funko Pop channel. My first video should be up by now, so if in case you’re interested in— The angels have listened. They are like, shining their light on me right now. So yeah, in case you are interested, I will leave my Funko Pop channel down below. Like, I have a new channel, what? Yeah. It’s dedicated to Funko Pops? What? Okay. Yeahhh. Anyways, so BoxLunch, this is actually so cute. It’s a company that is partnered with Funko, actually. It’s called Bananya. “The kitty who lives in a banana.” “The kitty who lives in a banana.” Can that get any cuter? I don’t even know. So uh, it’s just a normal pencil case,
but it’s like, padded so well in here, and you know how like, the inside
of pencil cases get super dirty? Since it’s black inside, I’m glad
that it won’t get too dirty. The rest of the stuff isn’t a haul, but they are some essentials that I believe you need, okay? You may or may not need a ruler. This one that I have is a Powerpuff Girls ruler, which I don’t remember how I got this, but I found it. I found this pencil as well. My school pass out these pencils
for standardized testing. It says, “Do your best on the test.” They would also pass out these… brain food? They call it “brain food,” but it was literally this jelly bean, and we would have it before we took
the standardized test. I saved this pencil, and I thought it’d be cute, just an idea for you, if you had a dedicated test-taking pencil, it’d be like your lucky pencil as
you fill in those little bubbles. You know, maybe, it’ll help you
decide what to pick besides C. and I just topped mine with a Shopkins pencil topper, and this is the Canadian maple syrup, and it’s a moose. I cry. So cute! Oh my gosh, the sun. The sun is on his period right now. He’s like, “Make up your mind!” Also, I have a Wite Out because… ♫ Everybody makes mistakes ♫ ♫ everybody has those days ♫ ♫ everybody knows what I’m talking about, ♫ ♫ everybody gets that way, yeah ♫ And I just like this one. Actually, I don’t really like this one, and I wish I could find a smaller Wite Out because
this just takes so much darn space! I’m not a fan of the the Witeout paints. Like, no. Nobody has time to wait
for a Wite Out paint to dry. So, I’m a fan of these Wite Out tapes, but I just wish they were smaller. I’m sure there’s smaller versions out there, but that works. Also, get yourself a good stick pen. And I actually… long story short, I ordered like, 13 of these breadstick pens, and then I ordered 13 more. Yeah, long story. So, I just have like, an endless supply
of these breadstick pens. But my second order was off of Alibaba from like China, and it still hasn’t come. It’s been months. So, I still have not received my breadstick pens, and I’m waiting! Not only, is it a breadstick but it’s a breadstick stick pen, and I love stick pens. Maybe even more so than inky pens Sun! Oh my gosh. Whoa. Guys, scratch the entire video. Get yourself one of these breadstick
pens if you could find one, because it’s actually pretty good quality! Oh my gosh! Quality! Wow! Wow, this is really smooth. I could practice my signature all day with this pen. (sniffs) Am I imagining it? Yeah, it does not smell like bread, but um… Man, that’d be like, the cherry on top if it did. Also, another essential that you need
for back-to-school is one of these stick erasers. These thick erasers are bomb, because it’s so easy to grip on to and erase. Last but not least in my little stationary
essentials is something I’ve shown before, and this from Japan, but I also found that you could get them on Amazon, so I’ll link whatever I can down the doobly-doo. This is the pastel highlighters, and they’re also erasable, and they work awesome, and yes, yes, you heard me correctly. These are erasable. There’s a little eraser mcjigger at the end. Like, this is why I’m so glad I was born in this time, where erasable highlighters are a thing. Like, iPhone 8 what? No! It’s all about these like, cool
pastel erasable highlighters! And no joke, I’ve been using these quite frequently. They are a staple. Highlighters are a staple, but like, pastel highlighters? Girl, you need these. So, I hope this video was fun and
helpful to you in getting some ideas. I mean, obviously, all you really need
is like, a pen and pencil and an eraser, maybe some highlighters, but like, the more colorful options you have, it just makes for a happier experience. So… I’m glowing. Am I not? Be sure to check out my What The Funko
channel, like, what the funk? I hope you liked this video, if you did, make sure to give it a thumbs up. Um, if you didn’t… well, I did my best. (yawns) Love you guys. (yawns) Bye! Bye bye!

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