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Cut Wood Letters on a Cricut — Including Name Puzzles!

Cut Wood Letters on a Cricut — Including Name Puzzles!

– Hello, everybody, welcome to the Great Maker Show and Tell. (upbeat music) Today, we are cutting
out wood on our Cricuts. When I first got a knife
blade for my Cricut Maker, I designed and cut this 3D
family tree out of basswood. But what if you want to
make a more personalized wood project, like letters,
names and monograms? You can. Wood letters and words
are great for signs, home decor, puzzles,
decorations for wreaths and even cake toppers. So, as you know, I love to experiment and to find out what works best. So we’re going to do a little test, with both basswood and balsa wood, which are the two woods that
you can cut on a Cricut. And we’re gonna try to do these on both the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore, using the knife blade in the Maker and the deep-cut blade on the Explore. And we’re also gonna try to
cut out both cursive letters and sans serif letters, to
see if it makes a difference. Now it’s not difficult to cut
wood with the right settings. The bigger challenge is usually finding the right wood in the first
place and then being patient enough to wait while it cuts, because it’s not typically a fast process. Our projects will take anywhere
from about 10-15 minutes to up to an hour. But good things come to
those who wait, right? And as far as finding the wood goes, I found mine at my
local Joann Craft Store. If you can’t find it at a
local store, check online. I put links below this
video to help you find some. Okay, so let’s head on over
to Cricut Design Space, where I will show you
exactly how to cut out a cursive name, also how to
make a sans serif name puzzle and how to create a lovely monogram. All right, so here we are
in Cricut Design Space. Click on New Project to get started. The first thing we’re going
to make is a cursive name, right, so I want you to click
on Text over on the left and type in whatever name you want. I’m going to type in my name, Maker, but you can do whatever you’d like here. And make this a little
bigger, now you don’t want your text to be too big,
but for now, we’ll stick with about eight and a half inches. Now you need to change the font. You can pick pretty much
anything you want, but you want to avoid anything that
has really skinny parts. And you’re gonna probably want
a single-layer font, right. So if it’s too skinny,
then there may be some difficulties cutting it out. You wanna generally
keep all of your lines, all of your cutlines, at least
a pencil eraser thick, right. So nothing too delicate
is going to work here. But there’s a lot of choices here. Now anything with a price next to it means it’s gonna cost extra to use. So pick what is appropriate
to you and your budget. And I am picking a font that
I have installed in my system, and it’s called Michelle Script. I will link it down in the video and in the tutorial if you like this. And now I want you to click on Advance and do Ungroup to Letters. Now once we’ve done that,
we can manipulate each of these letters individually,
and put them where we want. And I’m gonna put them in
a more calligraphic manner. With some more variation in height. Just like that, which I
think is really pretty. All right, so I want
to add a heart to this, so click on Shapes and click on Heart. Now obviously you don’t
have to do this part. I just thought it would be
fun, Maker heart, right. So I’m just resizing
and rotating the heart, and I’m gonna put it
right at the end of my R, as if it just comes right off at the end, just like that. Once we have everything
the way we want it, oh yes, double-check that
everything is the same color, because sometimes they won’t be. Once everything is the way you
want it, select everything. And then resize it to be no more than 10 and a half inches wide. Okay, that is the limit for the Cricut. Either the Maker of the Explore. You could do a longer
word on a longer mat, but I don’t currently have a longer mat, so we’re going to just stick
with 10 and a half inches wide. So once you’ve selected
everything, go down and click Weld. And then click Make It. And that’s all there is
to creating the name. Pretty easy, huh? So we’ll click Continue. And then you’re going
to click on your Cricut. Browse All Materials. And search for basswood, because we’re gonna try basswood first. So basswood, one-sixteenth, about an inch thickness is what I use. Now there’s a note here that
says Move Star Wheels All the Way to the Right and
Make Sure all the Material is no Wider than 11 Inches. Okay, so we’re gonna do this. First, I want you to look at your basswood and look at the grain of it. This matters because
the grain of the wood, it’s more likely to break
along the grain of the wood. So, with our letters and the
way that we’ve structured it, we want the grain to go exactly
the way that I’m putting it on the board, so this is the long way. But your design might
call for something else. It kind of depends on where
your little parts are, you know, are they going
vertical or horizontal? And so once you’ve determined
the grain, you wanna, you want to tape your piece of basswood to your strong-grip mat. I’m just using painter’s
tape here, that works fine. Masking tape is also fine. But make sure it’s taped. Okay, now we’re gonna use my Maker and we’re gonna use the knife blade. This is the knife blade. And we’re gonna put that right into the mechanism. I’m sure it has a name,
I don’t know what it is. The clamp, we’re gonna
put it in the clamp. And then these are the star wheels. I’ve already moved mine all
the way over to the left. But if you haven’t, you’re gonna want to. You just need to slide them over. They can be a little
stiff, so just work at it until you have them all the way over. And this is important so that
you don’t mark up your wood. And make sure that you’ve got enough space behind your machine, always. Move mine out a bit, and
then I’m gonna load my mat and we’re gonna get started. Everything’s taped down, good to go. I always check this. You don’t want little
bits of tape sticking up that could like get caught in the rollers and gum up the works. So when it’s ready, click
the flashing Cricut button, and it will start. And I’m gonna give you a
close-up shot of the knife blade at work, because I think it’s cool to see how these things work. So there you can see it. See the little gear move at the top? So the knife blade changes
direction based on the cut. So because it’s not just a little point, it’s actually a little,
there’s like a blade with a particular edge on
it, that’s very, very sharp. And that’s how it can do this,
it’s really pretty awesome. Of course, this is also why
it tends to take a while. So it’s going to take 24 minutes for me to make this project. Which isn’t really so bad, it’s
gonna be 14 passes, it says. And while it’s working, make
sure, this is important, make sure that Cricut
Design Space stays open and stays as the active
tab in your browser. And you should use Google Chrome. That’s what Cricut recommends, and that’s what I also recommend. If you need to go do other
things on your computer, just go use a different
window in your browser. If you are doing other
things in you browser, the Cricut might stop
getting the directions from your computer, and
there’ll be a pause. And if that happens,
usually you can just go right back to the Cricut Design Space tab and it’ll start working again. But generally speaking the
advice is to keep that tab active while it’s cutting
for the best results. So this project has 14
passes, which means it’s going to cut it 14 times. So each time the blade goes
a little deeper, right. And this is how it does that, this is how it gets
that really fine detail. So when it’s finished with
its predetermined passes, so in this case 14, it’ll
ask you to check your cut. This little box will
appear on your screen. So we’re gonna go over
and we’re gonna look and see how it’s done. So I mean it sure looks
like it’s cut, hasn’t it? Looks nice and deep. And if you look at the
center of the K there, see that, right there? It looks like it’s even raised up a bit. (laughs) In fact, it like
pops out at one point. So it’s right there,
and it sure looks to me like it’s cut through, so
we’re gonna pull this off. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I was misled by that little
bit, and as you can see, it had not cut all the way through. Thankfully, it’s cut
most of the way through. So what we do in this case, is we take our handy craft knife. I have the Cricut True Control Knife. And working on the front and
the back, we just trim up those little bits that are
still kind of hanging about. And clear it off, and here it is. And that looks pretty awesome,
the basswood is really nice. It’s plenty stiff enough. It feels like wood, it
doesn’t feel flimsy. Okay, but what about the
Cricut Explore, can you do it? If you’d like to try this
on the Cricut Explore, I want you to go to the menu
in the upper left-hand corner and click on Manage Custom Materials. Select your Explore, and then
scroll to the very bottom and click Add New Material. And give it a name, so Basswood. And I want you to set these settings here. First select a deep-point blade, then change it to 234
pressure, cut five times and click Save, okay. Now let’s give it a try on
my Cricut Explore Air 2. So we’re gonna do this
just like we normally do, find our basswood. And we’re going to put
in the deep-cut blade, so it’s this black housing right here. And move over the star
wheels, just like before. Make sure everything is
taped down, just like before. And we’re gonna try cutting it
out here and see how it does. And if you watch it, it sure
looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Nice clean cut, I’m not seeing, not seeing any issues, I can
totally see the cut there. So here’s what it looks
like when it finished. And as you can see, it only
cut through in one spot. So let’s try this again, this time, let’s put it on balsa wood. Balsa is much easier to cut. So we’re gonna do the same thing. We’re gonna add a new
material, we’re gonna call it Balsa Wood, one-sixteenth of an inch. So it’s the same
thickness as the basswood. And for this, I want you
to select deep-point blade, a pressure of 220 and cut four
times and save that, okay? And now we’re gonna give
this one a try and see if balsa wood cuts better on the Explore than the basswood does. Do not change your pressure, by the way. Okay, so this is what
happened when I tried to cut balsa wood the
first time on my Explore. It’s a mess, and you
can see the star wheels this side totally dug in. Yeah, that did not work. So I tried it again, and
this time I mirrored it so that the, you know, the wheels wouldn’t mess up the front. And it did a better job. I also used a brand-new
mat that was super sticky. So the combination of the
new mat, and mirroring it, seemed to make a difference. So when I was able to
pull this one off the mat, you can see here, it’s mostly, I’m actually just kinda
pushing with my fingers, and I was able to get it out. All right, so here, I
wanna compare these two. At the top is the basswood
I cut on my Cricut Maker. You can see it, it’s
actually pretty sturdy for a thin wood. And in the bottom is the balsa wood that I cut on my Explore. It feels very, very flimsy. You would definitely want to
be putting this on a backing, like you know a board or something. It seems very fragile. They’re exactly the same
thickness, one-sixteenth of an inch, which is the
maximize size really. In some cases, you can go up
to three-thirty-seconds, but, generally speaking one-sixteenth
of an inch is the maximum. So, you can cut out balsa wood. The Maker is, of course,
doing a better job. Okay. Okay, so let’s try another wood project. Let’s go to Cricut Design
Space, click on Shapes and click Square. Click the unlock button, and
widen this into a rectangle. So this’ll be the size of our sign. It’s about nine and half, 10 inches. This is going to be our name puzzle, and I want you to duplicate this so you have two copies of this rectangle. And then click Text, and type in the name you’re gonna want to use for your puzzle. And I’m going to type in
my daughter’s name, Alexa. All right, so there it is,
now you need to place it on top of your backing, you know, so the board that it’s gonna be on, and use the resize button to make it about the size you want it to be. Okay, so, I’m gonna move this down just a little bit so that we can see it. All right, so let’s change the font to something appropriate. The key here is to use a multilayer font. You can find them by clicking on Filter and choosing Multilayer, and this will make all the
difference in our ability to make this name puzzle. There’s, you know, again,
the ones with the price next to them will cost extra. But the Cricut fonts, like
the Cricut Craft Room font, is free, so, if you wanna
change the letter spacing, just click the little down
arrow in letter spacing. Make it so that it looks good,
you don’t want the letters too tight or there might
be not enough space for when you cut it out, so
make sure that there’s plenty of space in between but
it still looks good. And when you’re satisfied with it, go over to the text, and you’ll see
that one layer is hidden and one layer is not. Make both layers visible
by clicking the eye icon, and then click Ungroup, so
we have both text layers of this multilayer font. One of these layers is
bigger than the other, and that is the trick to doing this. So then I want you to drag
the smaller version out and then duplicate it. And then I want you to select the board and larger font and click Slice. Okay. Then we get rid of the
parts that we don’t need. So we don’t need this, so we’ll delete it. And we don’t need that
part, and we’ll delete that. And now we’re left with
exactly what we want. Which is, let’s change the color of this, so this’ll be the backing of
our puzzle, our name puzzle, and we’re gonna change
it to like a darker wood. This is the front of our name puzzle. Let’s change it to like a wood color, a light wood color. And then we’ll also change our font to this exact same color. So the parts in the light
cream are going to be cut out of the wood, and the
part in the dark brown is gonna be cut outta chip board. So here you can see how that works. And by using a multilayer font, we now have space for these letters to go into the puzzle. Because if they were too
tight, it would be difficult to put them in and get them out. So we’re giving it a little extra room. Then I want you to
click Ungroup to Letters on both of the names. The reason why we’re gonna
do this, is because then, when we go to cut it out,
Cricut will put the letters into a more size-conscious format instead of just having
it all just whatever. It’ll take less wood, in other words. All right, so we clicked Make it, and here is what we’re
going to be cutting out. I wanna move these L’s down
here, because you’re not supposed to have any material
larger than 11 inches, according to Cricut. So now everything is within
11 inches on our mat, and this will cut out just like it should. This is the chip board layer, and this is the basswood layer. So click Continue and choose your Cricut. Click Browse All Materials. Search again for basswood, because we’re gonna cut
this outta basswood. It’s definitely the better
material than balsa. Balsa is crazy flimsy. All right, so, just like before, we need to move the star
wheels over to the right. All right, so we’re gonna
cut this out on the Maker, same thing as before. We are going to use a knife
blade, and we’re gonna have our star wheels all the
way over to the left. And this project is gonna
take about an hour to cut out. So, and when it’s at the end of an hour, it’s gonna ask us to check
it, just like before. This time, we’re gonna be
more careful, aren’t we? And we’re going to make sure
it’s actually cut out before, because if it’s not we have
the option to cut it some more. Right, and we want to do
that as much as possible, because that minimizes
us having to clean up. So here it is, after its final pass. And while it looks like
it’s cut out, I can’t tell. So let’s take the tape
off and see if we can manipulate these letters down
here at the bottom at all. I mean, it doesn’t really
look like it’s free. And if you look at it from underneath, it doesn’t look like it’s
cut all the way through. So, it looks like it’s
really close, though. Yeah, see, it’s not moving at
all when I push down on it. It’s still attached, at
least by a few fibers. And that’s enough for me
to want to do another cut. So we just click that C again, and it will do another pass. And you can keep doing that
until you feel it’s ready to go. I ended up doing it three more times. So here is our cut project, I’m
gonna take this off the mat. And it did a lot better than last time. Those extra passes made
all the difference. So there were just a few
things to have to touch up. For some reason, the L’s were a little bit harder to get out. All right, so now, set aside the big letters
that came outta the middle, and keep the smaller letters. Because what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make this name puzzle, right? We’re gonna cut out that
chip board so it’s gonna be the same size, and we’ll put it underneath the backing of the puzzle,
right, so you see it there. And we’re gonna use it wood
glue, and we’re gonna glue each of these letters together. So the A with the A, L with the L, E with the E, et cetera. And just a little bit of,
you don’t need to glop it on. If you do, it’ll just squirt out the sides and it’ll be a big mess,
just a little bit of glue, and just go through, and do, and the reason why we’re doing it, we’re doubling up like this is because, I mean, while basswood is
definitely a lot sturdier than balsa wood, it’s
still a pretty thin wood and it’s only one-sixteenth of an inch. By doubling up our wood like
this, we’re gonna make it a lot sturdier, and it’s not gonna be accidentally broken in
little hands, right. These name puzzles are
very popular with kids, so we wanna make sure that this is sturdy and something that’s
gonna last for a while. So doubling up really makes a difference. I mean, you could triple
it up if you want, but I think doubling up is just fine. All right, there we go. And of course we have to
glue our chip board layer to our wood layer as well. And you could of course,
instead of using chip board, you could just use
another piece of basswood. That would be totally fine. But the chip board is really super sturdy, and it’s in the back, so, eh, who cares, let’s just do that, right. But if you have the
basswood and you want it be all wood, then go ahead and use that. I happened to have a bit
of chip board laying around that I needed to use from another project that was just going to waste, so I thought this worked out pretty well. And there you go, just put it on the back. Press it down. Make sure that it’s pressed
down while it’s gluing, and then when it’s good to go, you can just put your letters in. See how it works. Ta-da! Pretty cool, huh? Isn’t that cute? Now my daughter, Alexa, is 14 and isn’t really
interested in name puzzle, but we’re gonna make this into a sign for her bedroom, and I still think it looks really, really cool. But imagine making a
bunch of those for kids. Wouldn’t they just think that was fun? I think so. All right, project number three with wood is going to be a monogram. I had a number of requests
for monograms made from wood. So to start we’re going to click Shapes and then choose Circle. And we’re gonna make this a little bigger, so we can see it, and then duplicate it. And then make that second
one a little smaller. Yep, just like that, select everything and click Align and then choose Center and then click Slice. So basically what we’ve made
now is a big circle, right, a big ring, I should say, it’s a big ring. Now we need our letter. So I’m just gonna take M. And we’re just gonna resize
that to fit inside this, and make sure everything is the same color. So I mean, this is a really
popular style of monogram that is cut out from
wood, and it’s important that all your letters all
connected to the sides, and that’s the key here. No floating bits, right, so
you can play with the font and choose different
things that seem to work. This is the same Michelle
Script font that I used for the first project, but
there’s lots of other options. Again, anything with
a price in front of it will cost you money when
you go to create this, so use those at your own risk. There’s lots of free choices. And there’s choices that
come free here in the system. So this font right here
is not gonna be good, because it’s good these loose bits here that are not connected to each other. Avoid a font like this. You want it to be a solid letter. Your letter should be
solid so it touches on at least on like three sides
and is all connected inside. Otherwise, it’ll be
loose and flopping around and probably will break, okay. All right, so yeah, lots of font choices. Here’s one called Bendigo. I don’t like this one
either because it’s got weird cuts in it. Yeah, it doesn’t even look good (laughs). There’s really just almost too many fonts. You really wanna look online
for a style of monogram that you particularly like. I like this one, it’s
very retro, very ’70s. And of course doesn’t have
to be just one letter. You can put in all three
initials, whatever works. I’m gonna show you another way, though. So we’re gonna go over to another webpage, and we’re gonna go get a free font. It’s a very cool monogram font. So we’re gonna go over to dafont.com, which is a resource for free fonts. The font is called
monogramos by Woodcutter. So go ahead and download that. And you see it’s got these cool circles, and I think this is a very
popular monogram right now, and it works great for wood. So download that, and then when it opens, when it’s downloaded, click on Open. And I’m on a Mac, so
you’re only gonna see it the way it works on a Mac. I can do a font tutorial in the future. So double-click the downloaded
font and click Install. And it installs on our
computer, and in my case it’s installing on my Mac. So awesome. So now we have a cool
monogram font installed. Okay, to use this we have to go back and refresh Cricut Design Space. By that, I mean press the little icon that’s like a round arrow
at the top of your browser. Because right now, it won’t find the font. It has to refresh, and
then the font will load in. So whenever you add a new
font, you have to refresh Cricut Design Space to get it to come up, at least I do. And of course when you
refresh Cricut Design Space, that means you get a, you’re getting a brand-new
page, so make sure you save any changes, anything
that you want to be saved, because it won’t stay the
next time you come back unless you saved it. All right, so click on Text
and type in your monogram. I’m gonna type in JML
for Jennifer Maker Lynn, so Jennifer Lynn Maker. And, we’re gonna change the font to the monogramos font. There it is, okay. And this is what you get,
so there’s my J and my L. But this isn’t quite right, is it? We want them to be together. So here’s how you create a
cool monogram from this font. So select those three circles and click Advanced and Ungrouped Letters. Now each of those is individual, right. Now I want you to click on
Shapes and choose a circle. And resize the circle that you created, so it’s about the same size as, and resize the circle so that it’s the same size as your monogram. And once it’s the same size, go ahead and move it down so that you can access it easier, and duplicate it twice,
so you have one for each of the three, the other
two letters, right. So now you’ve got your three monogram letters and three circles. Move those to the back so they’re behind and move each one into place
under each of your letters. Now select each set and do center, so that your monogram font and your circle are perfectly centered on top of each other. Okay, now, select each
one and click Slice. Okay, so when you slice it we’re gonna get all these parts here,
we don’t need that one. We don’t need that one,
and we don’t need that one. So delete all those ones we
don’t need and we’re left with just this one that we do want. So do the same thing with
the other two letters. So, click on Slice. And get rid of the extra
parts you don’t need. So the part you wanna keep is the letters in like a, in this case it’s a dark gray, but it could look black on your screen. Awesome, now we’re going
to learn how to contour. So select one of your
things and click Contour. Now we wanna hide the
letters we don’t need. So we don’t need the middle
one or the right one. Ta-Da! Isn’t that cool? So do the same thing, so for
the M we wanna keep them middle so you hide the left and the right one. And for the L, you wanna hide the left one and the middle one. And how we’re left with just the letters that we want for our
monogram, so just click and drag them into position. Isn’t that cool? They’re all curved and everything. So now we just a need circle,
a ring to go around them, so we’re gonna do just like we did before, click on Shapes and choose Circle. And we’re gonna put this
in the back so that we can put it behind our letters,
so we can see it better. So put that into the position
that you would like it to be, maybe a little bigger, whatever. Make sure that it’s thick
enough, so that when you cut it out on your Cricut it’s at
least a pencil eraser’s width. Right, remember that’s the rule. And when you have it the way
you want it, duplicate it and then create a smaller
version of that circle. And you want, for this second circle, you want it be sized so that it’s just overlapping your letters. Just a little bit smaller, like this, so that everything is touching there. And when you have the two
circles the way you want, you’re gonna select those
two circles and click Slice. And then remove this
center that we don’t need. And then here we have our ring left over, and that looks pretty
good, maybe it should be a little smaller so that
there’s plenty of overlap on the letters, because we want everything to be touching, and then click Weld. So this is okay except for that
J up there that’s not right. So let’s click Undo and bring that ring in a little bit more, and reposition it, select everything and click Weld. There we go, now we have an
awesome circular monogram that’s personalized to you. So click Make It, and
we’re gonna make this in balsa wood on the
Maker and on the Explore. So that we can compare
directly the two machines and how they did with the same
material and the same design. So for the Maker, we just go
ahead and select our Maker, and then we click Browse All Materials, and we search on balsa,
one-sixteenth of an inch, right. And then when we put this in
our machines, we want to pay attention to the grain again. So on this particular design,
we want the grain to be going, we want the grain to be going up and down, not because it looks better
or something like that but because balsa wood is very fragile and it wants to break along its grain. So if you put the grain
where a narrow part is, it’s gonna break, right,
so we wanna put the grain where all of our long parts are. So if you look at our monogram, we have lots of long letters. We want the grain to
match those long letters, and that will reduce the
chances that it breaks. So if you’re following this tutorial, just put your balsa wood on your mat with the grain going up and down. And here’s our cut monogram, which went very quick, by the way. I think it was, I don’t
know, a few minutes. I was surprised at how fast it was. Balsa wood is so much
softer than basswood, and it cuts very quickly. At least compared to basswood it does. It still has a number of passes, but not 14 passes. So it cut all the way
through without any issues, and just take it off the mat very gently because balsa is just so fragile. Just very, very, very gently. If there’s any bits left in the middle, just use your weeding
tool and pop them out, just like that. And there we go, I did a
great job of cutting that. I see no issues with that at all. Nice cute little monogram. You could make that much bigger of course, if you wanna use that on
a wreath or as home decor. All right, let’s try this on the Explore. We’re just gonna go back
to Cricut Design Space, and this time we’re gonna
connect our Explore. And we’re going to, we’ve already
created a custom material, right, so we’re gonna go
ahead and search for the balsa that we made for our first project, and we’re going to use that. And don’t change the pressure, make sure it stays as default. Okay, I know I like to
change the pressure, but don’t do it this time. All right, so, here is what it looked like when we cut it out on the Explore. So it looks pretty good. I only see, in fact, one minor difference, and that’s at the top of the M, where it has a little bit of like tearing. Otherwise, it did a great job. So based on our experiment,
you can totally cut wood on a Cricut Explore
using a deep-cut blade. Now you might have to fiddle a little bit with your settings, and
you should definitely be using a strong-grip mat that is not old (laughs). Because it needs to be sticky enough, and you have to tape everything down. And you might wanna mirror it, right, if it’s a big design that’s gonna be cut in two by the star wheels. Otherwise, it does work, and it’s actually a pretty clean cut. So the Maker still does a
better job of cutting wood, and I could not cut basswood
on my Cricut Explore, no matter how hard I tried. But it was really quite easy on the Maker, especially once I made
sure to double-check that it had cut all the way through and then just did the extra passes until I was satisfied that it was done. So some wood worked, and some didn’t. And hey, that happens, and just think, I am making mistakes so
you don’t have to, right. So if you would like to
make my 3D family tree, you’ll find the tutorial
and the design for that over on my blog at jennifermaker.com. So tomorrow, we are going
to make a paper craft, one of those cute little
red Christmas trucks that you’ve been seeing around everywhere. And if we’re lucky, we’ll
have a special guest on the show too. I’m excited, so be sure to
send in your project ideas at jennifermaker.com slash show and tell. Your ideas mean so much to me. This is how I come up with
what we’re doing on our show. And, remember, of course,
it you can tell me what you want to make, I
can show you how to make it. Until tomorrow. (upbeat music)

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